Low-res Archive – Afternoon Live, 8 November 2018

Hi well welcome to retire people’s Club it is Thursday the 8th of November 2018 I can’t believe how the time goes past and that’s something is sometimes say when you’re retired they go ok today what do we got for you well today it’s a bit of a a mixed bag of a line for don’t wanna talk about a.

Couple of things one is really what we want from you and that’s a big thing from my point of view because the more input.

We get from your good cells the better and the truth is that I’m working on several stories all the which I think certainly total bridge will start to.

Run next week the first one is is quite a contentious story which is the way that the medical services might advise medical services and the ambulance service deal with people who died maybe expectedly or unexpectedly because.

One of the things we’re going to do a Matar people’s Club is we’re going to have a Death with Dignity bit of a campaign like I should say one of the things that bugs me is that our medical professionals great though they are have some problems with the concept of death plus the identical Samuel I’ve been a little bit too close to on one.

Or two occasions and as many of us probably have been so what we’re going to do is look into that and if you’ve had an experience where someone you know someone you care for someone important in your life has died and many of services have overreacted one thing the story that got this one going.

For me was a story from an ambulance number emmalin’s crew member.

Who said that they had turned up to a death in a nursing home a lady who turned out to in fact in 98 years old and she went to bed at 8 o’clock with a cup of tea very nice she had a bit of dementia but she was fine and she was a relaxed kind of person and so they put it about eight o’clock with the copper she was perfectly happy at that time someone looked back.

In I talked about ten o’clock a couple of hours later that.

Evening which is which is pretty good and she was then her building was undisturbed she didn’t look as if she had had any problem whatsoever.

She had just literally passed away in asleep whatever she looked peaceful and calm.

And honestly just fine but because they didn’t know what to do next they running the ambulance service and the ambulance service told them effectively to drag her out of bed put her on the floor and start doing CPR this was at the point where now maybe an hour.

I don’t know after she died the person was was chilling down a bit and was you know obviously dead but the people on the staff in the nursing home work were worried by the ambulance services response and they did start CPR and they did a bit of damage the lady they obviously didn’t revive her and I found that distressing what the hell is going on and then I spoke to someone else just a casual acquaintance about abandon and got the message back that that was commonplace it had happened to.
Him his uncle passed away he.

Turned up at his house to visit him to make sure it was okay and the man was.

Dead and cold and when he found he found the ambulance because he I’m sorry he didn’t his neighbor called the ambulance.

Because she came out to see what was going on she called the ambulance and the ambulance come Tavia and the the man who was uncle it was along and then quite vociferous argument I think about whether they should drag this cold dead man out of bed and do CPR so we cannot ask the ambulance service to have a chat with us about how to handle this one we’re going to talk to some.

Medical professionals we’re going to talk to a priest as well just with knowing the church women and just to find out.

What people’s view is when is someone dead and when should someone be left alone in perfect peace thank you very much they’ve had a lovely life I sincerely hope and so do you.

And that’s that’s the story so that one we will.

Be working on there’s another point worthwhile little story when we were working on as well which is about jobs and that’s about jobs in retirement and one of the questions thing you have to almost this relates to a question that I was asked by our correspondent here on metallic people’s Club do retired people have to be played the national minimum wage.

If they don’t really care one of the things that came up in the conversation I had recently was about this.

Man said to me well the cancers and people are constantly complaining about the shortage of qualified staff why don’t they offer some qualified staff who’ve retired little jobs they could so that someone who’s doing that job professionally maybe gets 15 quid enough but someone who goes.

And does it for a day five or six hours might be willing to take some less some some retired professionals might.

Say you’re going to do it for a day for nothing because I quite enjoy it so it’s an interesting question do we want to go.

There never is it just the valuing labor is it going to be reducing the value of the if you like if it is it going to be reducing the value of people who do that job professionally for a living I don’t know and I’m gonna see if I can get an answer to that one okay now you.

Remember a couple of weeks ago we went to Pontins at Sand by Western Superman so we made a series of little videos here is the second one we showed the first one of that series on Tuesday so it was Tuesday do you know the time flashes past the last log we did which was Tuesday and we’re going to show the second one now so I hope you enjoy this good morning to you here we are at Sand Bay holiday.

Resort is run by Pontins as its and Bay just outside weston-super-mare we’re.
Here for a few nights on a spectacularly.

And I’ll tell you a bit more about it now it really is a sandy base you know we rarely walk on the beach here because we’ve stayed here a couple of times at San Bay and it’s a very pleasant resort it gives you a good cheap week away and quite a quite a.

Lot of entertainment I’ve given you some views here of the entrance the sights itself is really quite pleasant.

And we’ll have a walk around a bit later in the week.

Last night well yesterday and last night’s arrival nice and efficient we’ve got our keys within I don’t know 10 seconds of standing at the counter because we.

Turned up at 5 if you turn up at 4 there’s sure to be something of.