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Kind of a double entendre in there and how much he hates the Democrats you guys have gone over to the dark side with your alex jones conspiracies the Sandy Hook and what appears to be your blind devotion to DJ.

T yes I remember when JC d would chastise Adam for repeating stuff he read on Infowars web site or prison planet this.

When she was monitoring I remember.

You being a big fan of prison planet no III really don’t know what she’s talking about I don’t either and I mean I.

Don’t mind jumping on Adam for some too bright no I clearly what’s going on here is orange.

Man bad that’s what’s going on you’re out of mainstream perspective used to be.

Unique and well considered now the show sounds like a cross between Fox News and Alex Jones oh my I know you don’t care what I.

Then she goes on with some issues she had with her spinal cord and so she’s never been.

A producer she’s I never been a producer okay well.

Okay she doesn’t get value well well yeah she doesn’t right I’ll make you never did I really did find you guys to be entertaining and insightful for a very long time I really miss you guys which is why I continued to subscribe to the newsletter in the hopes that this partisan outlook on life.

That you’ve acquired will come back to some kind of equilibrium with reality at some point I’ll continue to monitor and hope I like the idea of monitoring yeah just keeping an eye on us I think I have to do something as a public service because there’s a lot of confusion I wouldn’t mind clearing it up we’re gonna go and and it’s something that only we can do now I could do this myself in five minutes but I feel if I.

Do it with you it’ll take a little longer but it’ll be much more entertaining.

And you’ll be able to fill in some of the blanks when it comes to the actual history of podcasting are you interested in and in this one well first let me preface it by saying that I believe that this came up on a.

Real show yes look by the guy who has been accused of being an alien well this is Joe Rogan show and the reason I’m doing this is twofold one because they didn’t know and of course you know here’s four guys who first they drink whiskey then they’re drinking Red Bull then they’re drinking beer then they’re smoking your blunt I don’t know if I could tell the story it’s a four hour show they it’s a very long show this particular one but they were trying to figure out some of the.

Podcasting and I’ll just play a little bit of cuz it was you know like five minutes I’ll just play a bit of it.

Yeah yeah yeah who is the first ever got into the mainstream but what about the guy from Adam Curry the god pot father we’ll see the first yeah but but but what I.

Was doing it for a while we should probably establish who was first right like Washington was the first president.

We’re all professional comedians most professional politicians would be able to tell you who the first fucking president was see I really liked that he said this because now he elevated me from podcaster to comedian I did feel kind of good about that no idea we’re like who’s the first podcaster we really don’t know right dude who is first between you and Maron ma’am for sure I don’t know you.

Know what you stop so crazy I think that Adam Murray was number one curry is VJ from MTV yeah and he is known as the pod father the guy that started podcasting as a model I don’t know his relationship history but I.

Think he’s the he’s he’s norge Washington.

I think yeah and that’s enough of it that to me is a great comparison cuz he often feels like who invented podcast things like who invented America I’ll just put.

It on that scale well but these ones II see George Washington was the first president and he’s recognized as the first guy but there’s a lot of.

Evolution that came before that which I’d like to do that for podcasting just so people understand from once and.

For all know what understand for once and for all these other guys come on these podcasts and they don’t know what they’re.

Talking about they’re throwing out Adam Carolla and Ricky cervezas the first guy I mean where did that.

Even come from I’ve heard other things I mean it’s just gonna get worse and worse we didn’t get nominated for an I heart award of any sort they don’t know who we are they don’t care we have a huge audience we have a successful podcast as we going on 11 years there’s neighbor network shop shunned snubbed snubbed well I’m not saying look that’s their.

Show and had to be honest I had to smoke a little weed to really get into it but then I was really into it and I watched quite a bit of it but that’s just a show they don’t know they don’t know but Brogan’s correct it’s it’s a disgrace that they’re they’re one of the most successful podcasts and they don’t know the origin so he’s.

Right it’s that’s disgraceful more disgraceful was not even knowing who you.

Are look what he does the podcast with there’s another guy was like a science tech guy some.

Guy named Devore Bob Bob Doyle be on Twitter Bob Doyle this is a writ was it was a good what would you call when you get back at somebody for calling them a lizard.

Or an alien we called broken an alien you became Bob Doyle yeah I’m an alien it was Alex Jones who call them an alien exactly exactly okay so I want to run through the history and then you know we’ll be talking about some technology stuff but this will be the ultimate we’ll be done with it and we’ll never have to.

It again what if we put money on that well I’m not about this I won’t explain it again and people can cut this out and this will be from my experience all right we’re taught 1999-2000 that’s how far.

I was I just moved back from New Jersey to the Netherlands and and the Netherlands Amsterdam in particular had cable modems because the Netherlands is near 90 percent of all house maybe even more 98 percent of all scientists and households have cable so cable modems came along very quickly and they weren’t.

Blazingly fast there was like maybe 128 kilobits or maybe 250 if you were lucky but it was.

It was being sold as not as broadband it was being sold.

Always-on so you did not have to dial in with your modem and you know so there was multimedia stuff on the web but there was no experience it didn’t matter what I mean the mp3 was just coming along we had you know like the Rio and stupid mp3 players that were really quite antiquated compared to what you see today.

So you know broadcasting or streaming or anything like that was it just wasn’t possible there was no way you could do it there were no services at the time I don’t think real audio had actually come out yet at that point maybe it had 1990.

Though just as an aside I did broadcast the mega music dance experience from the Yarber sand attack which was a huge dance party on the mbone if you remember that remember the mbone yeah you’ve.

Walked away you’ve walked away from my story I need.

You for color come back okay okay okay I remember the Ambo and I.

Remember a bunch I remember what was that crazy Network that guy did that one character that has a that was there was a bunch of crazy stuff that was going on during this era yeah the M and the N bomb was amazing you know it only worked you could only.

Really see if you are the university.

But it was multicast and so it was the exact opposite of the problem that we have which is the more people who watch or listen the.

More bandwidth it it eats and this was kind of like a chained multicast thing anyway I digress at the same time.

Audio was initial releases April 95 AUSA was before that even but but you know I remember encoding took forever if you and there was no experience so then Napster happened and I remember opening up my Napster client and what was so mind-blowing about this is you could see oh this is some guy’s computer and you could you know there was if you just were searching for a for a song it might show up and you could explore his his computer.

He could start up these downloads and yeah you might have 1012 downloads go and it would take a long time because I think no bandwidth but it was always on and the phone line wasn’t tied.

Up and I was like oh this is what if what if I made the experience by changing the thinking in other words your computers on the whole time there’s something you want you want.

It when it’s new let’s say a new song that’s how I was thinking at the time and but you your computer had initiated a download but didn’t tell you it was it was available until it actually had downloaded onto the computer and would pop up a message and say hey I got something new you.

Click on it it plays immediately great great experience so really unattended your computer should be doing this in the background I wrote an essay about it called the last yard you could probably find it now at the.

Same time so I had this in my head I’m like broadcasting how do I broadcast how do I use that how can I do this and as like I knew that there would have to be away just like the news broadcast you have no idea how.

Long it takes for people to put the news together and make that hour-long show this pre-produced package.

But when it’s time all of that just flows.

Out to you so it’s kind of the same idea of how everything happened out of sight of the user and at the time dave winer had just become pretty well-known with RSS and he was doing his blogging software and you can read of why nerd scripting calm and I went to New.

York because I had I felt like I could somehow work with him to use RSS I wasn’t quite sure really and I we met in a hotel room I I don’t remember why he was there I know I went specifically this is for 9/11 I went specifically to meet with him about it and I explained it and he really brushed me off he’s like all right you know like.

Hollywood guy and TV guys shut up hair hair yeah you know I really don’t take to me the right off the bat for good reason yeah so hair and then I came.

Back the next day and I actually had.

Some of his software and I try and I tried to program what I meant in his software and and you know after another 45 minutes I get it I are forbidden from ever using my software.

Horrible okay I don’t mind and so he came up with the enclosure element and RSS and for several years because he had his little radio userland was his aggregator.

And blog publishing software we were just sending like hundred megabyte video files back and forth and it would show up in on my computer after it had downloaded and I clicked it and had a great experience so it was exactly what I envisioned and there was then nothing.

Happened with it until the iPod I saw the iPod and I went holy crap this is not a jukebox this is a radio receiver we need to be able to put radio shows on this iPod and I started making with an Apple script a little parser that would go look and was just for one feed it would go look at an.

RSS feed is there new item yes download it download the.

The mp3 file in this case then when it’s downloaded at a time you had your eye your eye pod was only you could only put stuff on it by syncing up to your computer so the AppleScript within that trip the sinking.

Of the iPod and so this all happened while you didn’t know.

It because this was you know it was polling on a recurring basis and the experience was you picked up your iPod there was a new radio show I said holy shit this is it and I immediately started the.

Daily source code the daily source code was my idea was to bring serialized radio content every single day and I called the source code because we needed receivers we needed the reception side so if you remember the pod catchers they might have been called and all of a sudden guys started showing up who were doing applications again just you.

Know podcast apps called iPod or iPod or Lemmon iPod or X there was a whole bunch of.

Different things that were happening it was going very very quickly then.

I met Kevin Marx I want to include him Kevin Marx who I think now works for Google he worked for Apple and I was having some issue with the that we learned a lot about how a podcast app works I was having an issue and he actually sent back a much better functioning version of this.

Apple script so he has an important part in the story because that really tripped off all of this development and me doing the daily source code and I called it source code because my only audience at that time was dudes named Ben and was dudes at the time who were building this receiving podcast software so I was like same audiences today it’s basically and some of the same people at this time night and I do want to say that Dave Winer I think with Chris.

Lydon have done a couple of interviews and they put that on the RSS feed so what was that a podcast I don’t know was the in bow and a podcast it’s irrelevant the idea that I propagated was you can make radio this way and it’s different because the radio show comes to you it’s listening by appointment the idea of show notes which we still call show notes completely ideated from the from the daily source code and I also started the directory it was.

Called the iPod or directory and.

How that work isn’t a whole nother story but I had the definitive directory directory of all podcasts by country by we had it you could break it out any way you want it was kind of like a distributed database then then some guy came into the.

Name is danny Gregoire and danny Gregoire coined the term podcast and because we were calling it soliloquies you know all kinds of stupid things but he showed up in a comment somewhere I like this podcast and so to me even though yes Ben Hamersley had used that word years before before there was anything really danny Gregoire is the guy who used it in context so they have the directory we have all of this working and then.

I get a call in around 2000 for four or five hi its Eddy Cue from Apple Steve Jobs wants to meet with you are you interested let me check my calendar so I met him at at all things D which is outside of Quincy Jones.

One of the most interesting meetings I’ve ever had and he was angry and you.

Know to the point where not about me he was angry about I don’t fuck up Wi-Fi this is not how I wanted it to be which is angry and he was yelling but then we had an hour no and I thought actually mate you get sick.

If you’re so mad like that and we sat for an hour just chit-chatting about stuff and how.

You know the RIAA was all on his ass to shut down recorders that can record songs internally on the computer you know and.

So they’ve been kind of saying.

They would and they just weren’t gonna do it and it was like wow it’s very interesting they said Adam I want to put podcasting in iTunes is that okay.

Fantastic and I’ll give you my directory now he already had it all because he went right onstage couple hours later demoed podcasting in iOS or the name the Mac which is a very funny video I’m gonna look at that on the YouTube so he already had that already he knew exactly what.

He was doing and then came kind of the disappointment because after all you know now podcasting launched it’s like holy crap we were in iTunes were on the iPod and what Apple did is went straight into putting NPR bullshit everywhere of course NPR was very instrumental I.

Want to say WGBH in Boston was the first PB NPR station to.

Do anything independently they were doing podcasts but Apple became this directory that sounded just like everything else on the radio which was exactly the wrong thing that’s the part that Steve Jobs didn’t.

Get because when you hear some of these different voices that is not as polished or differently polished and the radio it’s exciting I think a lot of people went and like okay.

It’s great I can listen to NPR great Steve Jobs thank you very much I think a lot of people missed out on what was really.

Happening and then there’s a whole story about why podcasting fell off.

The radar for ten years which has to do with the rise of social media and YouTube etc but that to the best of my recollection is how podcasting came to be we should clip that whole thing yes it’s a separate.

Little podcast yeah put on the M bone well actually what we’ll do is a history of podcasting I’ll.

Do harddrive you I feel a giblet coming we’ll take a little that we’ll take a transcript of what you just said yeah we.

Will add some more stuff to it make it into a giblet who also do it it as clip that out and make a podcast that stands alone a standalone podcast that says as its name the history of podcasting that’s a good idea it’s a very good.

Idea and that will take once and for all so if you go to Google and you go history of podcasting this thing is gonna be on the first page somewhere and then there’s.

The book is it a full hunk broker there’s only 8 million books of how podcasts it’s gonna be a giblets gonna be a small short little thing it’s not gonna be a long boring.

Book going back to 1927 it’s going to be just about what you said pretty much and how it kind of came about and how it got.

Named and how it got where it got and why it’s just not doing what you’d hoped it had done he’s 70 very few instances was drawl very successful mm-hmm I mean if we.

Did a full on I mean we talked about co-author it will co-author it adam curry and bob doyle george washington bob doyle oh man anyway so that kind of sets it straight I think but I’d love to do that but let that be a project that’s our exit strategy right there another project yes well we got a couple of things here because that woman moans about us I have two clips we’re done with the.

Podcasting story oh yes yes we’re almost we’re almost into our break that’s how done we are with the podcasting story well let’s think about humorous clips yes let’s do that now you heard the promises clip from Trump I hope the.

Well you don’t know it did you know maybe not have heard this is Trump and his promises play it it’s all happening sir than anybody could believe even one of them recently said that President Trump made promises but he’s kept too many more promises I made far more than I made think of it that’s right that’s because it was really big brain it houses more promises than he makes the guy is amazing amazing just amazing I tell you that if.

Fulfilled more promises than he actually made that’s our president yeah it’s our president our president our president ladies and gentlemen and then we have joy behar nor stupid gerrymandering commented right in the middle of some guy gerrymandering Behar once a popular vote last night.

By 8 million votes right they lose Senate races in red air in in red areas because I’m Amanda it’s not sure that’s the Constitution I mean you get the districts are gerrymander but the states are part of the Constitution you gotta explain this to people who don’t know our system the thing called gerrymandering which is where you take a state you take all the lek toriel districts for the for the.

Various representative state senators assembly men and when you’re in power you move you move the boundaries of these.

Things so it favors your guy so you move well this is just we’re right now we’re in these three towns let’s put this fourth town in and take this one town out and put them.

In a different dish now this happens how does a redistricting take place that based upon the census there’s no well the census is a huge part of it but it’s done on a state-by-state level and it happens constantly and under usually under different excuses and it’s a common thing is this ridiculous of some areas where you have districts that aren’t even connected they’re just like neighborhoods that all vote Democrat was the term gerrymandering.

Come from but are you gonna have to make me look up the book of knowledge well not as long as as long as I make you do that let’s play the junior was it a.

Guy named gerrymander he actually was a PR guy for years called Jerry Manders gerrymander either practices that a word is also verb for a process history history history difference from Massa orange random ology at a monastery manner really written Jerry gry -.

Mandir was usually the first time in the Boston Gazette in 1812 it was credited in reaction to the redrawing of Massachusetts state Senate.

Election districts under governor Eldridge Jerry or Elbridge Elbridge Gerry so it’s named after a governor of Massachusetts and was he a Democrat yep so anyway some map thing goes on right so joy so Joy.

Behar says well the Gerry man did they rigged the Senate race yeah which of course is laughable because the Senate races statewide and Omega is the state’s vote from there’s no it’s not possible I mean it’s like it’s so dumb it’s.

Like ludicrous the guys even kind of zips are just a little bit yeah no okay yeah no not like that that’s in the Constitution but okay whatever they.

Are more people than I care to admit man there’s so many dogs in this building no I don’t but I hate dog owners I really.

Do I mean the dogs walk out the front door of the building the little dogs they can’t hold it they squat immediately in front of.

The door so you know the only times have almost slipped and fallen oh god you’re kidding me no it’s that bad ah that’s it’s not it’s not it’s not very a pleasant that smells area under door handle well dogs are sometimes even above humans Matthew Mian is from Michigan but now lives in Florida and he says he was disgusted not long after boarding a flight from Atlanta to Miami man says he jumped up and asked the flight crew for help he was done when he got off the.

Plane to speak to a manager the feces were from someone’s service dog that became ill.

On the plane earlier me and.

Says because some passengers refused to sit down until it was cleaned up someone simply used some paper towels and passengers then lay down blankets but they still had to.