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Constitutional republic the way the system works and if you look at the amount of extra Senate seats the states that they’re in along with the governorships it bodes very well for the 2020 election because it looks like the.

Majority of the country not by people but by states really is bent towards the Republicans or Trump or whatever combination and so it was net positive I think for the Republicans and actually I think the Democrats winning the house is net positive for the Republicans because they’re morons they can’t do anything when they.

Have they have all the power they’re just bumbling like the Keystone Cops so who knows now now that you brought that you brought your little analysis into play I have to play this little 59 second clip and you see if you could pick up the little subtlety here this I believe is a professor from Sonoma State he’s like a local news is a local news report it’s called the.

Local news local professor this guy it’s not you’ll never hear me he’s got a little interesting take on the whole thing and he does I think he I think his analysis would match up with yours and I would agree with both the your.

But your take is nothing to complain about I know why you’re so paranoid about it but this is kind of the same thing it only he kind of does it on the he doesn’t it awkward there’s something in here that you will get a kick out of people are trying to do here I.

Would have to say that they were trying to put a bit of a check on Trump they were saying we even though we know that these people are crazy well.

We need them to sort of check this guy so he doesn’t go too far so that’s gonna block things now Trump can advance on executive orders he can advance of the court he obviously can advance in foreign policy the thing that worries me is this sort of investigative fight because the Dems are very likely their temptation is to go there and.

If they go there Trump has a secret weapon but the secret weapon is his own Justice Department which he is not controlled that’s the one Department of the executive branch that.

Trump is not controlled since he took office he I think he can now his big mistake was not the fire come–and Rosenstein on day one but he can fire them now and it’s the perfect time to do it now I don’t know since town but without go sessions those Rosenstein Trump retakes not retakes takes over for the first time as Justice Department and that if the Democrats open investigations Trump has tremendous amount of retaliatory firepower that was actually Denise D’Souza predicting the firing of Jeff Sessions really we nailed it he nailed.

It but the thing that’s funny in there was which is this is not the clip.

I was hoping for but the other clip was similar this is actually better but he said he’s just casually says well yeah they put these Democrats and knowing they’re crazy because just to put a little just check on.

Dry right right right I have to agree the Democrats that they talked about pretty much her crazy AOC is the worst-case example but that that Muslim woman they elected in Minnesota and she beat the other one by 50 points Wow she is a.

Jew hater they dug up some old tweets by her from 2012 we’re just going off about jail again it’s just all about hummus I’m telling you yeah what could be but that.

She is to even the Jews know that the Muslims make better hummus that’s why if you go.

There you’ll be taken to a place that’s run by.

Muslims you’re not get a good note nobody’s making hummus as good as these been covered the the Israeli Lobby so the point is is that yeah there’s a bunch of nut cases that are now in and they’re gonna be kind of okay you did your analysis go go go I agree with everything you say except we have to take into account what’s really going on with these nutty Democrats that they’ve elected and who I’m just gonna say it and it sounds partisan to somebody.

And this way it goes I think these people are lunatics I think AOC is a dummy I think these other people aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack and they affected they won’t mention young cam is another example of what what’s wrong with everything Pelosi has to be coming I think Trump knows this has to become miss Lee yet the speaker because she is if you listen to.

Some talk especially around here where she’s from she is one tough cookie behind the scenes she may be a bumbling fool in front of the camera so she even calls herself an expert negotiator she.

Is a toughy and she will put these people in line because these Democrats will go out get out of control so fast if they don’t have a taskmaster who will go up to him and she looks like a.

Psycho to begin with and bug those psycho eyes at him and tell him to sit down and shut up just got here you’re not telling us what to do and she’s.

Gonna put him in their place and they’re gonna be fine that’s why I think already happened to AOC yeah yeah yeah she did and you know what I don’t think a OC got a mention from her either it was the the Muslim ladies and just mention of lots of women but I.

Don’t even that there was like you know LSU was not mentioned but not even been mentioned by anybody in the last five weeks yeah yeah oh man bring her back she’s so much fine I think she’s done what’s fun she’s done in terms of her profile alright but.

I think I have a feeling Pelosi will try and get some stuff done and she’s.

Gonna be very surprised that I think that we will see some form of the health care reform with pre-existing conditions that’s all they.

Have to have in it no one else gives a crap it could be ripping us off as long as that’s in it then they rip it they’re ripping us off this face no kidding okay right no so.

That was that good well there’s much to talk about oh yes but island for now I’d like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the C in prop see John.

C Dvorak in the morning to you mr. Adam Korean did more neatest ships at the sea and the beat in the ground and the fort in the rain you’re buying it abating in the boom.

Yes tonight’s out there and in the morning to the troll room I love sounding the bat-signal I love when you all head off to the troll room and are here for us every Thursday and Sunday no agenda stream calm you can listen live you can get in there chat with everybody troll away troll away it’s okay everyone else does it and I also want to say in the morning to LAX lacks LAX.

Who brought us the artwork for episode 10 83 now this is one that came in a show earlier we liked it so much though it should to.

To shows earlier when in the newsletter and we just had to use it since we did we always like to pick.

Art about something that was discussed in the show and this was the subway spoof of Kosh hoagie the new cache hoagie which is just a brilliant piece of art one of the one.

Of the better ones and we haven’t heard from.

Lakhs in a long time no he shows up rarely but this piece was like it when it came in we had we had something else that when we knew well we had something for maybe for the elections and we knew this always before.

That it was it was something that was it was I think there’s 11th anniversary Shores it was something that we can’t we couldn’t use it I don’t know he’s the exact reason but there was something we had whose instead and we just were kicking ourselves because it would have been ideal but it wasn’t the mattock and I think was the 11th anniversary and so we couldn’t use it and.

I said well that’s right it was the 11th anniversary that’s right.

Yeah it wasn’t gonna work and so we said well we’ll put it aside and then that then would then we weren’t talking about khashoggi enough to put it back up there and so and I was bitching about that after the show because I kept wanting to use this if I put in the newsletter so I make sure the least that gets used once.

And then we had an opportunity to use it again because the last show and I’ll bring this up after we do the show we’d pick the art.

And do the titles and all the rest of it we Adam in particular was in a bad mood foul when and he didn’t.

Like any of the art what do you mean I wasn’t what there was some art I thought I wasn’t in a foul mood oh yeah and so the art so the all the art was bad and.

I thought it was good but he knows Dvorak sickness and so so easy and I wished oh god we have to go to the Evergreen so we go to the Evergreen page and look around and then he just says we.

Gotta use the khashoggi thing now and I agreed because that was.

So that it was it was okay enough praise la extra do art once it’ll hold on a second I’m trying to climb out from under the bus here one moment okay so great about was using the no agenda.

Thing and turning into the subway logo is beautiful was beautiful and the bones in the sandwich well thank you.

Also a part of our value for value network our whole system is the way it work you get recognition there’s even ways to make money with no agenda shop calm guys but above all just thank you for making us look good because when you fire up you know your podcast player you just go to iTunes new and noteworthy we look.

Good we don’t look like your standards stupid ass cover and it changes so it’s you know it catches people’s I know agenda art generate calm thanks again LAX and everyone else who submitted artwork would really appreciate it and then we always like to thank our top donors who are producers who get elevated to executive producer and associate executive producer in ranking for.

This episode 1084 yes indeed we have one executive producer today Baron Oscar Nadal in Parma Ohio home of the Parma ham yes hello Italy called Baron Oscar Nadal here can I get an F cancer for my dad who just got diagnosed with all and all the good vibes from our fellow producers yes of course yes heat cancer you’ve got karma bear another Baron came in barrister Craig in Norwalk Connecticut two three four five seven to be associate executive producer for 1086 that we had no you.

Said you said 1086 on the newsletter which was very odd I don’t know what how you jumped to shows ahead I know how I did it I just run that newsletter again next week.

Yes right no one will notice baron sir craig here throwing you know that’s funny you mentioned that because not one person usually is.

Always a stickler out there oh I saw it and now and I thought to myself self damn it John’s gotta send me the full thing.

Before it happened Mikey I can’t do that hmm because it’s being edited I’d do a preview and I get it on the make some last-minute changes and I I do it like maybe.

Five or six times and I’m gonna have to send to you every time is that what you’re asking for you don’t want it you know one and I’m the one number of mistakes I make.

Like that the 86 thing is mine and I’m the one in the follow mode well you made me the foul mood all of a sudden.

Butter your bad attitude listen Dvorak acosta Baron sir Craig here throwing the extra penny as that in the extra penny thus thanks for the karma that is working my birthday shout-out is Friday and I’m also retiring and moving to assume my barony of Northeast Georgia oh nice retirement party excellent looking forward to having my sanity maintained with an umbrella drink in.

Hand yeah we’re jealous jingles club 33 Raven trains good foamer retirement goat karma PS Dan Spencer still appears to be a douchebag from Reseda here she is Draven give it up all the board you’ve got karma Thank You Baron sir Craig that.

Was like that little sequence you nailed it Shawn connolley certainty in Naperville Illinois two three four five six as opposed to three four five seven xvj and former PC Magazine columnist with this donation I claim the title Duke hey hold on a second why.

Am i X in your former well I actually reads better you wouldn’t have x VG X the former VJ + X PC I think X.

Just sounds so you don’t like X so you have something against the X gens no just an observation well that’s an interesting point if it’s a point of reference that we need to discuss well.

Former you immediately went snide on me he’s Mike’s former what my former husband my former wives but she’s my former wife okay she’s my ex-wife or she’s my former wife you never say my ex job to say my.

Former job my former position it just sounds friendlier my ex job whereas I I actually.

Like a minute if you did that where I I’d left no I’ve left I didn’t get fired I left you just.

Gave yourself away in what way because when you say ex wife that’s very aggressive then missing my fourth is less yeah that’s probably nothing did you say my former wife see I have to count that my first wife you don’t say first wife yeah I don’t even think I’ve said my ex-wife yes I think I definitely ever said my former no.

Former hmm anyway okay we’ll get there we’ll finish this conversation that later date and he continues with this donation I claimed claimed the title Duke no you thank you alright you made it yeah it’s so not easy I would like to thank you for you for the sanity provided during our 11 year no agenda journey keeping my amygdala small has been invaluable to my quality of life these are the funny things I bet it a better business I bet it keeps you from getting a lot of headaches if.

The things getting bigger in there right that’s right and yes I laugh at least once an F thank you the turn away if you don’t to those of you haven’t donated reflect on the value for value that you have received no agendas not free it is value for valued jobs not.

Mobs value not free I would appreciate the Sharpton montage at the end of the show in the morning sir tennis or 10t newly minted Duke of the Federal Reserve District seven you know I heard your your interview with grime Erica not to dwell on it but yeah these guys also have the value for value model but I got to go on their show and I’ve got to.

Set them straight cuz they’re not doing it right well tell me because they end the show hey it’s value for value alright everybody it’s like what you can’t just say it’s value for value.

Value you got to remind me we just had John C Dvorak on for an hour you know something like that it’s it you know you’ve got it you’ve got to remind people of the valley you can’t just say remember its value for value said.

Money it just doesn’t work that way in my yorkie what you’re telling them if I’m to understand this correctly yeah cuz you talked about it there’s no salesmanship here no they do exactly they and it’s not I think it’s they just haven’t thought it through yet the thing you need that is an essential part of how it works I mean you were you explained quite in detail how the model works but I.

Don’t think they quite figured that part out they well you I would recommend that that I didn’t think of this because I didn’t listen at the end of the show cuz.

I was only there for the interview hmm and they pieced it together after the fact so I don’t know what happened the that they maybe they should listen to gen briny.

She sings brush you did pretty good I think Brian he does a good job is selling it mm-hmm she gets this she starts whining about not getting enough money yeah that’s words it’s horrible human experience all the elements you need but it’s not.

Like up-tempo hey you know there’s just like it’s serious if you want I I said this before and I think I mentioned on that interview is that one of the things that we did from the beginning once we decided that this is what we’re gonna do and not take advertising which you have to take it pretty seriously yeah when it’s now and.

Working out you haven’t done this for a while but you you can really get worked up about it it you have to seriously say hey we you didn’t give us you know this is not enough this is no good if you do maybe there’s nobody listening if that’s the case we’ll go do something else I mean you do really can’t just be you know carefree let’s put it that way.

And I and I think that they still have to get over the biggest hump which on Twitter will be called begging.

Yeah but in our world it’s called selling it hey here’s something you’ve got to sell the idea this is our concept this is what.

We’re doing this is why does well PBS today Dave’s no they don’t do that they say wouldn’t you like to see more Yanni no I don’t want to see Yanni.

No PBS the original concept of PBS worked quite well when it was brilliant and then churches do the same thing yeah but it’s it’s it feels strange if people have it so it’s a hump bryony’s over the hump she understands it feels very weird in the first year like if I’m saying hey it’s really valuable please send me money it feels weird the first time you do it.

Trust me after 11 years and you in you and you understand how the mechanism.

Works it’s very satisfying because if people think it’s shit then they won’t give him money the value.

For value it works itself out automatically but you do have to explain it and I think you have to explain it a lot so that’s just a little tip I agree if that’s the way.

They’re anything they have to fix that way yeah you should go on their showing and yeah after void 0 goes on yeah I forgot to mention void 0 and Serb embrose well and the Department Voyager was upset about.

That it’s okay but I mean you miss the whole producer Network part I mean it just didn’t come up in the conversation because I know I know I know.

I know it’s not your fault was an origin story right why did I.

How did I get into this I don’t know if I even mentioned me vo I should have yes you did you did yeah because it was that’s who I might talk but again but again instead of saying I scammed Adam and he gave me a job you’re like well.

And I became vice president over there or something you scammed me I said okay I’m in and then I made you buy I made you vice president yeah okay that’s how it started so it works move on to Sir Richard bangs in Washington DC $200 I saw the Beagle which was at the bottom of the newsletter and I knew what to do yes I just did the math in.

My last donation actually put me at $3,000 and therefore I’m a baron.

I like to be the baron of DC if it’s available I believe so and I think it’s know it’s available I’m sure of it if not barring a baron of chocolate city has a nice ring to it thank you for my sanity as much as I love saying n J and K so I’ve got my authority human resource on the way ah and I’ve got a new house and D okay I feel it coming human resource.

Jobs maybe house karma oh my god finish with the construction in five weeks so I’ll take karma for those I’d also like new jobs karma the top five software vendors I work for the top five software vendor I work for is now in the process of micromanage management of all the rest he can squeeze an extra nickel out of a guy he’s in Dilbert lamb.

When you’re 200% of quote a year-over-year it’s time to move on I just want other words the sales guy yeah this is how it works I just got a full list offer in our old house karma does work outstanding timing is good too now so he becomes a bearing we shall I give him that title later on thank you very much sir Richard best jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for job we’ve got karma Kyle blank in Houston Texas $200 would be our last.

Associate executive producer for show 1084 this is funny this donation is to thank you for the no agenda stock tip by the way any stocks we talk about is not a recommendation to buy or anything Adam looked into genie energy genie and saw the strategic advisors our who’s who’s list who who’s who’s Melissa yes I put a.

Little money in here and after the show about nine months ago and I’m up 45 percent 14 Oh nice boy galleys thankful with the two hundred dollar donation an associate executive producer ship oh that’s so nice Kyle thank you yeah he is from Houston of course oil town Jim yeah yeah that’s all the elites genie energy do you remember that well good it worked out long.

GNE I can’t believe someone made money off of our stupid discussions well they’re not stupid when it comes to stock stuff it may not.

Be advisable you want to use but from a fundamental standpoint yeah and I think we lined up the fundamentals.

For you you saw it you took action and you made it yeah we should have both taken it yeah right alright.

Thank you very much Kyle from Houston that’s we have a short list today that was it okay well thank you very much to our sole executive producer Baron Oscar Nadal actually we’ve got Barons galore we have two barons in our associate to executive producer.

Ships and we’ve got a Duke it’s all royalty in the top-tier fantastic you’ll have a ceremony later on also we will be thanking everybody else who came in over the $50 and above in our second donation segment and remember we do have another show coming up on Sunday vol rat org slash and about formula our formula is this we go out.

The mouth Wow so I just like to stick with what we left off before the break kind of with the Iran sanctions and what is because they they are in effect.

Do have two clips I think the first one is from RT the second one is from Deutsche Welle yes I had to go to different different corners of the earth to go and find some information because god forbid our US media talks about anything Russian officials recently announced that Moscow and Beijing are working on.

A cross-border payment system which will use their national currencies in bilateral trade with the goal of reducing dependence on the US dollar by bypassing the dollar Russia and China avoid transfer.

Fees and reduce their exposure to potential swings in the value of the US currency both sides also pointed out that growing US hostilities toward their respective countries made D.

Dollarization a task of Russia has also completed the infrastructure necessary to build a replacement for Swift the belgium-based.

Financial messaging system used to carry out dollar dominated transactions the Swift alternative will.

Allow for countries to more easily trade with Tehran Iran has been mercilessly targeted by US sanctions which.