V444: My Dvd Film Collection Archive Part 13

Hey everybody this is Dara growls welcome to my 440 fourth video for youtube now in this video I’m going to continue to archive my DVD collection of a pretty girl maybe it’s with pretty girls in them and if you want to know more about it you can look at the four hundred and fortieth the video and I talked.

About it more so anyway I want to get started on it now I hope you enjoyed this video alright let’s continue looking at the pretty girls huh this is Carmen Lumina and I always liked Carmen Lumina she was also in the pirates movie and this is.

Lady Scarface says the world is hers okay this is a daniel dakota film for Adam and Eve pictures okay so yeah I always.

Thought she was very very pretty very sexy Carmen Luna this is an Animal House parody and it’s got a lot of girls in it and that that’s good it’s got this guy and I guess he’s supposed to be John Belushi or something like that and it.

So will ride or film I always liked a wheel rider so this is just another one of those fun films that he does I’ve got just about all the films that he did now there’s something I need to talk to you about here I’ve already archived before already archive this movie flight attendants right here and I archived which is not airplane xxx and then this is.

Not airplane xxx cockpit cuties which is to see why I’ve already archived this too I brought these out because I need to clear up something here and this is one of they do clear up okay when the movie first came out it was called.

Not airplane xxx and it was kind of subtitled flight attendants and and this is what it looked like right here and on the cover.

You can see shyla stylez there and there’s Tegan and.

A Evangelina there okay and so this was the movie now this movie here says it’s by ex play and Adam and Eve okay then what happened was for some reason I’m not really sure exactly why they kind of took Adam and Eve off of it and just said it’s ex play and called.

It flight attendants I put this cover on it this cover here which is different from the other cover so really what.

I’m telling you is in case you were wondering about it these are the same movie the actual movie it’s the same movie this is called not airplane flight attendants and this is just called flight attendants and they have like different fronts on them but this is actually the same movie and then the sequel to this movie the sequel to this movie is this not airplane cockpit qts this is the.

Sequel so this is a different movie okay but I needed to clear that up for people in case you were wondering you might be wondering about it you know I know I was up for a while before I figured it out so anyway that’s the same.

Movie alright this is Jersey Boys a musical here and it’s always funny these musicals are always funny because they take these songs like Jersey Boys I think that’s supposed to be Frankie Valli and the four seasons but anyway they take these songs and they make them x-rated so it’s always kind of funny I always think that’s funny.

When they do that and do musicals like they had will riders uh you know he can do that you know he can write.

That he’s really good at that so you know that any musical he does is always entertained and fine and.