V455: Devil In Miss Jones Dvd Archive Georgina Spelvin

The devil and Miss Jones it shouldn’t really be – unless they’re acting like this is another sequel to this first one here maybe they’re acting like the the ignoring the rest of this line.

Here that this is just another sequel to this one and maybe that’s.

What they’re doing okay so they just created another sequel to it as though this one never existed and did what they wanted to with it now okay the dark brothers took over and they made some devil and Miss Jones movies you know.

The dark brothers did movies like NuWave hookers and stuff like that and they did.

In a between the cheeks and stuff like that with Ginger Lynn and they took over and did did this devil and Miss Jones three and four and now this.

Is part three in the beginning it says and this is part three the final outrage let’s see if Wikipedia can clear that up Devlin Miss Jones 3 is a new beginning Devlin Miss Jones 4 is the final outrage ok it says on Wikipedia says the reason you beginning and 4 is the final rampage so the new beginning here where that says it’s.

Part 3 a new beginning that would be accurate according to Wikipedia but.

Right here where this one says it’s part 3 the final outrage really that should be part 4 all right.

So the devil and Miss Jones part for the final outrage okay alright so a new beginning is part 3 and part 4 would be the final outrage okay I don’t think they messed up there okay Louis Aires some guessing this girl here is Louis here I think that is Louis Aires if I remember from some movies that I’ve seen with her innum okay all right well on to the next one now this is the devil and.

Miss Jones they just started saying a DM je Devlin.

Miss Jones and this says it’s a Gregory darks film two dark brothers VCA and it’s got the.

Dark brothers logo right there Julie.

Ashton right there as that’s the lead girl devil Miss Jones five the inferno right there okay so there’s number five the inferno and then this is the devil and Miss Jones 6 DM j.

6 it’s got two Stacey Valentine in it I always liked Stacy Valentine she’s so pretty so sexy and everything I could have used.

This is the thumbnail but I’m not gonna use the thumbnail because I’m gonna go back and use the first one movie he referred that for the thumbnail I heard with the snake okay but I could have used this one I could have used that picture for the.

Thumbnail and it seems like there’s a commentary we yeah there’s a commentary track.

On here with the Stacey Valentine talking the stuff so I like that that commentary track okay and then I did the devil and Miss Jones the new devil and Miss Jones right here mm miss Jones with a jenna jameson in it okay that’s jenna jameson in.

It and Savannah Samson Smith Savannah Sampson is Miss Jones and jenna jameson is Miss Devlin she must be like the devil in it okay now you know if you look over.

Here at the Wikipedia where it says the new devil and Miss Jones right there says it’s says it’s somewhere where it said that it was like a 2005 release 2005 it says on their vivid entertainment than you.

Devil and Miss Jones but however and I can’t really show you the back of this one can’t really show you the back of it but suffice it to say that it’s says it came out on on August the 20th of 2003 was when it was produced and it was released in September the 21st of.

Oh five okay so they actually made this movie in 2003 but they released it in 2005 okay so that’s what they.

Did so that’s why they’re saying it was the 2005 movie I was thinking.

You know but I thought I saw 2003 on there somewhere but yeah it was made.

In 2003 and released in 2005 so that’s what’s going on with that and then this movie here is the devil and Miss Jones.

Or the resurrection and it’s got the Savannah Sampson and again and it’s got belladonna in it and it was released in 2010 as far as I know that’s the last one they’ve done so far anyway so anyway that that’s so that’s the last movie to show you and I guess at this point I’ll get.

Ready to conclude the video let’s do a count though I’m a big fan of.

Accounts on movies let’s see so how many devil miss jones have they done one two and they did although they put them together here that’s three and four and then they.

Did five and then they did six then they kind of quit countin but they did and they did seven with this one and they did eight with this one okay they did nine with this one yeah says this was made before 1995 it’s made before 95 it says so I’m not sure exactly when it was made though it says here it was made in 90 according to Wikipedia that was made in like 1991 so if that was made in 91 devil and Miss Jones four was made in 86 it says devil.

And Miss Jones five was made in 95 so 5 was made in 95 and four was made in 86 so then that.

Will come between them what now so really then if you if you include this when this one would be the fifth devil in Miss Jones movie this would be the fifth one and then so the order of devil in Miss Jones movies if you wanted to keep up with it.

Would be this would be the first devil Miss Jones that’s the first devil in Miss Jones movie this would be the second devil in this Jones movie right here the second one right here so the.

First one the second one all right then that came out with the third one and.

The fourth one right there third one the fourth one this one here would be the fifth one so really that should have said like devil and Miss Jones five only drop the series without number then this.

One would be the sixth one actually the sixth when they made if you count this one then this won’t be the sixth one then this one would be the seventh that would be the seventh one that they made then this one would be the eighth and the eighth one that they might actually came out with and then.

This one here would be the math one and last one so far anyway of the devil so one two three four five six seven eight nine okay well I think we did a pretty good job of getting.

Getting these organized here devil and Miss Jones movies organized for people who are interested.

In them and want to know about them I think I did a pretty good job of that so I’m gonna go ahead and conclude the video now and I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to bringing you.