Low-res Archive – Afternoon Live, 8 November 2018

A queue but we turned up at 5 and handed over in seconds the only issue you have with Sam Bay sometimes is that it’s a bit short.

Of parking when it’s full at the moment I think there are 550.

People on the site and it’s got a capacity of 750 and the carpark is pretty full already so they need to get.

Maybe a bit more car parking who knows last night we had an excellent milled mill was pretty nice I enjoyed it and we also had at about 9:30 some excellent entertainment a bloke called Mickey John.

Bull who’s been in the business for years and years as a short look at him here the fanfare is a shot of him singing because it’s not good enough quality really but he was a lot of fun to watch he sang some nice long as you’ve got a good voice is no gaze about the rest of us and he seemed to have a good time and made sure that we did so what more can you officer that’s making John Bullock and for him because he’s fun to watch.

And now it’s nine o’clock in the morning and I’m gonna have some brekkie so they again I’ll show you what the brophy is sure they I’m Chris this is retired people’s Club and we’re here at sand bay.

Pontins holiday resort I guess you call it new weston-super-mare well they go that was me.

I like that guy Mickey John bull he was seriously funny one of the things that.

We do when we come on our short breaks is that we go essentially we go to somewhere cheap some of the.

Includes food and drink if we can someone also includes entertainment is.

A big part of the evening because I don’t know about you and where you lived but where we live there is very little live entertainment we have well I think we have a theater in town which.

Is a receiving theater and that does have live entertainers but it does have a lot of I guess you’d call them an original act so it has a lot of Acts that are receiving theater actor accent to the.

Country they are quite often people like tribute acts really I guess I’m trying to say and and in general tribute acts leave me only cold because they’re never as.

Good as the original are they when you think about it but don’t we go and sand by.

We had a good mix of entertain mystery only went along to see – because I wasn’t terribly well but Mickey John well liked.

Him a lot the other thing we did that week or 10 days later we went to pontoons at patrons will show you some of.

That probably next week and paint-filled we went for a comedy week come within Cooper’s one layer was cool on the same thing comedy capers and every night we had a different comedian now that was seriously interesting because we had two really really good comedians one quite nice comedian.

And one quite nice comedian he didn’t have much original material in fact we’ve heard some of the jokes the previous night I’ll tell you more about it next week but in reality those weeks holidays for night holidays.

Monday Friday depart hot food in.

Both instances and in both instances under 16 critiques as 15 pounds a night bed breakfast and evening meal in.

The clips that are coming up next week I’ll show you the meals the mills were invariably reasonable I won’t say they were brilliant but they were pretty damn good from what he paid the entertainment was excellent for what we paid and the accommodation was okay the accommodation at San Bay was much better than the accommodation at Polk field although we have had better.

Rooms at Baker field so they again okay one of the things I’m trying to work on here is to get a bit more detail for retired people stub about budget breaks and budget holidays we’ll be talking to some of the big holiday companies and some of the smaller holiday companies.

In the next coming three weeks so that you can help hopefully find a bit more information and help in.

Sorting out a holiday but you would have gone okay let’s I think more elicit for.

Today one of the things that I want to encourage you to do before I go away is to say please.

Please pretty please do get in touch with us from my point of view getting feedback is immensely important and getting your ideas and your input is also immensely.

Important the more ideas you let us have and the more information you know myself about things that concern you things that interest you think you would like retire people’s club to look at it the more you send in the better you can contact us by all the normal internet.

Us the phone numbers coming up in a few seconds but I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got something to tell us I would just love to hear from you so don’t hesitate get in touch and let me know what you would like to talk about okay I’m Chris this is retired people’s Club we’re off tell us what you’d like to know more about some retired people’s club and let us know what you.

Around us you can contact us at any time through is webpages retard people’s club dot blog spot.com / retard people’s flooded www.com/watch v tired people’s club twitter.com slash retired people’s club email production at serious pleasure doctor dot uk’ our voice or text matches us on oh.

Seven nine four three oh four three nine four eight if you have a story to tell that may help other retired people we’d love to hear from you.