V453: My Dvd Film Collection Archive Part 22

Doctor Who parodies this is another one another doctor who parody and it’s it’s by a wood rocket right there wood rocket and it’s got this guy in it playing the doctor and it’s got these girls in it and I’m.

Not really that familiar with them not really.

Familiar with those people but anyway it’s a funny movie though okay then this one this movie here about combat zone marry pops in the magical nanny okay and that that’s her right there and these are the people that she pops in alright so that was kind of kind of a fun movie then another parody here American Werewolf in.

Parody and it’s got the girls and.

It right there and it’s got the the werewolf in it you can see the where look there okay I like that one now this movie here’s a little bit expensive kind of an expensive movie this is a dream of a.

Dream of Farrah he’s got Farrah in it from erotic angel this this movies kind of hard to find says some answers are in a bottle okay and so I’ve always liked Farrah and then this is a deal for Farrah fans okay and this is uh this is ava Vincent in midnight caller I’ve events and.

In midnight caller it’s by Sin City right there and I think she looks very very pretty.

Right there I’d be tempted to use that picture for a thumbnail about it and already have one for this video this is a risk I hear from Sin City I don’t know.

A lot about this movie don’t think I actually watched it I got this one when I ordered like a lot from a big lots and this was one of them in there then this movie here and there’s Hannah Harper right there Hannah Harper another one another picture I be tempted to.

Use for a thumbnail right there it’s called stalker movies.

Called stalker and so it’s just a good movie if you like Hanna Harper films oh okay okay now I need to take a minute to explain about these these movies can get kind of expensive and this movie is called.

Upload and it’s by sexy pictures and sexy pictures movies are kind of like I don’t know exactly how it goes but.

They’re they’re like a hillary scott you think of hillary scott when you think of sexy pictures.

And so uploads like their their main movie that they that they made.

That’s my eli cross and it says it’s from the creators and corrupt and i think I’ve already archived corruption and I think I uploaded that I mean I think that I archive this this version of upload in another video but I’m going to compare it in this one this one’s called the for this collector’s edition and it’s got Evangelina in.

It right there that girl there in the middle there of course is hillary scott okay all right now i’m going to compare it because i’ve also got the director’s cut of the movie here now this is upload the director’s cut of the movie and you’ll see down here this says it is a four-disc director’s cut alright once again for comparison this is a four-disc collector’s edition.

This is a four disc director’s cut alright with added material all right material slightly harder than the material.

In this movie and that’s why the cover of here you know would have her topless I’ve got her covered up with stars and also makes that more pronounced this one it already obscures it that’s why I don’t need any scars there this one’s cut.

And covered up its own self but this one I had to put stars on and just to let you see the difference in these movies look at the difference in the thickness there the collector’s edition is the skinny one right here and the director’s addition is this thick.

One right here so the director’s addition is thicker and the collector’s edition is skinnier but they both have four discs but the the movie is edited in the collector’s edition it’s not edited in the director’s cut and I’ve actually got two of the director’s cut this is my other director’s cut here so I’ve got two of the.

Director’s cut and in the collector’s edition so I got three upload movies here two directors cuts and then the collectors and this is actually kind of a valuable movie especially the director’s cut and so it’s good to have two of it and and then the collector’s edition too so I’ve got a lot of upload movies a lot of upload movies but I really like upload oh that that’s a pretty good movie if you like Hillary scar.

You like Evangelina that is a pretty good movie anyway video has been going for ten minutes now I’m going to go ahead.

And stop it now you know and I’m gonna get started with the next video I hope you enjoyed this.