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Gonna happen okay we want to be strong on the borders we want to be strong on law enforcement and I want to I want to cherish ice because ice does a fantastic job the the what they do for us is so really it’s so unrecognized how good a job they do so we want to take care of them and we want to hold them very close because they do a good job for the question to be clear that the quite very much why are you sit down but the question but you didn’t answer my.

Question just very simply the choir why are you pitting Americans against one another sir I’m not that how you view I’m citizen.

Today what we want a lot of.

Elections last night we did very well last night anyways I think it’s going to happen I think it’s going to have a very positive impact i watch the NBC this morning they didn’t report it exhibits you know very very that’s the fact with.

NBC nothing I could do about that but I want this country to have protection we want security in our country I want security.

Peter I mean you may be don’t think it’s so important and I think when you don’t have it you are indeed unleashing crime I feel that instead you would sign an executive order on birthright.

Citizenship are you still gonna sign the executive.

Order on board real answer you explain that question a little bit later go ahead okay well so he is his accused accusation was why are you pitting Americans against each other yeah what is that these are these are not intelligent questions well they’re of Derek they’re not questions the kind of accusation their statements are you still beating your wife yes are you still a wife beater yes are you still beating her it’s the whole thing did you see.

The whore form I said I didn’t walk I saw by the about 30 minutes the whole.

Thing is interesting there’s a lot of good stuff in there I like the thing where it starts going after the guys who were well let’s play be since we still have a cost of thing I want to play this acosta clip but he does have.

The I got some more fun press conference so we’ve got a circle back yeah no I wanted definitely because this is gonna segue right into what you’re gonna do because the cost that talks about this and then you can play that clip because I hope you have it this is tapri Kostas do I got here Tapper Acosta CNN eight seconds let’s listen the president Trump did something that I’ve never seen an American president do which is go on a personal rant against me the.

Questions you were attempting to ask rant rant.

I’ve never seen not a rant alright I guess you never get to which leads to your clip.

Were attempting to ask well Jake went when they go low we keep doing our jobs I mean that’s.

The way I look at it and you know I had a question to ask and if we played the tape a little bit before that.

Exchange oh yeah an accusation you do she wasn’t the question you would have seen the question that I was asking which was essentially about this lie that he told before the midterm elections that this caravan of migrants moving from Central America to the.

US border with Mexico was somehow an invasion when it’s not there there’s still hundreds of miles away and they pose nothing of a threat to the United States but the president used that language obviously as we’ve talked about so many times to galvanize his base he just didn’t like it’s like hearing that question if you don’t stop him he’ll just keep go didn’t like being challenged on that point and he certainly doesn’t like being called out for his falsehoods but of course Jake as.

You were just mentioning that’s that’s our job that’s what we do over here that’s what wolf did when he was over here as a White.

House correspondent as well and we just can’t be intimidated by that.

Sort of thing I was struck by what is that buttering up broth like that’s what wolf also did when he was you know white in other words like you’re the next broth what are you saying no he wants to get enough hits oh yeah exactly the fact that.

The president we thought was going to come in there and do this victory lap it sounded very much like a pity party the.

Way he was talking about lawmakers that wouldn’t stand by him on the GOP.

Seems to be sort of unaware of the fact that his immigration rhetoric and his rhetoric on many levels was just turning off a lot of those suburban swing district voters that’s why people like Mike Hoffman and Colorado we’re staying away from him.

And he just doesn’t understand that all right okay before you play your clip I got to say something but there’s mike coffman thing I think it’s Coffman or Hoffman this guy cuz I looked him up he was the sitting.

Representative he was already in the house he was a Trump hater he’s a trump never Trump or Republican US marine been in Colorado after representing Colorado for a long time he was would take none of trumps help Trump calling him out on it and he.

Lost by a 10 points juice to a newbie yeah who is a who had no political experience relatively speaking as an extra Army Ranger so he’s like just was stunned by this but the way the way Acosta presents it is that well Trump was toxic and.

That’s why this guy’s told him to get lost but.

The guy told him to get lost and he lost I mean does that part of the equation do we want to bring that into the pictures it may be something we want to analyze a little bit know know.

Why meanwhile of course the cost was feeling I.

Could have played I think it was on for another 15 minutes well actually I’m his oats because this was before he got his well don’t let me let me play the the oat sowing clip with the tapper and accost I think we need to note the President started out by doing a dance upon the graves of Republicans who did not show him enough fealty doing a dance on the grave Republicans who for their own purposes many of them in those.

Suburban districts that turned turned away from President Trump where he was toxic this is the same toxic that’s calling him toxic even though he literally called out all of those never Trump errs who didn’t want him and who lost the.

This is skewed reporting obviously thinking that commercial was toxic his language was toxic people his but sweat is toxic it’s a man’s toxic he’s just toxic orange man bad by congressman Carlos Cabello in Florida people like a congresswoman Barbara Comstock in Virginia people like congresswoman Mia love.

In Utah who by the way her race hasn’t been called yet so his his saying that that she lost was is premature she may actually end up winning there.

Did she went I don’t know that she did race he he danced on their graves toxic Trump dances on film at 11:00 and he was flip about it.

He almost seemed to be happy about the fact that congressman meant this when a Republican from the suburbs of Denver lost yes I think he made.

That very clear because he didn’t want the president’s.

Support I’ve never seen a president take delight and people above his own party losing and stop stopped except I watched this part he wasn’t that delightful he was worked oh no I’ll give that to.

You yes I was not very snide he was very earth he was a I think he felt insulted I’m the president you know no.

Well you’re probably right I probably have too much dementia be watching in me I’m like a he was kind of smug about it but maybe you’re right he was a pissed maybe he was just like idiots as possible that’s possible well he needs those people to be in the house and they were stupid and they lost everybody he’s supported mostly one I think there’s a few that didn’t especially but all the Senators didn’t.

They’re happy that they got in Obama went out on the trail and they don’t want to talk about this but everybody he was stumped for a loss here’s that was actually the wrong clip here’s a cost of a this clip does contain a cost that with Anderson Cooper I also want to read a statement that CNN’s just released the statement reads the White House announced tonight that it.

Has revoked the press pass of CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta it was done in retaliation for his challenging questions at today’s press conference in an explanation press secretary Sarah Sanders lodged she provided dillan accusations incited an incident that never happened this unprecedented decision is.

What retro X me the incident did happen is minor you late like a minor it’s very I think it’s minor too but it had did happen yes it did happen well he didn’t lay hands on her he swatted her arm down and she did look kind of surprised but she she lunged for the mic she had the she had.

The mic in her hand and he pushed.

Her away and I think that both had a moment of like what just happened there but it did happen it wasn’t it wasn’t trying to chop a dish from.

Out go dimension a completely he was karate chopping her arm right at the elbow point hoping yeah what a douche democracy and the.

Country deserves better Jim Acosta has our full support anything else you know well I was you know I was just trying to ask a question of the president at this press conference and it was obviously a question they didn’t like it was about his racist ad on the caravan that they were running before the midterms did you see that ad was it indeed racist why was it.

Racist racist opposed he has all these illegal aliens running up some town or something ice racing this race we’re going back and forth there and as you.