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Endure the smell apologized to some of the customers on the flight and offered a refund and additional compensation adding that Delta will conduct a full investigation oh yes we.

Need Professor Dookie on the scene that’s we need the poop police I forgot all about that damn I should have had that cued up anyway poop police it’s just that’s it’s pretty egregious who police now I’m not gonna play it’s too late it’s lost.

Its mojo mojo lost the mojo when you were talking about the history.

Of podcasting just as in the site yeah is that weird Dave whiners post in 2000 he says to.

Multiply the number of bits per second times the number of seconds you’re not using your line can get a lot of bits down the pipe and that both Adam and I believe is the secret to turning the internet into a super satisfying broadband experience a little software saw some new protocols maybe not very new and we’re there Adam has written more about this idea on his website Adam curry.

Dot edit this paper calm broadband dead link oh yeah that’s the internet by the way if anyone can find this article called the last yard or I think it’s I think it’s called the last yard send me a link because yeah it’s been.

Very hard to find this link a lot of a lot of dead links to it that’s the internet everything saved in perpetuity except shit you actually want to keep.

Give us one more John give us another fun clip here well I do have yeah.

I don’t wanna go right back into the dishes but there’s the thing here’s the thing on the state initiatives which I do want to discuss a little bit initiatives in the state’s talked about on CBS okay a.

Of key ballot initiatives were decided last night Michigan became the first Midwestern state to legalized recreational marijuana Missouri and Utah legalized medical marijuana three Republican states Utah Nebraska and Idaho voted.

To expand Medicaid which could cover an additional three hundred and twenty-five thousand low-income Americans and Florida restored voting rights to.

Nearly one and a half million former.

Felons as far as they were not convicted of sex crimes or murder ha all right that that was actually I’m actually for that yeah I think if you if you’ve paid paid your dues yeah and I.

Think you should then also be if you’re gonna let people vote and then you should also let them have a firearm now a couple of things we did have these initiatives here we have.

Proposition C which is being sued over swear Marc Benioff decided as a yeah this is the yeah this.

Is the raised money the rich.

People of San Francisco were gonna save the homeless yeah of course I I actually had to save Scott Adams had the best commentary about this when he said it’s.

Not money it’s ideas that are the shortage problem yes I agree cuz say.

You day through Monday throw I already throw three hundred million dollars at the homeless problem.

In San Francisco’s done nothing now they’re gonna double it thanks to marketing they’re gonna stew jack up all these guys it’s just rich people virtue signaling amongst themselves getting nothing a.

Culling accomplished the wasting money it’ll all go to people who consider these the homeless as their clients it never works it’s like Austin they’ve been a while the two propositions I liked repeal the gas tax repeal the gas tax was missed sold to the public by putting a lot of money.

Behind it because everybody knew all the contractors knew.

There’s it was a it was just gonna be free money a guy we got to steal more money from the public in California so proposition six was was voted down even though it was misleading the way it was presented in the sample ballot then they had to.

Change it but something got sued over that and they had to change it but nobody got to change the other one.

Proposition ten which I thought was just to me remember this was rent control this reminded me of the California is not voting marijuana in before Colorado did like two years earlier and they just voted no for legalizing marijuana and why would the California’s do this because they’re stupid and in fact this rent control.

Thing was owed really wasn’t changing rent control it was taking it out of the hands of the state and giving it to the locals who could put rent control in certain cities where it might actually be needed and it might actually be useful but because the huge real.

Estate investment trust and all the big giant real-estate companies that would expect to.

These tall buildings and apartments and everything else know it’s a detriment to have rent control local because then it could be you know in San Francisco for example they could in put rent control in you won’t make all this killer money from building these high-rises you just won’t make any money because there is gonna be this fear that they’re gonna freeze rinse and that the.

The properties not gonna be as valuable as a resale item and they threw a ton of money at this including some woman.

So it didn’t pass I take it yes it got voted out – yeah but this is because the California’s are dumb down you’re dumping their time I’m just raised born and raised here and what are you doing there it’s too stupid to leave apparently I mean I love you and all but oh I see Dan found Oh someone found it for what finally my last yard si yes yeah well good we’ll put it on a cook it.

That curry calm yeah you better believe I will ah that’s cool damn thank you very much just as stupid here in Austin of course it’s really Californians here as we know.

By the way my guy the build the dome around Austin give the cops flamethrowers did get almost three thousand votes well I’m surprised you got that many in that area unless you got three thousand people you know for a fact have a sense of humor someone’s laughing out there yes all right different election and then we’ll go to our second break this is a very important election it’s a single either single candidate or a days a single winner just one category and it happens.

In the EU it is the EU word of the year which.

Is a little early I think but are you familiar with the EU word of the year imprisonment Britain’s Collins dictionary has chosen single youths as it’s 2018 word.

Of the year I loved it two words hyphenated his word of the year marks a rising awareness at the pollution problem in the world’s oceans the EU is planning to.

Ban some throwaway plastics like straws and cutlery the ban could come into effect by 2021 you know we still haven’t comment on this yes you know when I was first went to the Soviet I went to the Soviet Union not Russia Soviet yes what’s wrong the same time I did yeah so I took.

Aeroflot yes and arrow and two people warned me about arrow flight and one of the things they told me is that the first thing you’re gonna notice besides the defense holes in the floor no no the first it wasn’t anything it was.

That plane was too big for that oh it was that besides the fact that the stewardesses are all dolled up that she was extreme which was like kind of eye-popping is that all of the plastic cups.

That they poured cuz they poured from big bottles into plastic cups for whatever you want to juice water or orange juice apple juice that they recycle them they they watch watch the class 2 cups sure and so every plastic cup.

Looked like it had been washed about a hundred times is all beat up this stuff is not necessarily single-use if you don’t want it to be good point John C Dvorak once again.

But this but something else is going on John this it’s um it’s part of agenda 2030 whatever it is it started with the dam the turtle with the with their favorite with it whether you have the toothbrush in his in his nose there’s a dish draw straw yeah the straw the straw up is nose you know now they’re showing baby turtles floating in class the.

Girdle but there’s something up with this and that they want to get rid of plastic cutlery I mean this is ban plastics I guess I mean I don’t know someone must have an alternative that is doing well for them with the removal of all.

The luggage luxuries of modern life but we haven’t figured it out yet we don’t know what it is yet well it’s got to be probably right in front of us and then because of all the things of all.

The words used during the year in the European Union single-use sincerely that was not the the word of the first was two words.

Hyphenated it’s it’s a PR campaign that’s not the ones using saw hello hello neighbor hello Amsterdam neighbor single-use yep I got my single-use come on they’re promoting something you I you rescued the wrong.

Guy I’m not asking I’m just wondering if you need what is the alternative to plastic there’s got to be some alternative to plastic bags.

Bags its bags and it’s it’s cutlery I don’t know well the plastic there’s too much plastic I’m not gonna argue that I’m not gonna take the other side saying it’s bad that we’re kind of trying to cut back on it but the worst thing is these little plastic drinking balls with water in them I mean those things are yeah I know there’s about yeah before we know we’ll have the single used condoms I mean what’s the world coming to without comment.

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