No Agenda Episode #1084 Chat Archive

Encounter hate groups Greg Boyd.

Is a lawyer who represents the game industry for the firm Frankford Curnutt he says.

Companies take the problem seriously and remove or ban people when they’re flagged by other players but the scale of the issue is daunting you’re talking about Microsoft PlayStation.

And Steam you talking about 48 million 70 million in a hundred and 30 million.

Monthly active players or players that are playing you know probably on a weekly basis I mean that’s the populations of Spain France and Russia imagine he says moderating all that chat text and voice moment by moment in literally every language dialect and sub dialects spoken in the world while the industry struggles to contain the threat experts say it’s up to parents to keep an ear out and to.

Step in if they notice something that concerns them John tried and lately he says his son now 16 seems to have left these ideas.

Behind he’s playing fewer online shooter games and on his own he started attending church an interesting point Rockstar Games is probably the most aggressive game maker and they could probably recruit a lot of people but there’s this vide there’s a lot of these guys the good the better players will.

Post some of the action that they achieve on YouTube and some of this has been taken.

Down especially this one player whose name is eludes me and.

I’m sorry for that but he’s got segments of Red Dead Redemption too it’s like it’s like Grand Theft Auto which they always did they also always bring out one in yeah it’s Grand Theft Auto on steroids in the West and so there’s so I got I didn’t get to see the Wonder they took down but this guy.

Apparently plays a character goes around punching women and so he’s got that’s only white guys do that by the way that’s all the white foot never punched a woman no right now not not football players no so he has one clip that’s still up there and it is.

There is something funny about it in some sick way I have to say being a white guy does a bunch of aggressions so the guy is running around and it’s so realistic it’s astonishing he’s running around town and there’s some woman suffered kind of a fat chick standing there lecturing everybody about.

The right to vote so the player stops in front of her and she’s going on and on about the right to vote and he has a couple of snide remarks and she calls him out for being a jerk and he just sucker punches her and knocks her on her ass BAM and then he goes running off again back into just.

Through the town and this will be taken down for sure and this is what game now Red Dead Redemption – nice now I would recommend this game looks like it’s hilarious it.

Sounds really funny can you get the black version so you’re like you’re hitting white ball I was looking at one review of it this game is it’s kind of like it’s broken sales records of apparently this thing is huge is so deep it has layers and layers and layers of different things you you could probably be on this game for a year and not even explore half of it now and so.

Basically if you run around walloping social justice warriors is that the idea I actually.