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Excuse as an excuse but I didn’t think much of it I said if it’s just technically yeah he did and some people said he didn’t he didn’t he didn’t including the CNN woman it says he didn’t touch.

Her what he did is pretty clear it wasn’t you know he just pushed you know he pushed her her arm down to because she was.

Grabbing for the mic she’s making it lunge for the mic actually and so they found that’s the reason her skin and I said well they I guess my Theory’s gone what was your oh that oh that it was there was just a setup yeah sure theory was that it was always gonna.

Be but then they told his credentials I said what was that all about well then I said I saw I figured I was wrong but then I realized because I have another clip which was on CNN where a cost that comes on and gives his side of the store and he’s talking to Jake Tapper they’re all gassed and this was and this clip I realized was before he pulled before.

They pulled his credential oh this is yes here’s all giddy and he’s still playing the game but what happened I believe in the reason this credential.

Was pulled was CNN had written a terse memo to the president you know you’re full of crap and he went on and on about it and I think that’s the reason it is okay really fine credentials pulled our game is over yeah all right that sounds about right that sounds more like the real reason yeah because because.

Tapper it wasn’t pulled remember they could have pulled a run this kicked him out they brought security in your touch the woman and thrown him out but ultimately but ultimately I mean it was great and what is always so sad is that the media only plays the little bits and little clips and they don’t go through the progression of what happened.

I mean he doesn’t ask a question he.

Says I want to challenge you and then he you know there’s two or.

Three questions answered everybody kind of.

Got one and maybe one follow-up and then the president says in the White House okay enough can you stop and then he just kept going that’s just an end of story to me I don’t care who the president is the other thing by the way Obama should have done the same thing instead he went no no no no no no that’s.

He should have done the same thing like I’m telling you to shut up in the White House actually he did say some people in the press corps here in my house are happy that this happened because apparently accost is a mic hog obviously and when he was on them honest to what where I do have this good for later they’d tapper Acosta.

Clip he starts easy I didn’t realize it when I started watching him he is one of those guys who apparently.

Used to do a lot of what they call stand-up yeah and that is the guy in the field where you throw it to him and he can talk as long as you.

Want him to yeah do you need 10 minutes no problem you need 5 minutes you want one minute doesn’t make any difference this guy can keep talking anymore and he can do.

It exactly 1 minute 5 minute 10 minutes whatever you want that’s.

What that’s and he can go forever and his tendency is to go forever and he does it on the other show yeah and so he people don’t the other people want to ask questions too yeah now of course it was rude I’m sure everyone’s a little tired of it it was actually it was a good press conference it was he was and my I pulled some stuff out of value which I’ll play later but.

Let’s you want to play those acosta clips you want to go back to the.

To the challenge no I want to go back to the press conference I’ll pay that cost eclipse later well I know that this caravan was an invasion.

As you know I consider to be as numerous presidents caravan was not an invasion it’s a it’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the u. thank you for 10 why did you why did you characterize it as such as I consider an invasion you and I have a.

Opinion do you think I like that now he was doing a lot of this yeah we just have a difference of opinion I think that you demonized immigrants not as electron now to try want.

Them I want them to come into the.

Country but they have to come in Legally you know they have to come and Jim through a process I want it to be a process and I’m so tired of the m5m playing this line that you know they just want a better life and yeah but they always leave out the legal versus illegal part and I don’t know if.

It was or they seen this clip actually where Trump says that we need these people and I want people to come in and we need the people you’re playing at your camp wait you know why we.

Need the paper because we have hundreds of companies moving in we need the your campaign had an ad showing see no one no one plays that.

Part of the clip where he’s saying we need the people we need them to come in but we need them to come in Legally no one plays that migrants climbing over walls it stop stop you the same.

That you asked me a minute ago this surprises you alright man they weren’t act they’re.

Not gonna be doing they weren’t actors well no it’s true do you think they were actors I they want a kiss they didn’t come from Hollywood these were these were people this was an actual you know it happened a few days ago and there are hundreds of miles away though they’re hundreds and hundreds of mile away that that’s not innovation honestly I think you should let me.

Run the country you run CNN and if you did it well your ratings let me ask you are you worried this is where I don’t care who it is even it was that old bag who’s now dead remember her oh yeah what was her name in the front cousin Thomas said Obama kicked out laughter the one who can office you remember.

Obama yes I know I’m saying I heard you the first three times just sounds like I was dead Mike no do you remember when Obama kicked her out in like the first presidency yeah shameful yeah and then and then they BT Esther because she said Israel is doing horrible things and all right and then uh bad Jew yeah course maybe she was she was she is Armenian Armenian maybe yeah that said.

No pardon me ma’am I’m Miss Lee that’s enough this president ID one of these I may ask on on the Russia investigation are you a dick I mean he literally said that’s enough this stop concerned that that you may have not concerned about anything with you investigation because it’s a hoax are you that’s enough put down the mic mr.

Are you worried about indictments coming down in this event now that even the journalists are going dude shut up mr. president I’ll tell what CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn’t be working for CNN I think that’s a very rude person the way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible.

And the way you treat other people are horrible you shouldn’t treat people that way in engines defense I’ve traveled with him and watched him he’s a diligent reporter who bustles I’m not a big.

Fan of yours either if I can you repeatedly flirt you are the best mr. president you repeatedly over the course of just sit down please well when you when you report fake news No when you report fake news which CNN does a lot you are the enemy of the people.

Go ahead he couldn’t explain it more often was there more on your clip that you wanted to get into was that it now there was a couple of things because Peter Alexander continued in kind of a funny way that was again more accusatory but it was light compared to Kostas but I would rather would like to play the rest of that out of elections last night we want to hold them very close because I got you my gosh CNN should be ashamed of it’s.

Right there haven’t you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn’t be working for CNN I think that’s not you’re a very rude person the.

Treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible and the way you treat other people are horrible oh we should forgot to mention during the beto party when Sarah Huckabee saccas with the the screen had ABC on who had an airplane hangar with 18 people at four desks it was the most.

Ridiculous roundabout thing I’ve ever seen Sarah Huckabee Sanders came on the whole place started booing her it was bizarre Wow yeah ooh boo why are they booing a woman no I don’t know I’m just I’m just reporting you treat people that way good engines defense.

I’ve traveled with him and watch them he’s a diligent reporter who bustles I’m not a.

Big fan of yours either so I to be honest so let me ask this question if I can you repeatedly fart you are the best mr. peasant you repeatedly over the course of the gist sit down please acosta kept standing up again without the mic.

Just yelling stuff when you report fake news no when you report fake news which CNN does a lot you are the enemy of the people go ahead mr.

President over the course over the course of the last several days of the campaign sir sir at the end of the campaign you repeatedly said that Americans need to.

Fear Democrats you said Democrats would unleash a wave of violent crime that endangers families everywhere why are you crying why are you pitting Americans against one another sweeter what are you trying to be him now just a very simple because they’re.

Very weak on crime because they have often suggested members.

And people within the Democrat Party at a high level have suggested getting rid of ice getting rid of law enforcement that’s not.