V455: Devil In Miss Jones Dvd Archive Georgina Spelvin

Hey everybody this is Tara cross welcome to my 450 fifth video for youtube in this video I’m going to archive my devil and Miss Jones DVD collection and I’ve got all the movies of the devil Miss Jones except the original number two I don’t have the original number two but I’m going to start with an unboxing here this.

Is the devil and Miss Jones – with Alexandra Quinn in it not really number.

Two but it’s a I’ll explain it I’m gonna explain it to you about the devil and Miss Jones so movies first thing to do will be to open.

This I know people like to see unboxings and openings and stuff so okay there it is okay so what I’m gonna do now now that I got this movie I’m going.

To put all these movies together and I’m going to archive them and talk about the devil of Miss Jones alright okay now this is the latest movie that I’ve got here is the devil and Miss Jones.

– or so it says the devil’s agenda it’s the one without its Andrea Quinn in it okay now all right so that I just got this I just opened it right now in front of.

The camera and in fact the movie itself is still sealed okay all right now you know these are some.

Notes that I’ve gotten from the Wikipedia on devil and Miss Jones movies here if I need a reference I’ve got it there now you know.
This is the original movie here devil and.

Miss Jones Georgina Spelvin they said she was 36 years old when she did this film and so this is the original and right.

Here and it’s this one is also a devil and Miss Jones original one that came in a two-pack with a Debbie Does Dallas so this is another devil Miss Jones that came in the 2-pack.
With Debbie Does Dallas that was just a devil Miss Jones by.

Itself and then the this movie here it’s the one that I don’t have this one’s hard to get I’ve got kind of some.

Pictures of it up from the internet this is the devil of Miss Jones – and I wanted to get one of these for the for this archive but a VHS copy was Sony BAE for like $80 or something.

I didn’t really want to be HS of it wouldn’t mind having a DVD of it but anyway and there’s the front of it and there’s the the back of it right there okay alright so so that’s what the devil and Miss Jones.

That that’s the real one from the series this one they made later it’s got Alexandria Quinn in it and it’s really not the devil and Miss Jones – at least not in so far as it’s anything to do with the.
Series here they say that a lot.

Of people who are fans of the devil and Miss Jones don’t consider this to be a devil and Miss Jones movie but there’s a lot of people who actually do consider it to be and let’s see we can look right here from the Wikipedia this one’s called the devil and Miss Jones – the devil’s agenda that that’s the one right there that I just got today and says well not.

Considered part of the devil and Miss Jones series by some this movie nevertheless is a sequin which Quinn plays Amanda Jones who and limbo after death must choose between the devil Ron Jeremy and Angel West they’re talking about.

Randy okay so anyway I’m not really sure why they called that the devil and Miss Jones too though this movie is the devil and Miss Jones – this this movie if they make it.