V446: My Dvd Film Collection Archive Part 15

Hey everybody this is Tara grass welcome to my 446 video for youtube in this video I’m going to continue to archive some of my DVD collection featuring pretty girls if you want to know more about this check out my video number 440 alright I’m gonna get right to it so that’s what I’m gonna do alright let’s continue where.

We left off let’s continue where we left off where do these movies right here I always do a whole lot take all these movies out all these movies have to go through all them but that’s what I did alright let’s see I need to take this in order here a little bit alright these are some.

Private films this is private millionaire parts 1 & 2.

It’s got these girls in it so many diamond right.

There she’s she’s that one and she’s Stacy silver right there this girl here Claudia Ferrari it says I’m not really that familiar with her but anyway so that that’s the private millionaire 1 and 2 this is another private fee on private gold the sex rebels their sex rebels okay and those girls look pretty good okay now this.

Is a movie here from private that is in fact called lady of the rings Lady of the Rings right there okay and so this is obviously a take on the Lord of the Rings it’s got that girl in if they year these girls in.
It they here okay and these movies I think these light of the Ring.

Movies could be worth some money too this is a lighting of the Rings – right here it’s got this girl in it I’m not sure what her name is right off I’m going to use her for the thumbnail for this video but I’m not sure what her name it could be somebody.

Like Laura Stephens right there but it might be somebody else I’m just not sure so anyway with this is the.

The part two of that Lady of the Rings okay now this is Demi the demoness and this came special a guy was selling that on eBay he may still be selling it that was all he was selling was this and it was kind of a kid that was with.
And this is kind of a standalone movie x-rated movie.

Made by independent people that don’t you know don’t really do a lot of different stuff and so this is a kind of unique movie I liked it I liked that guy too that I got it from let’s see.

Could show you some more he included these with it this is a dhimmi the demoness and Bam Bam Peroni this is a comic.

Here and even though that’s a cartoon character I wasn’t sure there would have been a little bit of nudity right.

There I did cover it up with stars just to be on the safe side but anyway and there say there’s another comic book back there too but I’m not gonna take this ray isn’t really a comic book archive and I’m just showing.

You this to go with the Demi the demoness this is a missus Timmy the demon that’s it that this is her the girl that’s plays or autographed here a.

Much-loved Elly Idol I guess that’s her name and so there she is right there and.

She’s the girl that’s in it that also came with it so that guy was really nice you know and and I got all.

This for like I think it was $30 it was the the autographed like picture here and the comic books and the movie and I thought that was that was pretty good but anyway so onto the next thing let’s see the next thing here next thing will.