V453: My Dvd Film Collection Archive Part 22

Hey everybody this is Derrick Ross and welcome to my 450 third video for youtube in this video I continue to archive my DVD collection of pretty girls and if you want to know more about this you can look at my video number 440 and now I’m going to start back with it I hope you enjoyed this video ok.

Here’s Lexie Bale and this is called a Red Riding Hood and it’s got Anthony Rossano and it there is the wolf he’s playing the wolf and kind of a weird.

Take on the wolf there you can see he’s really into his role there and Lexie Bale looking as good as ever there and that’s oh that must be Jules Fincher I’m not as familiar with with her but anyway so this is a pretty.

You like Lexie Bale or if you like Red Riding Hood okay says it’s an ashlynn brooke film okay alright now let me take a minute and archive these movies I’m.

Not really sure how you pronounce her name I think it’s a Edwige Fenech or something like that and she did a series of movies called the schoolteacher okay says she gave him private lessons alright so she is the schoolteacher now this is not.

A hardcore movie this is a softcore movie and you can kind of see that it’s a comedy you can see the expression on this guy’s face here that this is in fact.

A comedy so it says these movies are out of Italy this one stated 75 but anyway I just thought I’d take them in archive them I do have several of them this is the school teacher in college the school teacher in college right there you can see Edwige finish.

Is still in it there and there are some scenes on the back right there schoolteacher films this one made in 78 and this one’s called there’s a head which finish again this was called the.

Schoolteacher in the house right there school teacher in the house some scenes from the back right there okay 1978 all right now I’ll get back into the regular movies here this can’t be Deadpool xxx Plus eggs they did a Risa dad pool movie recently I think axel Braun did it this one is by spits ooh there.

Are the people that did the space sex movies think I’ve archived those of space sex movies at least one or two of them this is Annika Albright right here this is Ali Hayes right there and this is Augustine’s I’m not as familiar with her and this is Ava Adams and once again not as familiar with her so so that is the the Deadpool parody.
There now this when this film here is.

Called Tasha’s ponytails and it’s by Tasha rain productions and not thinking that picture right there I think she looks a little bit like Paris Hilton from that angle right there and so anyway I like this movie I like the way they do the tails I like the cover.

I like that picture of that castle in the background it reminds me of a Shira princess of power that kind of thing so I really like this movie oh that’s a.

That’s a pretty good movie there I like that Tasha rain knows how to to make movies okay let’s go on to this one here this movie’s called this is by browsers it’s called the doctor of course it’s kind of a.

Parody of Doctor Who so there.

He is the doctor and there’s a lot of girls in that movie there this is a very good movie and so I recommend that and if you’re into the.