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Jeff in broadcast that’s right Justice Department employees saluted Attorney General Jeff Sessions as.

He departed the building hours after resigning earlier he delivered a letter to the White House which started bluntly dear mr. president at your request I am submitting my resignation.

CBS News has learned White House chief of staff John Kelly called sessions this morning.

To inform him of the president’s decision but at a midday press conference President Trump did not tip his hand when asked about sessions by CBS News major Garrett.

It’s possible and can you give us clarity sir on your thinking currently now after the midterms about your attorney general and your Deputy Attorney General do they have long term job security there answer that at a little bit different time we’re looking at a.

Lot of different things shortly after the press conference mr. Trump tweeted the news and said of sessions we wish.

Him well it was a dramatic if not surprising end for one of the president’s earliest campaign supporters but less than a month after being confirmed as attorney general sessions angered the president by refusing himself from overseeing the Russia investigation career prosecutors at the Justice Department had advised him to do so because of his contacts with.

Russian ambassador Sergei kissed lyac during the 2016 campaign the president has railed against the move ever since frequently disparaging sessions on Twitter as very weak railed is now a word that they use over there railed well to read they can’t use lashed out which is being overused by Democracy Now and a few other end the New York Times so they have to come up with.

Something railed railed against the move ever since frequently disparaging sessions on Twitter as very weak the Jeff Sessions never took control of the Justice Department and it’s a sort of an incredible thing I’m disappointed.

In the Attorney General after his sessions recusal Deputy Attorney General rod Rosen Stein took over the Russia probe as Special Counsel robert muller indicted 35 people and companies including some of the president’s top campaign.

Officials but now Rosen Stein will likely also be sidelined and newly appointed acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will oversee the investigation Whitaker sessions chief of staff and a former US Attorney.

From Iowa has been critical of the Russia probe in the past and.

Has written that it could become a political fishing expedition in this interview he spoke about the president’s criticism of sessions it’s clear that presidents trying to put enough pressure on Jeff sessions so that Jeff does what the president I believe would think would just be honorable even though Whitaker’s thinking appears to be in line with the president’s thinking as far as the Russian investigation is concerned mr. Trump tweeted today that he will be nominating someone.

Else at a later date one potential candidate Lindsey Graham appeared to suggest four day be interested in the job saying that he will stay in the Senate man wouldn’t that be great if Lindsey great would be funny Whitaker yeah he looks like a beast he’s about six six bald and they ended picture on Twitter somebody pointed this.

Out his picture on the – on his Twitter page is him looks like he’s bench pressing about 650 pounds oh man shine weights I mean this.

Know why it were they found him but he is some tough customer looking guy.

Anyway so well okay what’s the play weather what’s your takeaway I think it’s just that just nothing this is not to play this.

Is just its cough it’s gonna draw these people out of the woodwork I think this I don’t think I think they may just.

Pull the I think the I think I think I think don’t tell me what you’re really are trying to say perhaps are gonna maybe cut the budget on the on the probe cuz it’s wasting a lot of money and I don’t see us getting anywhere I mean how long does it take to prove this.

Well Trump has been very clear and he said this multiple times he said I could fire everybody but I won’t do it because politically it’s the wrong thing to do he’s letting it play out yeah so he’s pretty sure of himself yeah well I think.

He’s a lot of us gonna depend on the tax thing I do have a Jeff Glor clip because I want to comment on him.

He’s the CBS anchor to go over from Anthony Mason yes yes yes yes okay Laurie looks like a 12 year old is a kid so last one you get John we’re running long really cuz we had it yeah what yeah we’re long okay hi this is the last one.

The only reason I clipped is because I heard.

Him he uses a double Mike laugh mm-hmm and when you see him just listen to his voice and he seemed in a group when he’s talking he’s got the big voice okay he’s like a little guy the big voice he’s got a beautiful voice but I caught him trying to talk about something and I think it was kind of off the record or off the cuff I.

Mean yeah and he he does say um.

A lot more than he should oh sorry chops anyway you can hear it yeah it started off.

With a good um right there I like this reached out last night also reached out today then.

We still want an see Pelosi had to say is there any chance something gets done here in the next couple years I’m highly skeptical I think the president doesn’t fully appreciate how intrusive these investigations are gonna be there’s a number of committees that have oversight the subpoena.

Powers they have disappeared documents to subpoena any official the administration they want they’re gonna start going into the.

Bowels of a range of different agencies and when he says they’ll be a little investigating we’ll do something they’ll do some this is highly intrusive the base of the Democratic Party wants this and I.

Think he has like one speed which is war footing if you were at war with me I’m at war with you.

And he’s not gonna be interested in cooperating with them on anything else yeah go ahead I think that Dan’s absolutely right you always have to assume that Congress won’t get something done but Democrats are arguing they can walk.

And chew gum they say Republicans had no.

Trouble investigating the Obama administration and still trying to work with President Obama to let’s say cut government spending and they say that they can do the same thing in that these.

Presidential threats are empty threats they say he needs to show a record of accomplishment two years from now so he’s going to be compelled to work with him he’s been in a more advantageous position at least with the increased pickup in the Senate now though yeah he’s got a broader conference he’s got more Republicans in this conference.

And the Republicans that replaced sitting Republicans are more Trumpy right Marsha Blackburn is a stronger Trump sympathizer than bob corker so he’s got it.

He’s got a stronger conference meaning he has to worry less about Susan Collins potentially Lisa Murkowski on issues like cab aware whatever else it is he’s going to have a potentially a fight a combative confirmation process for new attorney general that he now has more of a cushion with more Republicans and more Republicans that are sympathetic to her that helps with all judicial nominations okay Nancy Cordes my eyes glazed.

Over stop the pain what would what were they talking about I think they.

Were telling us that we’ve got a great show coming up because of all that conflict that’s gonna go on the crazy investigations Maxine Waters yeah all these other guys this is gonna be the greatest era of the no agenda show is what they were discussing I.

Think you are spot-on without mentioning the show well but you know they were thinking it my god this is gonna be great for the no agenda show.

Oh my goodness well everybody there you go now you know how it all sticks together what’s happening you can.

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Agenda remember us at Dvorak org slash na until then adios he starts to stutter Eric Holder yeah I know they all live in like I was I was paid by Mark Zuckerberg grandmommy’s ramrodding to try to grandstand now I.

Don’t want caught you responding to the mayor of some of those or something while making a pretty negative statement or like President Obama I don’t okay please go ahead don’t you okay please go ahead no go ahead please go go yeah go ahead go ahead go ahead go ahead and you get bored we can please stop tell me mr. president understand okay please go ahead no go ahead please good I could fire everybody right now I didn’t call you I.

You I didn’t call you I don’t want to overstay but I only had me I don’t know who little Charlie’s my.