Rtgame Archive: Solving Crimes Using Motion Controls

Well everybody let’s just give that a moment hello hello hey I think we’re live hey before I do the notices just that this is an awkward can you guys hear me okay and can you hear like oh god can you hear that okay okay all right so yeah so we have sound okay that’s good to hear oh please.
No yeah no we’ll go into that in a second let me just pop off the.

I’ll explain what’s going on for tonight’s stream.

Yeah because this is this is gonna be a bad one I think no matter how we look at it I’ve got an absolute banger of a game for us to play I it up for two euro in the second-hand game show in Dublin this is an ubisoft licensed product for the Nintendo Wii and it’s called CSI crime scene investigation deadly intent based on the hitch season 9 of the.

Television show so you know we’re.

In for a treat with this title oh Jesus uh-buh-buh-buh a low-tech spare thing for the chair – thank you very much Oh God they asked we are playing this game so none of you have – is this is made by Ubisoft I I want to stress not going in you know like renowned publisher that also develops like Assassin’s.

Creed unlike the freaking rabbit games all that stuff so you know I expect quality in this game oh gosh I have to notify have to notice.

It’s gone up which is good people a moment to gather let me just check the YouTube wants been really finicky lately YouTube is like changed the algorithm or something for the community posts and.

It hasn’t really been delivered meet as many people lately though it’s been kind of bad is actually like notifying people on time it’s gotten particularly bad lately YouTube is broken once again yeah what else is new alright it’s jawless.

Thank you for the hundred pips thank you very much I thank you that everyone at seven – we will get a rundown of all the sub names at the end of this dream as always it’s just.

A bit too much otherwise I hope people understand them today minecraft story mode came out in Netflix well you know I don’t encourage excessive drinking but I’ll let it.

Slide tonight if you feel you need it Luna how’s it going good to see you oh Jesus and Scottish Jim I take a moment to come up thank you for the 1,300 bits thank you very much how’s it going Scottish version of our own Jim good to see you all here though George cam today I was too busy with editing I know this.

Seems like such a terrible excuse because I’ve been saying this like literally every day but because I’m going to twitch London like next week on the weekend like I have like so much to edit I finally got to a point where I have all of my editing done our literally minecraft story mode which I’m gonna be starting to add it tomorrow I’m just currently swamped I I keep meaning to kind of set that.

Up like well I literally like Hannah got up this morning it was work until about.

6:00 and then I’ve had like an hour for dinner and now I’m here you know I’ll overworking myself and I completely aware but I just haven’t had a chance to set that kind of thing up.

Hopefully want some done this Bachelor better than I can finish convert my room into a studio and then get that set up he’s not here tonight anyway.