No Agenda Episode #1084 Chat Archive

To Duke somewhere man that guy’s been around for a long time he doesn’t he is boys a baron a Duke is just maybe yeah he should be well if you’re if you’re wondering what all this is about this is a big part of our value for value system where you can be recognized by the.

Community and we do it with the peerage system which is been around since written history almost well our system has been around since the medieval times I guess yes we’ve adopted the British version yes since we kicked their ass Wow we stole that we feel that’s pretty good but really thank you all so much for this also.

People who came in under $50 which is typically for reasons of anonymity but we also have a number of subscriptions that you can help us out with and they really do make a difference on a sustaining basis gives us a little bit of a of an even keel there because it does the roller coaster Ryle ride is real so consider that and you.

Can do that at Bull Run org got an emergency night karma request from Scott fuller dad just started chemo on Monday so so much cancer sick of it he thought he had cancer beat and was managing it turns out it spread elsewhere at this point he’s just trying to manage pain F cancer Carmen needed of course will do that and there were a couple other requests were that adheres well and all the other karma you guys need just jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for job.

You’ve got karma today being the 8th of November 2018 here’s our list of birthdays Dan Victor surviving the media celebrated on November 4th Spencer Whitney celebrates today Barron sir Craig celebrates tomorrow and John Jolley surprise turned 73 on November 25th and he still reads the New York Times without of glasses it’s unbelievable happy birthday everybody here at the best podcast in the universe we do have one daming today which is nice get my sword ready for you there do you.

Have a you have something thanks to your lovely spouse you are about to be damned here at the no agenda night to a round table of the knights and dames and i’m very proud to pronounce the kc we have hookers and blow rentboys and chardonnay should you’d like it warm beer and cold women we got why fussen waffles Poggenpohl got kebab and persian wine pinball and power.

Cords diet soda and video games maybe you want some breast milk and pablum we got bong hits and bourbon cycling his sparkling cider and escorts cowgirls and coffin varnish wrongit’s and bourbon or if you want ginger ale and gerbils and mutton and Mead there you go head over to no agenda slash rings your mutton and Mead.

Is waiting there and also make sure you give Eric the shield your ring size and we look forward to.

You at the round table nice to have you changes today certainty becomes dupe of the Federal Reserve.

District seven congratulations sir Alexander helpful of man from afar becomes baronet sir economic hitman and man our producers take us seriously don’t they and Sir Richard bangs becomes the baron of DC congratulations to all of you thank you.

For supporting the no agenda show the upgrade etc all comes $1,000 increments and that’s how you get to knighthood we’ve had people who’ve.