Mttv Archive: Health Minister Briefing 9.11.2012

Continuing our talk with David Ansen and your press releases we have three of them don’t got time for more but reminder to make sure you’ve got insurance when traveling off island I suppose is the one that’s grabbed me here because again people assume that they’re covered and that’s not necessarily the case that’s correct I mean there’s been quite.

A high-profile one fairly recently in the press which highlighted again that people just because you.

Go to add UK doesn’t mean you’re covered for insurance being repatriated back to the island we have an arrangement the UK health service treats anybody.

For emergency health care but if there is a situation where that person needs to be repatriated back to nobles hospital maybe they need an air ambulance that can cost a significant as of money you know you have medics traveling with you it can cost up to five figures it can cost ten thousand pounds so and people don’t think just because I’m going to that to the UK for a whole you stay with relatives they’ll actually need that it could be an incident that happens when they’re away yes they think.

About it when they’re going skiing in Europe they take their insurance out because they know there’s no insurance cover between the Isle of Man and the UK and so in Europe but when they’re in the UK they only have cover for emergency medical cover so they need to have the repatriation and it’s quite a small investment for the risk that you take with we said there would be a profile high-profile cases fairly recently have there been other ones I mean is this an ongoing problem that you’re coming.

Across well they’re not regular but when they happen they cost the individual a lot of money and we’ve had a couple examples where the individuals haven’t had that money and the general public been very generous in supporting those individuals and raising money to come home.

That those cases of highlight of the general public they need to have this basic insurance in place and there are local insurance companies can make sure that they’ve got that cover it’s something that can just add them onto their policies how are you doing without these millions of pounds a year that you were getting from the reciprocal health agreements well it works.

Both ways really and you know the UK and pay for people to come and you know that if the other way around if you.

Like if the UK Reston comes to the Isle of.

Man they have the same problems we have to make them just as aware that their insurance need to cover them as.

Well as well as our residents being in in in the UK being covered cover the other way.
So I’d like to use this opportunity to to raise the profile of people.

Actually coming in holder here to make sure they have adequate insurance killer because we’re not pass the UK okay Ireland’s acute mental.

Health impatient service judge excellent yeah well obviously the mental health services not long come back into the Department of Health when the different departments were moved around a.

Few years ago and mental health then Saturn Department of Social Care it sits back in the mental and mental health has come back into the Department of Health and I think people recognize that it’s the best place for it to sit and and we’re delighted that they’ve been accredited as such a.

High standard I recently visited very many of the different areas of mental health situated around the island and I was very impressed by the professionalism and the dedication of the staff and obviously this just confirms that and the good thing about this this is not just an outside.

Agency it’s come in with clipboards it’s actually people that actually are users of the service of verified that the aleph man has an excellent service in this area and it could give great reassurance the general public and a stroke nurse specialist.

Has now been appointed nobles the was one before or and.

Removing medicine is moving very fast in these sort of areas and it’s it’s very useful now to have a specialist nurse in these different areas these are people that have been trained to a significant level working under the consultant and you know they are able to as far as stroke is concerned it’s an it’s an area that they need to make sure the person gets the adequate medical intervention quickly the quicker they get the intervention and the more professional it is the greater chance they have of making a full recovery and.

Our stroke unit i think is first class and the adoption of a nurse specialist in this area will certainly improve things and and any updates in men and medic medication and can be followed through this person won’t rotate through the different Wars this person.

Will be based solely in the.

And therefore working under the consultants it gives them more power to their elbow if you like an added headcount that we have created that we’ve actually from.

Within the resources from nobles hospital they have managed to create this post so it’s not an extra post it’s just a reading if you like of the.

Headcount at nobles hospital we’re delighted with the appointment and we wish the lady very well we think it’s a very positive mood and will help and the population out man feel that if they.

A stroke on the Isle of Man and they’ll have a good a chance as any worth making a recovery.

Finally how you enjoying health I’m enjoying help very much my health is quite good at the moment is this a good place to fall ill I believe it is obviously we have a challenges but we have some very dedicated people and we’re very lucky to have been able to appoint some really top consultants in.

Recent years and who are very dedicated we have a significant challenges because a lot of these people that come with specializations now and only do one specialization so that is a challenge for us but we have access to the.

First class tertiary centers in the northwest and I here on the daily basis people saying how happy they are with the the level of professionalism they’ve received in their particular area any shocks when the budget comes out when you get your next year’s budget I hope not you.