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It really is the only way that this model works the only other thing you didn’t discuss on.

The Great America show is that if we didn’t have our if we didn’t work with our producers and and we view our audience as producers it wouldn’t be possible this is no way that would be as good I don’t think I you know there’s a lot you have to do audience is now part of the show in a modern.

Sense we’re that’s doing some old-fashioned radio show like an NPR thing where you’re talking into a mine in a very much yeah and you hi this is the no agenda show and there’s John seat of work John what are you learning I’m learning that there’s a lot to.

Be learned okay that’s very good let’s go to another topic here on NPR so you have a letter from this is a good one from Vinnie I TMI here in episode 10 eighty three the Democracy Now report about 56 56 thousand immigrants missing or killed worldwide over the last four years and an increase in migration of 50 percent since the turn of the century I.

Live in Cambodia recently relocated from Uganda where my wife works in the development sector a big accomplishment of hers has been assisting in the support of South Sudan refugees over a million of which have crossed into Uganda in the last course of last course me of years on with that quite he’s got a last number of years and are living at the Beatty Beatty.

Settlement the largest refugee camp via B TB TB large the largest refugee camp in existence there are mostly women and children and men tend to bring their families to safety and then they cross back over to fight.

In the war so what I see is the opportunity to fold these statistics of women and children.

Refugees along with husbands that cross back into South Sudan to fight and then either die or go missing into the statistics of Mexican migration by throwing in the adjective worldwide yes good point which is basically.

Comparing apples and oranges or apples and bananas completely disingenuous of them to do so of course and a perfect example of how to lie with statistics thank you for your courage yeah yeah I saw about our producers and there you go well then let me share a note that was forwarded to me by one of our producers who shall remain anonymous in this case from Humboldt University where is this Humboldt University yes in humble I believe it’s.

In Humboldt County Mendocino County area is that is that a big during the California is that an important school good school what’s I’ve heard of this its verb for a state college is one of the better ones well the faculty received an email dear colleagues all faculty are encouraged to participate in the upcoming two-part whiteness and microaggressions training on Thursday November 15th I just have to read this the.

Whiteness and microaggressions training the dates were selected with input for that more faculty would be available during these times this four hour workshop divided into two two-hour segments as is exciting will offer an introduction to the concept of whiteness the significance stay with it.

Read it again this for our workshop divided it I’m gonna do a like an industrial an industrial voiceover for industrial video this for our workshop divided into two two-hour segments will offer an introduction to the concept of whiteness the significance of whiteness in our everyday lives and how whiteness shapes our interactions the training examines how whiteness affects various systems.

Of advantage and what that looks like in our community additionally it will explore how microaggressions are a manifestation of whiteness the training will address what microaggressions are how okay we can identify them and how.

They impact our daily interactions with one another finally the training will examine strategies to confront and avoid committing microaggressions we welcome you to participate and join the more than 300 Hsu campus and community members that have already participated in these whiteness sessions your participation will broaden the circle of shared language and understandings to facilitate change for.

Equity in classrooms on campus and in the community well you know first of all you think it was a hoax no it’s it’s not I haven’t the original email forward it’s not a hoax like Julie Tucker Julie Tucker at Humboldt dot e-d-u I would love to take this course a bitch is a hoot I mean did you.

Microaggressions are a manifestation of whiteness I didn’t know that but I if I took this course I think I would understand it better well you know that it’s on November 15th mmm that going fan it don’t give me any details come on man you know how far that is from here it’s like.

It’s like a real high you don’t care about the show you don’t care about the show but it’s alright let’s just hurting this show let’s just let’s just stick with with whiteness let’s go to NPR for a moment and talk about the white the right-wing hate groups plenty.

Of them yes NPR has figured out where they’re coming from Joan Donovan is with data and society a Research Institute for years she’s been tracking white supremacist from platform to platform online platform it’s like frogger good I’m trying to find not formed a platform online they were really trying to figure out what young men were angry about and how they could leverage that to bring about broad-based social movement this.

Is the the hate groups they’re they’re trying to figure where would you recruit young hate men John where would.

You go if you wanted to recruit the hate date Texas now we are way and we’ve already got rid of gab.

Although they’re back but you know so we gab is white racist nationalists horrible people where could add more can be first-person shooter games chatons and video a good places to find angry young men video games are a hundred I love that these are great places.

To find angry young men seriously video platforms she says are good places to find angry young men video games are a hundred billion dollar industry so what are companies responsibilities to ensure that teens won’t.