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Been following the beto thing and he found that most of the hardcore supporters were all all cat ladies no there was no cat leis this was all young very young a lot of some of them looking very stressed but really what was interesting very early on you know started often with 1% of the.

Precincts reporting in Texas beto was 51% versus Cruz 48 and that got it worked up and and whenever that happened y’all you know me at a certain point because.

I could see the screen you know in the distance it’s at the other side of this of this restaurant bar people start cheering I’m like wow and it shows that there’s more women.

Winning in some districts I’m like wow and the banker looks at me says okay just calm down a little bit now you’re drawing attention making a mockery well I was getting into it I had Beto fever Beto Beto.

Beto fever baby I was I was all over Beto fever but what was so this didn’t last very long as he was kind of going boom boom boom boom it was the kind of neck I neck better was still a head every time they did an update or.

A local ABC news update people get all crouched 51 still 51 48 and a half and then you know there was a lot of cheering I think no.

I know that they were more interested in the house that the Democrats take the house because very early boom Beto lost you know and they called it and I mean it was it was within like half an.

Hour I think or maybe an hour of of the results coming in and they call this for crews real quick now that you mention this I think that these networks or somebody should have a separate feed for these parties well they don’t need to be putting.

Add wet blanket on all these campaign parties that are taking place for both sides.

By telling you what happened I think they should let us stretch it out all the way so people.

Can get at least pick up the date for the night yes how did there go on yes yes it was very disruptive and what we were both paying attention you know cuz I might have but if she see anything weird for the show let me know besides everything and so he lost and then.

People like oh oh because the Democrats were up and then and that was it there was no more there was no crying there was no hugging I’m so sorry nuns nothing people just kept on hitting on each other drinking and then you know waiting for the Democrats to take with the house that’s all they weren’t interested in bado and it was.

The Beto party it was very odd that’s just that’s not right it was just it felt very disingenuous yes sounds like it was just a hey let’s go to the Beto party maybe I can pick somebody up that.

May get some nice you know co-ed from UT we’ve got lucky and we left at 9:30 there were still a line out the door of dudes trying to get in and I’m sure it was a good place to be Boston yeah yeah well let’s play the bed or clipped okay after you Texas going Democrat this was a big CBS report and.

I do have some comments about the media and this because I got a we got a nasty note from somebody which I number. Reid I’m gonna read it anyway I found that the media coverage for this entire election was so slanted it was I think it was beyond the pale normally they try to fake it a little bit but and the worst case scenario actually comes from PBS don’t be s had.

Had the absolute war I would ever give me the Judea there goes a zephyr ah when stopped everything it was what is the time let’s go with the CBS report this.

Is a the overall report on Texas going Democrats among me more than two dozen House seats gained by the Democrats in the midterm elections to are in Texas districts to but were traditionally right res Omar Villafranca has more on this in suburban Houston Democrat Lizzy Fletcher’s.

Thanks to supporters all of you are here because you believe in this campaign after defeating nine term.

Republican Congressman John Culberson Republicans have controlled Texas’s seventh district since the late 60s when a young politician named George HW Bush won the seat Fletcher’s campaign.

Was one of several that was part of the suburban revulsion that helped Democrats take back control of the House Democrats lived at least 29 House seats from Oklahoma to Virginia one key according to a CBS News exit poll suburban women voters swung dramatically in this election 53% of women voted for Democratic candidates compared to only 47 percent in 2014 Rice University political science professor Mark Jones Fletcher took advantage of the distaste.

Among many of these Republican voters for Donald Trump Jones says another factor was Bethel O’Rourke’s appealed and his ability to bring out new voters federal work alone helps explain why we saw 12 Texas House representatives seats flip from Republican to democratic to state Senate seats flip and two congressional seats flip Lizzie appeal to me and any even to my Republican husband because of what she stood for Republicans still control Texas on the state and.

Federal level but Jones says better.

Or Rourke’s campaign could provide a blueprint for Democrats to gain power in the Lone Star State and I’m really.

Surprised that Ted Cruz did almost no campaigning in Texas you know nothing it’s it’s it’s surprising it’s almost like he knows that I’ll just call Mitt Romney you know he’s got the Baines investment in Diebold in the machines you know the voting machines have him flip it and that’s how Cavalier he was about it yet again.

Do you know that for a fact in places like Dallas let me were they maybe was promoting himself in Dallas or places well they.

Have that they had the big one in Houston with the with Trump no I’m just.

Saying where Ted was putting his money he did have some money i me didn’t have as much as a rumor saying he didn’t have the visibility at all towards the voters that they had well.

Yeah but again it’s the media places the lawyers and of course.

Before just I wanted to play one quickie that I saw air before it was on Election Day itself before the polls open Michael.

Bloomberg did an ad yeah but just listen to what he says here hello I speak to you today on the.

Eve of the midterm elections not as a Democrat or a Republican I’ve been both but as an American who is.

Nation like you I’ve watched the recent bombings and mass shootings with growing alarm the recent bombings and mass shootings that none of them went off that’s that’s that’s pretty egregious I felt when I heard they actually they take they can’t even identify goo that he put in those bombs apparently none of this explosive but they won’t talk about it they can’t commit the dev know so he said mommy’s again yeah yeah it’s it’s I just that I found I found to be.

Nasty like you I’ve watched the recent bombings and mass shootings with growing alarm yeah what what bombings were you watching just tell me what channel that’s on Bloomberg this I don’t understand how that even gets on the air that way doesn’t someone have to say my guess not did they dude you can keep stuff like that off the air if you wanted to yeah with that why why would they.

Shun the money well shutting the money and it’s trending the mess not good yes okay well anyway the bado.

Thinks seems to be was a big deal but I noticed that the way they were doing these reports.

There’s a couple of things that really bugged me I’m not gonna start off with the stuff.

That bugged me the most all right and the person that was the biggest I think PBS the whole group.

Is just disgusting I’m talk about the NewsHour yeah and let me play I got let’s see I got one two three four four clips I think I can I can play that will make sense let’s start with let’s put start with a couple Judy clips so I can just give her a little grief Judy here’s Judy playing random Schumer clip for what reason I never could figure out prompt and his party now have good reason for worry look last night was a really good night for Democrats and what happened last.

Night doesn’t bode well for President Trump and Republicans in 2020 and Beyond was the clip she plays what is.

The point of this Schumer didn’t say much else you can’t always play I think.

The Democrats are very disappointing both sides are disappointed but the way they played it was very joyous for the Democrats just away PBS it would play I think everyone was playing.

A joyous that way I personally am very joyous I love it I think it’s much better than let’s let’s put some let’s put some conflict in here this is good let’s play Judy says no new regulations this is a very interesting clip and you if you.

Can identify why they were watching the election results everywhere Wall Street rallied on the news.

Said it that divided government will likely mean no new taxes or government regulations and.

No repeal of the Affordable Care Act the Dow Jones Industrial Average today gained 545 points well of course.

I had a I had a heads up because I subscribe to the no agenda newsletter.

So I know and I love the simple the simplicity of the analysis I’m that when they say well the Affordable Care Act no worries about that that won’t be repealed let me guess was the Dow Jones up because of pharma stocks both yeah any health care yeah just went the sky right but what really got me about that clip I’m just kind of maybe a misdirection is this comment because anyone who studies government at the modern way we do business regulations do not come from Congress they come from the agencies yes the laws.