V450: My Dvd Film Collection Archive Part 19

Hey everybody this is Derrick Ross welcome to my four hundred and fiftieth video for youtube okay I’m in the middle of a archive in my DVD collection a collection of movies with a sexy girls in them and so I explained this in the video number 440 if you want to know more about it you can look at that.

Video so I’m gonna get back into it now and I hope you enjoyed this video ok I’ll.

Start here with this Caballero classics movie called pleasure seekers right here now this is a Aisling year and I’ve always liked Aisling year and I always thought she was very pretty very sexy there she is and I kinda like that expression on her face right there that expression I always look at the expression.

On the people’s face and stuff like that I kind of like that expression there’s uh you know you see that every once in a while I think Romi reign on the supernatural video kind of had that expression a little bit of like a surprise.

Look but it kind of in a happy way you know I like that expression anyway on to the next one here this is good daughters here it’s got this girl in it Shannon McCullough is that Shannon McCullough might.

Be that Shannon McCullough and.

So I don’t know much about this I don’t think I’ve actually watched this but anyway home to the next one.

Here this is a saw Piron II and it’s kind of interesting it’s got Alexi bell in it now they put lexi belle in.

Both of the halloween parodies the zero tolerance one in the end the smash features one and this also has a ginger Lynn in it okay so that’s an interesting.

Movie I don’t think I’ve actually.

Watched it I don’t think I have in fact that that masterly sealed think that’s still sealing me anyway Western visuals Black Widow Western visuals Nicki Randall and Jaclyn lorian’s in it okay and and this is the Celebrity Apprentice right there cal stone playing trunk I always like Cal Stone and so anyway.

This movie I’m not sure I actually watched it though but it looks like it would be a funny one if I ever get a chance I’ll get it to.

Get around to watch you know well let’s see red-light district here I did this okay now this is talk dirty to me part four it’s got Taj array in it being the mermaid this is from dreamland video.

Okay next one here this is a movie called for the money directed by Paul Norman I’m not really sure about who Paul Norman is a star serenity I’ve got an autograph card of serenity okay this one is the Blair Witch Project right here Blair Witch Project back and show you the back of that one don’t really show anything okay and let’s see here this movie.
Here is a capital letter okay I’ve actually got.

A whole lot of caballero classics I have not archived one day I might get around our cab in those anyway this is the ecstasy girls here and it’s got in it okay I think she’s Desiree Cousteau it’s got in it Georgina Spelvin from the devil and Miss Jones I’m going.

To be doing an archive of those later tonight Devlin Miss Jones workhouse it’s got Serina in it – Nancy suitor so that that’s an all-star lineup for the ecstasy girls there and now this is Martin dorsal mark dorsal has this symbol if you see this symbol here you know it’s mark dorsal all right that little.