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Come from Congress and the agencies make up all the shit in between all the regulations come from the agencies so that the idea that there’ll be no new regulations is.

Incredibly it’s it’s wrongheaded I mean it’s not true you can.

Have any agency could start cranking out regulations cuz they were given the go-ahead by Congress years ago to do that right Congress gave up their rights and so far as making regulations and laws for that matter to these agencies that can have all these extra powers having worked for one.

Eye very well you were aware of your previous superpowers so so then we go on with Lisa.

Des jahres dan who was a just a hardcore Democrat she’s going on talking and she’s not only saying how great everything went but even the losers or winners as far as she’s concerned of course she does nothing to do nothing.

About the other side to such an extreme that I do have a point to make about this after these clips but let’s start with Lisa Desjardins extolling the losers or or can defeat words that spoke of larger movements this team.

Of which we are all members in some way it’s gonna stay together and is gonna continue to aspire to do great.

Things now was also a theme for Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gilliam another progressive who fell just short in his bid to flip the Florida governor’s mansion to the Democrats I believe that we have to take a third have a table in the state.

That is long enough that is wide enough that is deep enough to fit all of us I still believe that we gotta have that table but y’all we just don’t have to lose a little bit more work in order to build that table but Gillan was more of an exception on a night where Democrats took over several Republican governors mentions defeating wisconsin Governor Scott Walker winning in Kansas and in Michigan the prosecutor Gretchen Whitmer is the governor-elect talk.

About the women so now she’s gonna go this is Lisa talking about the win all these women he’s one of.

Kind has never happened before this woman that woman that woman this woman and I want you to pay careful attention to this clip democratic women stacked up a large number of first take statements in Kansas who is openly.

Gay she and another winner last night will be the first Native American women in Congress the core of this campaign has been about trying to figure out ways to make sure that as many voices and experiences as possible that we have in this community are being heard by our elected representatives Ayanna.

Presley and Johanna Hayes will each be the first black women in Congress from their New England states and Democrats Rasheeda Talib and Ilhan Omar will be the.

First two Muslim women to serve in Congress for each party some wins for the PBS Newshour no but she also she left off AOC I’m.

Very surprised AOC has been been sidelined I think if you haven’t noticed yes I.

Have but if you’re doing my in the part if somebody said hey let’s stop talking about her if you put a.

Mic in front of her she makes herself out to being a moron huh so.

That’s like so they cut her out but they go on and on about this but the one that got me was the first black woman in her state never mentioning once the first unfortunately because it’s a Republican the first.

States ever to be elected to the House of Representatives it wasn’t mentioned on CBS it was a mess on NBC it wasn’t mentioned and now I like that but it you took over at roses position was ahead of I think their arms forces old slot in and if.

You only took his spot and and she did in California which was kind of news in itself some Republican would win but no this Korean woman was completely blanked out hmm I said I’m gonna find a clip there were somebody mentions unfindable I know it was findable on Korean TV arches and this is a the clip is at the bottom is young Kim her name is young it would like Yong Yong Kim and this is the.

Clip history we’re in the 2018 US midterm elections as young Kim was elected to the US House of Representatives becoming the first Korean American woman to win.

A coveted spot in the US Congress Eastern je has this report a historic day at the 2018 US midterm elections as California’s 39th congressional district election s saw Republican Yong Kim the Democrat.

Gilson arrows garnering fifty one point three percent of the votes Kim becomes the first Korean American women to be elected into Congress and the first Korean American in 20 years to be elected it was an emotional victory for the self-made woman who won the tight race millions of the came out this is one election that.

We can prove that we cannot by ourselves ed Royce the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee announced his retirement from California’s 39th district seat in January Raijin had endorsed Kim and since standing I want to share with you that over that span of time in my opinion.

In public service no has ever worked as hard as young kid well you know you don’t think this is significant yeah of course it is but and.

Are you surprised yeah I guess it Fritz for PBS I am a little surprised actually the PBS is lost or maybe maybe just one well the NewsHour is its own team it’s not all of PBS but the NewsHour sounds very lost yeah yeah.

I mean here’s a woman it’s a woman that maybe was with the two themes were all the Blue Wave which crapped out you know the funny thing is about.

These news the way these handle these this whole election it I used to write for a bunch of different financial publications and and the first thing you’d learn if you’re gonna do a stock market analysis is if the market goes up you find some event to blame it on and the funny thing is you can say all the stock market went down as a reaction to.

The Fed raising rates right that’s easy but if the stock market goes up you look for something and so you can say well the stock.

A reaction a counter reaction to the Fed raising rates yes so you take the same element and you can play it two different ways the news media could play this election as the Democrats could should it would promised us that we’re gonna do a lot better and they didn’t and you could play the whole thing that way oh and this guy lost and that that guy in Florida Gilliam lost instead of going on what a great guy isn’t playing a piece of as’ of his species is concession to way that leases are dance did.

She played it up albedo lost but Beto’s the future yeah you could have said beta was obviously.

Not the future he spent too much money and.

He’s a loser loser just losers capital L go home bid old you can play it any way you want but.

They play obviously played it this way but it becomes so apparent when you leave.

Out young Kim yes and they left her out they just kicked her to the curb a woman yes the.

No attorney shows now proudly stands behind young Kim we’re all behind you you’re behind young Haysom she’s ethnic yes she’s a woman she’s a woman she gave they’ll be perfect.

It would be but she’s not just okay wait mixed mixed marriage mixed racial marriage white guy I don’t that I.

Don’t know but where is even a single mention of her CBS NBC ABC and specifically which is what I’m really complaining about his PBS which is supposed to be the best of the group and it’s not and I’m thinking I don’t even know if the president congratulated her I don’t I think he was he’s surrounded by people.

That aren’t working with him hmm Robbie doesn’t know either he would have actually if he knew he would have made a bigger fuss I think so too yeah cuz.

He talked about well he did he did something first of all I loved that whole press conference and like what a it was like it was almost like the day after.

Christmas Bo and you find something under the tree oh here’s a package that haven’t opened yet that press conference was it to me I’ve really really enjoyed it from beginning to end it was it was riveting I have it was a new Trump it.

Was it was a different Trump he was being really calm he was very you know he’s like collected he was talking with the press for a long time and you know B we got all that he like let all kinds of other people speak like him from bloggers I think from Brooklyn and he got you know some lots of little fireworks going there but yeah I thought it was perfect and and he was saying well here’s these people who do you know basically the never Trump errs in the Republican Party.

He said well he didn’t want me to help you out so there you go loser people they’re losers that was that was pretty funny I still think that the highlight.

Of that was the Jim Acosta well what I’d like to do is I it’s the full dust-up is only two minutes and 37 seconds I.

Have one that’s 314 that I think.

Is actually as full okay well you probably I cut out.

The the last minute but we can use that one because it’s goes into the Peter Alexander question Peter Alexander kind of attacks the president right right I.

Got that too and what else is after that I don’t know why yours is longer that’s kind of weird and where is it you’ve got to tap or no we’ve got an entire it’s under the word entire makes nothing but.

Sense alright let’s play it now I’ll give you my my view right off the bat is this is you know this is I think it’s meant to be Trump calls on him he knows something’s gonna happen he needed he wanted it he wanted to put a.

Cost in his place a cost the just willing just perfect you know jumps in and the reason why Trump was right in every regard is he’s.

Not even asking a question when he starts off so I want to challenge you they said when you say to someone opening a question I want to challenge you on something and you know what I knew immediately uh this is not gonna go.

Well and then all the other stuff that happened it’s perfect it’s it’s he Acosta did a great job that’s what he does see in it I.

Was watching CNN to see the outrage I’m sure they got.

A nice spike in the ratings but of course he was incredibly rude and the president called them out on it after having some patience and it was just again it was the the lost present under the Christmas tree the day after Christmas hundreds and hundreds of miles away that that’s not an evasion honestly I think you should let what that’s where you start you just started yours I’m gonna start my.

Deep no it’s much more important to start.

Here I think this president challenged you on on one of those he starts off I want to challenge you that was that’s that’s why Trump was like okay famous that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the terms there we go that well if you know modest president that this Caravan was an invasion as you know to be as numerous presidents Caravan was not an invasion it’s a it’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the US.

Thank you for tan I love that thank you very much for explaining that to me press conferences where you’re you’re not this is not asking questions this is making accusations yes that’s why I’m surprised that well I thought that the trunk that this was a fake deal and that the cost uh I.

Have to give you my early thoughts that Acosta should be kicked out of there I mean you can revoke his credentials him not allow him in the building.

And I because they’ve never done that I always assumed that this was all part of a grand scheme because it was very as good theater and then later a.

Kostas credentials were pulled which he.

Found out later well in the end the reason for that as they say that he laid hands on the internet for sure of whatever something right right now when you have an audience I don’t care if it’s a seminar or if it’s a press conference or whatever it is you do not let the audience ever even if it’s reporters.

Hold the mic this is a bad idea never should you and they always want to.

Grab the mic don’t let them grab the mic I’ve been to plenty of things where a mic is pastor I know I think it’s a mistake.

I think it’s always a mistake a lot of the smart money has a mic and understand yeah exactly have it understand yes that would be funnier.

With these guys and be able to turn it off when someone’s.

Just annoying anyway don’t have that capability but yes they do they just don’t do it a group of migrants well let me finish my thought gee so because you never want to go through the progression here so I figured that he was not gonna.

Get his credentials pulled because it was theater and then they got him pulled and then you say was because he touched the touch the woman and yes that was excuse that they use the ethnics they use that as an.