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In this video this in turn came up to me they’re describing her as an intern I don’t really know who she is and attempted to take the microphone away from me all I could say at that point is that I was trying to hang on to the microphone so I could continue to ask the president questions it was really it was kind of sad because you know I’ve seen this clip now with his chops in slo-mo everything zoomed in.

And I was looking at the poor girl because it happens she has this moment of kind of shock she looks at Acosta turns to the president looks at him and then is this a moment you know it’s just yes she has it befuddled look on her eyes and yes yes sir.

That we didn’t see him because they don’t show that but I think he gave her a cue to crouch down get out of the way cause we’ll fly be hurt yeah it’s like hey what was your they say the White.

House interns get abused but Jesus easy does it DC obviously I you know I didn’t put my hands on her or touch her as they’re alleging and it’s just unfortunate that the White.

House is saying this even touch her yeah that’s even.

Better yeah that’s okay GRU surprised a liar are you surprised are you surprised she knows over there and I think I handled myself professionally and I appreciate.

All the comments for my colleagues I do think Anderson that this is a test for all of us I do think they’re trying to shut us down to some extent and they’re trying to send a message to our colleagues yes is sending a message to everybody they’ll shut you down.

They’ll take your hard pass away okay I have a couple more clips that I just want to.

I do have to talk about some.

Conclusions Nancy Pelosi started her press conference just a little bit before the president and ascended his it was not at all as entertaining Oh actually this isn’t even from.

The press conference this is when they won it’s just a short clip and I think was just cute Medicaid the Affordable Care Act in the healthcare of 130 million Americans living with pre-existing medical conditions that’s more for pre-existing medical condition I thought that was funny that was fun here let’s here we need more people with pre-existing conditions Wow so after.

This whole Acosta thing there was a few more confrontations April Ryan stood up and asked something and he didn’t recognize her we didn’t say didn’t give her the mic and he told her to shut up and sit down which is probably right on.

But they so at a certain point he’s like okay this is kind of going along he’s answering questions and should we keep this going this came up a couple of times people like even before they started their question saying mr. president this is great could you do this more often this is really fantastic and I think Trump they even talked about how he hadn’t done pressed for a month and it wasn’t.

Didn’t go well and then I had to do more press.

I have to keep our message going my message which gets distorted I mean he was making some sense he was not dropping as many full words and sentences as usual which was surprising and so he was you know after the Acosta thing he’s kind of been a vibe and he calls on them on the reporter from PBS.

Should we keep this going yes I think you should keep this when you get bored would you please tell me seriously tell me I don’t want to hopefully not I don’t want to overstay but please go ahead hi mr. president yummy shell Center with PBS Newshour on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist some people saw that as embolden white nationalist.

Now people are also saying racist there are some people that say that now the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalist what do you make of that I don’t believe I just well.

I don’t know why do I have my highest phone numbers ever with African Americans why do I have among.

The highest poll numbers with African Americans I mean why do I have my highest poll numbers that’s such a racist question honestly I mean I know you have it.

Written down and you’re gonna tell me let me tell you it’s a racist question and mr. president you know what the word is I love our country I do you call you have nationalists you.

Have globalists I also love the world and I don’t want helping the world but we have to.

Straighten out our country first we have a lot of problems and it excuse me but to say that what you said is so insulting to me it’s a very terrible thing that you said now I don’t know if the question was racist I don’t think.

It was a racist question well here’s the price it’s a thorn and she would put it later on the PBS Newshour a thorn in his side his racism his racism no it’s the it’s the fact that the left has really.

Made this word nationalism bow right into white nationalism by definition yes and so she is bringing this point up from a leftist perspective of PBS newshour and he just found it offensive well of course it’s offensive but he called it racist.

Which was not racist well because it brings in the white nationalists.

Are by definition racist and so because it goes like this you said nationalism which means white nationalism by anybody’s standards except maybe yours and a few other people that are living in the you know 18th century when nationalism it was a very insulting level it was racist well indeed by today’s standards of course it was you just said use what why not I’m.

Sorry you have a piece of white paper it’s racist it’s got a stop now yellow pad paper people now handle I thought she handled it poorly she’s not very good this woman no I don’t know why they’re keeping her on a lot of very extreme left-wing but please notice we always have the black.

Reporter ask the racist question it’s just it’s it may just be scheduling I don’t know that is why I’m the.

Funniest bit onset Myers Late Late Show is he’s got a black writer woman who’s I think a lesbian.

And he bring us her on to tell off-color jokes because he can’t tell oh yes I’ve seen this bit yeah and it’s actually quite.

Funny cuz she’ll tell some of the most extremely offensive jokes white guy can’t say yes white guy can’t say which makes his point but he’s also kind of he’s making a point and missing a point at the same.

Time when he does this bit so I’ve figured out most of what is what the president is hiding with his tax return because this came up and man Trump he sometimes you gotta listen you have listen very carefully because you get used to the half sentences and half words and I got I’ve.

Gotten pretty good at filling it in but he also dropped some bombs to me they were bombs saying okay I don’t know exactly what it is yet maybe it’s a question for the banker he might know because you know his bank used to lend money to.

Trump which by the way everyone was always happy with he says everybody always like doing business with him they made a lot of money but this.

Is about his tax returns and listen to his giveaways really all right Thank You mr. president and pick you up there you told me the other day that you are.

An open book so I think I am an open book so point-blank Democrats go after your tax returns will.

You try to block that or will you allow them now look as I’ve told you they’re under audit they have been for a long time they’re extremely complex people wouldn’t understand him they’re.

Done by among the biggest and best law firms in the country same thing with the accounting firms the accountants are a very very large powerful firm from the standpoint of respect the highly respected big firm yeah great law firm where you would you know it very well they do these things.

They put them in they do these things they put them in okay so that.

Was my first clue but people don’t understand tax returns now I did do a filing of over.

A hundred pages I believe which is in the offices and when people went and saw that filing and they saw.

The magnitude of it they were very disappointed and they saw the you know the details you’d get far more from that but it’s a it’s a great company but it’s big and it’s complex.

And it’s probably feet high it it’s complex it’s a very complex instrument it’s a very complex instrument so whoever his tax firm is they’re very well respected have a lot of power they put some financial instrument into his mix cuz he just said that to us he just said it you wouldn’t understand it yeah those guys they put it in it’s a very complex instrument I don’t know what it is but that’s a lot better it’s something really.

Fabulous that you know that erases billions of debt or makes him not pay any taxes yeah I paid no taxes probably zero taxes and that’s it’s just it’s probably so awesome when you see it you’re like you know I made you know five billion dollars paid and I got a refund yeah it could be one of those it could be it could be it could be a refund actually he may be under some non-disclosure oh because because it’s a proprietary deal mechanism yeah yeah and I bet you.

There’s a proprietary thing going on here and they have found some loophole which is what you know the New York Times kind of hinted at now that’s a good point John they this.

Is a proprietary thing they’ve done and it may be an instrument that his very well-respected firm you know maybe with some other very well-respected Bank put some instrument together.

Yeah that only they know how it works yeah and only they and they don’t want it revealed cuz it’s a it’s a competitive edge against the other tax firms if someone in the chat room control-room said he files a 1040ez is embarrassing yeah but I thought I think I think you’re right it’s some.

Kind of instrument is proprietary which has been which has been the real reason and it would end and it would look like he paid no tax or I think worse he got a refund it’s got to be like some crazy yes I’m crazy billion-dollar Rifa it’ll look.

Like a refund it’s something weird so but he kind of gave that away I love listening to the guy if you can riff you really pay attention then you can hear these these little things well that’s gonna be one of the things they go after yeah just so important for the world that’s I’m so happy so happy we’re going out.

Looking for a competitive edge yeah and I got one more now this was interesting to me because I’ve been following ever.

Since cachaca key Jamarcus 2g kajouji ever since Shuji I’ve been following a number of things the oil flows the relationship between Saudi Arabia Turkey Russia Qatar Israel this is very interesting now of course we have the sanctions in place as well which is Swift which I have done some research on and want to talk about later on but this is a question about erawan and.

I had to go I had to go back and it was the president of.

Turkey which is kind of funny because Trump doesn’t hear the guy and then he thinks the guy thinks he’s stupid cuz I didn’t know who air21 is which really showed that really shows you his weak spot when people think he’s stupid it really irritates the hell out of mule here right at the beginning mr. president again said he’s not gonna follow your sanctions and he’s gonna keep buying oil from who said that a.

President Erdogan Turkey I know I know.

Meet him soon just can’t understand this okay I can understand you Braun fuck that’s what you’re gonna meet him soon you’re gonna have this talk and some companies are gonna take the same steps that president are the.

Guys doing so let me just say about the oil okay so what we opposed just recently the strongest sanctions in the history of our country just about oh I guess North Korea’s there too but I gave some countries a break on.

The oil I did it a little bit because they really asked for some help but I really did it because I don’t want to drive oil prices up to $100 a barrel or 150 dollars a barrel because I’m driving them down if you look at oil prices they’ve come down very substantially over the.

Last couple of months that’s because.

Of me because you have a monopoly called OPEC and I don’t like wait and I.

Don’t like that monopoly I don’t like it and oil prices are coming down so rather than deciding to be as tough as I am on.

Most of the sanctions what I’ve done is I said we’re not going to do it that way we’re going to let some of the oil go out to these countries that really do need it.

Because I don’t want to drive the oil prices up to 100 or 105 you know is about which could happen very.

Easily it’s a very fragile market very very fragile I know it very well and it’s the absolute right decision and they’ll get tougher as time.

Goes by maybe but I don’t want to have any effect on the oil prices worldwide where I Drive them up because I consider that to be a tax and I don’t like.

Taxes you know and amidst all of this he did say at the United Nations I’m pissed about the oil prices and they are going down the guy looked at the monthly and it was down what.

15 bucks yeah well it goes up it goes down but let’s let’s just remember yeah goes up it goes down hold on a second let’s take a.

Just take a look at the chart the here we go.

One month there was $75 on the 11th of October a 9th of October and today it’s 60 60 in one that’s WTI crude so that’s a drop yeah and but maybe actually if you look at it from when did the cash og thing happen around October the beginning of October this is rather interesting the middle of October I think October 4th may be.

October 4th well October 3rd oil was at a Pettit and a year at long high a year high for me sitting here it’s almost 75 bucks and it just.

Goes down from there now remember he said that he was pissed off this is before could choke Ashok gee he said at the United Nations and went up a little bit.

From there cuz that was September went up went up went up we could heed 75 khashoggi happens Trump gets pissed off.

Price comes down this there’s stuff going on I mean we’re back to what is it we’re back.

To April’s price well I just don’t think it’s coincidental well probably not and I like how he says his attacks yes thank you finally a politician who just says it high gas.

Well you can California they just make it MIT and they make taxes we’ll talk about that after the break okay but I did just before we have a lot of foreign listeners who live in America a lot of foreign listeners so do I think the enough some of the lower look at our listeners every once in a while producers and producers actually I don’t look at the listeners I look at the producers because they show up on the spreadsheet yeah so the producers we have a guy in.

Oman mm-hmm we have a get we have guys everywhere there’s a lot of Saudis but I think even just to give Pete just to give by the way they’re all in software it’s like this gives people some ammo so might I’ll give you my takeaway from this election what it means and you give yours.

And I’m sure I’ll mess it up you’re much smarter than I am where you are when it comes to the civics you’re buttering me up for because because I just want to get my analysis out before you go that’s why that’s the it’s come to this point in our relationship where have to butter you up just so you.

Won’t interrupt me telling me I’m stupid I’ll free up kind of like that what happened here the.

Way I see it is almost a replay of the 2016 election because you have to understand the difference between representatives in the House which is based upon the population in your state I think California alone has 54 of them versus every state gets two senators which as you know the Democrats and a lot of people on the Left hate because Trump won and the several presence of won the electoral college which is the only thing that counts according to our.