No Agenda Episode #1084 Chat Archive

Know this did well no the idea is you’re pretty much like a grand theft auto you’re giving certain jobs you have to go accomplish something to get a key like something I’m bored with very quickly it’s tedious it seems to me I’m not a big fan of these I mean I like to play.

Little bits of them because you can you know punch people or whatever now see that’s that aggression the microaggressions in your whiteness your white and but if you really like these complex games that have.

A lot of detail man this thing looks like ice just a killer all right I’ll give it a shot I’m a little surprised this it doesn’t.

Happen often and I had a jingle for it which is why I’m bummed you have.

No I so for me know what you like what for Red Dead no just any of know I so for the end of the show you have no I say well I will next show I did you’re right you don’t have when I was thinking about I didn’t.

Get it I do have a couple things we do have to talk about Jeff Sessions getting fired well before we talk about that I.

Need to just give my final review of the four-part series from al-jazeera which was quashed and subsequently.

I think aired by RT Nord least put on the internet called the Israeli Lobby because I watched the whole I watched all it’s almost four hours the whole thing is about the Israelis versus the BDS so that’s the boycott diversify and no boycott divest and what’s the s for come on I don’t remember it’s it’s the it’s basically the the Israelis versus the Palestine and it’s being played out boycott divest I don’t remember the.

Last one it’s being played out ancient sanction thank you it’s being played out in our schools so the Israelis through embassies and they have they have actual recruitment centers you know Israeli on on campus the community center and you’ve got this so the social justice for Palestine the SGA peers this has to stop all of it it’s it’s not interesting it’s a very stupid documentary because it pretends that oh this is it me I’m sure there’s an Israeli Lobby what.

Is in this documentary is just dumb because the kids in college camp on college campuses are being indoctrinated by all sorts of groups all the time but these two the Israel and the and and.

The Palestine the BDA I’m so tired get off all campuses both of you.

Will the University of California was going on they were arguing you always gathering a crowd it’s just never-ending and it’s old hummus the Muslims make the best hummus I know no man okay let’s get.

This Jeff Sessions thing out of the way I.

Have first I have a a weird CBS News opening about session we might want to play 26 seconds okay by the way the I so the good ice would be Trump and his promises it’s too long it’s 12.

Seconds too long good evening I’m Jeff Glor we are gonna be laugh tonight with a major shake-up in Washington we are not talking about the election yet we will talk soon about what happened in the house with Democrats taking control the president said today he would like to work with them even though they do have newfound.

Power to investigate him but we.