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The afternoon dismissal of the Attorney General jeff Sessions and his replacement by a critic of the Muller investigation I’ve never heard a news opening that has a bunch of excuses for not running the story of the day which is the the elections yes he started izing immediately he’s just short of saying we’ve been again.

Manipulated by Trump into not even doing a regular news but now we’re gonna talk about this sessions thing and we apologize it’s I’ve never heard anything like this in my.

Me hear it again good evening I’m Jeff Glor we are gonna.

Begin here tonight with a major shake-up in Washington we are not talking about the election yet we will talk soon about what happened in the house with Democrats taking control the president said today he would like to work.

With them even though they do have newfound power to investigate him but we are gonna start here tonight with the afternoon dismissal of the attorney yeah they did kind of just throw that into highlights yeah you’re right yeah right I don’t think I’ve.

Especially with the elections but you realize that today at five.

O’clock is the big protect Muller demonstration in 9,000 cities across America gee that’s not organized but I also said there was one thing.

Should know that I want to tell you about this tonight this is here’s your organizer and one thing I want to tell you is that there are groups all across the country who have been preparing for months now for.

The inevitable day when President Trump would take action to end the Moller investigation today those groups decides they won’t that this is it that this is the break glass in case of emergency moment rule for which they have been preparing and organizing for months oh my god so they have said it’s a go tomorrow at 5:00 p.

The country there are already over 900 protests planned to hashtag protect Muller you have been reading for months about these organizing efforts about what.

People should do in case of emergency to save Muller’s team to save its work to prepare to preserve this investigation the groups who have been working on this decided today that what happened today with the firing of just sessions and the installation of this new guy to oversee the Moller investigation the groups.

Who have been working on this for months today decided that today is that emergency so we expect protests all over the country tomorrow 5:00 p. local time I just looked online before I got on the set there are.

Of them planned all orange man bad that should be fun protect models that tonight or tomorrow today that’s today that’s over the world from from Tel Aviv to to Paris Texas yes protect Muller let’s see how see.

How how organized it really hills you don’t do things like this during the middle of them we do and you don’t do it after the election well I guess that this is the okay so I got the rundown I got three different run downs on sessions but I got the best one.

It’s the shortest in fact this well it’s not that short but it’s shorter than all the rest of them cuz they all had to do almonds to this.