V447: My Dvd Film Collection Archive Part 16

Hey everybody that’s a stereo cross welcome to my 440 seventh video for youtube okay now in this video I continue to archive my DVD collection of pretty girls if you want to know more about this check out my video number 440 and I’m gonna get started on it right now okay oh that’s continuing as pretty girls here this.

Is Hannah Harper in devil’s playground right there and I think she’s very very pretty that’s Hannah.

I always liked her this is from a Sin City right here so anyway let’s move on to the.

Next one okay this is underworld kind of a complicated show a kind of a complicated show right here underworld kind of a weird think it’s something about like like the jessica drake place a woman who’s.

In a coma or something they don’t know she’s gonna live or die and this is like what’s going on inside.

Or something like that or inside our mind or inside our body and it’s personified you know stuff.

Like that it’s it’s very weird this is a very weird show but unique it’s a different kind.

Of show so I found it interesting all right on to the next one here a sec Safari sec Safari with a Stephanie Swift I’ve got all the graphic cards of Stephanie Swift she’s very pretty always liked her then cranked right here cranked by a bluebird films not really familiar with these girls says it’s got in it page.

Ashley and anna look Votto and Bridget B and Dillon right or think that’s Dylan Ryder not really familiar with these girls although they are very pretty very pretty girls right there that’s why I got.

This I like the looks of the girls there on the on the front all right jenna jameson here cover the cover I don’t think our account this one I didn’t have down that I had archived it so anyway cover to cover with jenna jameson there and then this video here daring video it’s a.

CSI X okay with this girl here and it she looks pretty good I like her could have used her as the thumbnail not really know who she is says starring viva style or something like that maybe that’s who she is featuring Jennifer Love and these other people I I’m just not that familiar with them anyway.

On to the next one here this is a Lone Ranger parody and in this movie I think she is Tonto okay.

So you know blonde Ranger parody pretty good from extreme comics there okay now this is the reap any traitor and it’s got Joanna Angel in if this is one of her shows Burning Angel and oh it’s like Joanna Angel shows only thing about this when it seems like this one was shorter than or an ordinary one I don’t remember exactly how long it.

Was maybe 30 minutes for 40 minutes or something it seemed like it was shorter than a movie normally is.

So I don’t know really what’s going on with that but her movies are always find she knows how to put together fine movies and then this is Alice a fairy love tale right they year this guy there he played the Joker and a that Batman bat at the xxx or something like that he was the Joker in it and this is of course Bluebird films right here not really.

Familiar with who that girl is there on the front says it’s got somebody in it named of Stacy Saran maybe that’s her but I’m not familiar with her really or any of these other people so I’m just gonna go into.