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Hey Ice King welcome welcome I’m just gonna watch this because it’s beautiful and I love it still to this day all Smash Bros games have such wonderous wonderous openings yeah it’s so proud of himself all right all right look at this so I felt like playing some Smash Bros stuff obviously with ultimate coming out and kind of hype.

For it and some of the old games had some pretty damn good you know modes even just for single-player stuff so.

We’re gonna do some of that it’s been forever since I’ve thought about the the actual frickin like adventure mode for melee I actually think this is better than the adventure mode in brawl because the problem with brawl is that it is full it’s fun city if you understand my meaning like it takes like way too long to.

Kill like a lot of creatures in that mode all the trophies fight hello friends welcome to my collection that is something that is actually not happening for the newest macros no more trophies only spirits which actually a function is basically.

The same thing I suppose that that’s not good that’s bad because you actually do have extremely limited lives in this god I wish that they hadn’t hmm I.

Guess I gotta be careful more careful about my gemstone I oh god it’s my own kind they just stole that for me it could be used down be aligned here just because it is the O’Shea’s kill move these guys are light enough to where it just works hey are we done hey toes welcome welcome the cool thing I think about ultimate spirits is that yeah it’s a it’s just like downgrade from trophies and the it’s not 3d anymore but they’re pulling for more.

Series because you got stuff like Shantae I just saw like one of the Goliath freaking like rabid things from the new Rayman game um so there’s bad at least and and they they power you up so it’s like a change in perspective about what collectible should be and personally I think it’s.

Actually gonna end up being like.

A little bit more interesting than trophies I don’t know I know a lot of people are gonna miss the trophies why must it be this way but.

Was you choose peach over me Oh oh god I’m trying to do my down area like so bad oh hey is it not bound oh.

That’s that’s unfortunate that’s weird even why would that be the only thing that isn’t bound no it’s bad it’s detective oh that’s strange I guess there’s not a whole lot I can do about that.

Right now so my C stick is not working fun stuff Oh No beat returned listened to an event I should have been ending this before now why did you get it again why did you get the exact same power up again I am.

Disappointed in Nintendo for introducing gotcha mechanics in their.

Premiere game that like I know the idea of like gateway drugs is usually like really really dumb but getting kids used to the idea of.

Is bad very very bad and they.

Almost have an ulterior motive as well considering that you know Fire Emblem has that big dashi game that people are like losing tons of money to I I might try and avoid like spirits mode on.

Principle honestly I don’t know I’ve got very mixed feelings by it because it looks kind of cool the.

Overworld oh my god okay so I love overworld and the overworld for spirit smell looks freaking awesome man like everything changes and you get to use like different characters and they show it like lapis or whatever the Pokemon is called.

Doing like surf and that’s gonna be a very mixed feelings for me throughout playing that oh and that is all she roads wonder how many continues Ike gets have to spend Smash tokens on it okay it’s not monetized OHS that’s the thing like smash bros ultimate has created like the most ethical gotcha game.

Ever because you just play one flat fee for the game itself and then that’s.

It there’s no micro transactions but still it’s gonna get people into the genre when they would have never checked out of a cash game otherwise god is really bugging me that my my sea snake doesn’t function oh hey that’s a fun little remix I wish that kicked in faster you.

I was not trying to mimic my moves to the DK rap so if that was if that was a thing but that was those accident uh like a fun-loving song and.
Yeah I have heard about class commode and.

How they’re making like stuff a little bit more thematic to the character so you we can expect stuff.

Like Pokemon facing other Pokemon for like Pokemon Jim kind of stuff um maybe like pokemon trainer faces like Mewtwo at the end of their classic mode and of course like the one confirmed thing being runic were you actually it has stamina mode and he’s going to be facing like Ken of course and then also like others that they’re gonna try and mimic.

To other Street Fighter characters so that’s gonna be pretty damn cool I do like.

What they’re doing their ultimate is just gonna be such a good game like there’s nothing bad about it seemingly at the surface big egg all of Oh God yes juggle juggle and he just falls off on his own damn self v DK was nice knowing you bud me too Ice King me too I’m rather either gonna win one in all.

Of these like contests I’ve been entering into lately or I’m going to get one for Christmas which sucks because that means that the game.

Would have been out for like a month by the time I get my hands on it oh.

Hi redeads i octorok Hey found my way already get out of my way link you don’t belong here the dinosaurs world of God to eat dinosaur eat Dinosaur World parks are suddenly dinosaurs because yes Oh oh what a.

Good counter yeah for sure Caden on everything except for characters that have slow Falls can’t quite reach that unfortunate and here I thought I was going the wrong right way the entire time then again maybe the object is less to find the right way and more to just clear all the links or that found the Triforce I.

Super duper excited to play as piranha plant like it’s a funny character but also the moveset just looks good it looks cool he’s a speedy character I always do like the speed of characters you really just to see if a lieutenant is actually going to match up this time yes nope Wow that was kind of.

A low-cal sewing actually you I have never really gotten to experiment Rosalina I probably wouldn’t be able to use her that much because I could never really use like that kind of character what’s that kind of character called a puppet character puppeteer character oh I charge I welcome to the.