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It’s the young Kim Adam Curry Jhansi divorce a summation episode 1084 this is no agenda morning everybody I’m Adam Couric and from northern Silicon Valley where are we worried about Ruth Bader Ginsberg I’m Josie Devorah what are the chances on the day her documentary movie comes out that she breaks her hip she’s really going all in on the.

Promotion it’s true though it’s it’s a cool I said it’s.

A coincidence did I not I would be more likely to think that the.

Producers to get some publicity pushed her I didn’t say it hey oh I’m so sorry ah there’s only three ribs guys were good the product is still viable is that that’s in theaters I think isn’t it what her operation your uh no operation her documentary I don’t know I don’t even know as it was now that’s what I’m saying your Ginsburg you’re right you nailed it let me see let me see it’s what does it called again and it’s just called.

Notorious I think but actually it looks really they may have taken the title from the old Douglas which wasn’t Kurt Douglas his kids what’s his name Douglas kid Mike Michael Douglas Michael Douglas took the title from that hmm falling down falling down falling that the title of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s new documentary falling down help my father and I can’t get supper.

Cure something you forget where this very good movie by the way falling down if you haven’t seen all that’s a great movie goes nuts yeah you’re really afraid I thought it fizzled out it really fizzled but I’ve always liked that if I that’s one of the few movies I would gladly watch again I found it so entertaining.

Yeah guys just loses his crap in traffic and just just goes and starts killing everybody everybody can yes which turns out to be a lot of bad guys cuz he’s lost as he got stuck in traffic in Los Angeles and so he was surrounded by oh yeah it was much worse evildoers yeah much worse much worse speak while speaking of not really films but I watched there are several episodes of the new house of cards which was just released on Netflix okay.

And I do have something to say about it so I watched the first season and I haven’t watched one anything since yeah because I don’t believe in.

This sort of being suckered.

Into watching these things I think I watched first you know I think I watched the first and the second season and I never saw three or four but I’m a fan of Robin Wright and I wanted to see what you.
Know what the virtue signaling would be.

As she is the female president.

Of the university virtue signal well what’s interesting is that yeah there’s lots of it you know she fires the whole cabinet.

Hires a new cabinet all women this tons of virtue.

Shaky links but at the same time they were very honest I feel and because now there’s a.

Lot of main characters or women and they are vicious conniving and plotting and threatening each other like no men do it’s very interesting in that regard just really really evil female stuff you.

Guys you know will kill you no he is like uh your kid right why don’t.

We just let it would know about it’s a rest record you know this is the whole nasty stuff but the worst part every single I have almost except for I’m on poor almost every single CNN talking head douche.

Appears in this as themselves on CNN I think I think that should be foreboding well it I think it’s an ethical is an ethical issue absolutely it’s not it’s not just like okay you’re.

Doing it just as well as you do it when it’s about quote-unquote real news it’s kind of scary how will you do that fakery comes natural to them for some reason I.

Obvious and and yeah unethical off to a good start here and kind of we’ll get to the election stuff I’m sure you’ve got some clips I have an anecdote oh I mean I’m all ears this has been.

A weird week well what we we could start with the talking about Texas I’m gonna get you right into that so it’s been a weird week I’ve been here alone she was out in Chicago her sister Angie passed away yesterday so kaya and it’s it’s horrible and so I’m sitting here and you know it’s it’s just it’s very strange you know and cuz I have no friends here pretty much except for a couple and so you know like.

I call up the couple and once I had you know dinner with sir Jean and then you know the form of New York bankers like okay that’s about all I can do and so he.

Says I and we just said a Tuesday you know six o’clock at some place over on the.

East side and you know we usually just have a.

Meal drink or two and just catch up and we get in there we meet in front of the place six o’clock.

It’s pretty empty that’s one of these places that is like a Starbucks.

In a way although it has a house he feel with more than Starbucks but you have a bar an open kitchen on one side of this you know of the place and.

You get a number and then they bring you whatever bar food and your drinks and some sitting and all of a sudden the place starts filling up and he’s looking at.

Me and he’s starting to laugh we were in the middle of Austin’s Beto party the screen with the big screen went on free t-shirts no hoodies John I did look for you free Beto t-shirts and it it starts to get packed and this is ground central there may have been one other this is this is a topper store this was yeah this was the one and I’d say it was probably who.

Form on your banker he tricked me jokey there’s a joke yes he tricked me like wait a minute because I thought you would enjoy watching the election returns on the big screen here with all of the Beto fans like oh this is great I’ve put my shirt on and now let me give you a bit about the makeup of the of the room I would say there it was 99.

Think there were three black dudes maybe one black girl I saw and and not even brown it was just white.

White white all wearing black betted shirts and I would say was mmm 40% 40% women sixty percent dudes and these dudes were active as in they were hitting on every.

Single woman in the place it was just it got to the point where just like how it and there was a line of guys outside and like that there was a pickup.

Party yeah it seemed like it but it was the party that’s funny because one of our producers wrote us and said that he’s.