Today I Talk To The Voice Of Stella From The Film Archive Of Infinity Iclone Film!

Hey what’s everybody should it’s a boy one gun here and today we did a little special event for you today I actually was able to catch up with Genesis Omega you know she’s I don’t know but I was able to get her and I’m gonna know just live chat with her for a few minutes to talk about the.
Archive infinity talk about the music’s that she’s.

Talk about some other things that she’s doing.

And we’re gonna talk about quite a few things about the about the film itself in and all the work I’m putting into it and what she thinks about it so let me give you a little something about little background on Genesis Genesis as a song is a singer songwriter and actress a performer from st.

Worked at Radio one and she’s followed by over a thousand people I see she I see God’s details about you girl what our favorite quotes.

Is with all with God all things impossible and she makes the impossible possible I’m looking at her Facebook page and she is all Stella out I mean she is all yeah that’s our laughing in the background everybody she’s all Stella out and and she’s doing her thing we had like a little rough patch a little while ago but everything’s cool now me her back talking and everything and getting stuff done and Stella haha.

I’m calling you Stella Neff for some strange reason so I got her on the phone right here and you want to say anything anybody out there where I got you on the phone yeah well the entertain things about it is that when you signed on to be the main character because I didn’t have nobody.

And I was looking for somebody and I don’t know how it happened and just I.

Show you the animation and then you came back the next days like I want to be hurt I want to be I want to be hurt so I was gonna actually okay so we.

Me you and Shawn we got together and we did some some some animation test on the scene there’s the elevator scene when you come busting through the door and you shoot everybody up and everybody’s on the ground and you do your thing right so when you did her voice.

And and try to get her character down how did you feel about that.

I mean what was going through a when yous like being Stella for like the first.

Time when you voice their out I know that later women are stronger you know it was perfect.

Timing because one friend and I we actually am working on this project well the reason okay so the reason why extra question is because I knew he was going to try to make Stella into a stronger character than I probably envisioned so I wanted her to be strong reliable but she still has her weaknesses you know you know because she’s not invulnerable but you came you came with a.

Good game making her a strong woman that’s that’s yeah that’s the thing right there we wake up next day and we look for their solution again until we find it thank s just to never give up.

Right never give up so so the next thing we’ll talk to you about what do.

You think about the I will say there’s like nine states you’ve made by other people home so I want I would love to see that I will I personally would love to see day I was actually about Shawn fried a guy who did Gordo’s voice the one you kicked in you know what well what do you think about what do you think about his his.

Uh his acting you kick the minutes you kicked them in you know what the thing about shine is Shawn has never acted a day in his life and I X I said you want to try acting because I had nobody I couldn’t nobody to do Gordo’s voice I even tried Dave Gordon himself an accident today.

Please do your own voice for you okay Dave’s.

Like nah ain’t doing that pot now it’s like fine I’m gonna find somebody and I’m gonna.

Write even more funny about you and he’s like.

Fine so I said Sean read this.

Read these last for me then shot started talking and then he started improvising on some of the lines they had me read change something to script this stuff and.

Then I said no one shine I’m gonna go back rewrite this character rewrite this whole scene just so you can just act the clown and Sean came like legit when he when he especially seeing when he walks in the walks through the elevator and he’s talking about talking about Mike you know he really pulled that funny stuff off and and the animation I had to make though that animation I had to like actually go back and actually get some gestures right just.

So Sean so everybody get the full brunt of Sean’s being funny you know but besides Sean we have another guy who was in there his name was Sean Rasheed he was the one who did the part where in.

Our company where the character goes in and he shoots the guy I don’t know if you saw that scene yet and he got the distinct the robot to Genesis okay so that’s a shine and you and him gonna have a scene together – I need to you know I just need to contact them and let them know that parts ready for him to do whatever when he’s when he’s.

Ready for it but I wish I was able to get him on her with you but I couldn’t reach him I can’t reach him right now took my message I don’t know oh well he’s right here he’s right here in the UH in the chat box he said nothing maybe.

He will say something say hey I’m here and I can I can get him in.

On this yeah maybe you say something I don’t know he’s not answering his phone -.

Nothing so so shine did a good job shot did a really good job because a shot was the actual first voice recording I did before I got you on because I’m still looking for a.

Person that plays Stella which is like a couple of summer I think a couple of summers ago and her shine and this guy named Joe Hart had came on and Joe Joe harp did the guard and her Shawn did the.

Character the Indigo his name is indigo and I say hey Shawn can you read these lines and her shine took the lines and provide a shot did an excellent job and you know I’m hoping he’ll he can come back and finish that whole scene because he really put a soul into that character and it was really good yeah he did a really great job I was the robot of course the 54.

I had to adjust my voice and stuff but uh the whole thing about this is that the project has been fun for these last couple years I’ve been working on I know it’s taken me a long time.

Nobody promises everybody a fall a fall a fall but I’ve been working in like double time I know I had some issues in the past with some other crap that’s going on my life and on the Internet but.

As of last March I put all that to side and I started really.

Working I’ll be honest with y’all I have been working like seven hours a day to do animation.

And and and it’s it’s it’s it’s tough when you’re working by yourself and alone but you know I still got support for my people and my fans and and people especially miss Genesis here because every time I’m down I give her a call and she cheers me up right right right uh I want you to do something for me Genesis could you say hi.

To Mike Smith he’s one of my patreon.

Donors did you say hi to him we got some special for Mike Smith he’s been a longtime patron donor and we got something nice coming for you and one of the nicest things that we got doing now is the photo shoot that you. Reid how did that go so the photo shoot is done and where we’re gonna be making some calendars and stuff and jessica says she’s also gonna get some other people to act so the females to do Stella and we’re going to do a calendar a 12-month.

Calendar with differents tellers and there’s.

Something like that do what you say it yeah so we’re gonna do calendar and we’re gonna see well we know Genesis is the best Stella that ever was but we’re gonna do a it’s a lot of stuff we’re working on and a lot of stuff I don’t really get a chance to talk about because we’re working on it and we want to make sure it’s 100% done before we say anything about it but.

And basically all the stuff I’m showing you like when I do my walkthrough so how I make scenes and stuff it’s just basically to.

Get you all to get be more interactive with the making of the archived infinity and just like y’all do is this is not talk I mean this this film is gonna get done you know it’s just taking me time being by myself and everybody know all the other stuff that goes on with my channel and things like that so we need to talk about se wasn’t the music that you’re making you said you’re making.

Some original tracks to go with the film I played a couple of her tracks and they were excellent I put them into some of the scenes and every time put one the scene she always called me back you need to retire man I’m.

I dig you need to do this everybody hold on I know you do this to my track oh my god so so but it was cool I got it right and she’s happy she’s showing it off to all her friends and.

Her buddies so so yeah everything’s cool so what about the music what what.

I mean how many tracks are we gonna get you know what’s up with that means she’s not.

Telling nobody right now you know what nobody to know what’s going on all right that that’s good I think that’s okay it’s classified oh my gosh alright so okay so last but not least that last amigos probably talk.

About here is thanks Maximilian keep tell people.

Who max so she talked max into doing this well I don’t think she talked max I think she showed max the animation and said she’s a part of it and it max like I’d want in mine why what did you know so so I went back and I had to create a whole character for him because I had no characters that like had.