V442: My Dvd Film Collection Archive Part 11

Hey everybody this is Derek Ross welcome to my 440 second video for youtube okay alright in this video I’m going to continue to archive my DVD film collection collection of sexy girls and if you want to know more about this you can watch my video number 440 I talked about it more there but I’m just going to get.

Back into it now I’m gonna get started with it so I hope you enjoyed this okay let’s continue looking at the movies alright so anyway this is new wife hookers Ginger Lynn on the cover when I came out with this for DVD.

They had to do the long with ginger land couldn’t do Traci Lords had to edit her scene out not going to into that more in my video under H porn star vs. the lost film I think it’s my video number 113 if you want to if you want to watch that one anyway so here it is new white hookers jeans are laying there on the cover alright that’s the first one we had and the second one they did.

Had Savannah on the cover and poor Savannah you know she was a died way back in the 90s and so her career was cut short she was even going to autograph some hustler cards and I never got to autograph those cards because of what happened to her but anyway but there she is so new white hookers to go in here new white hookers three right there new wife hookers three Nikki down.

When Nikki Dow first came on the scene I thought she was going to be the new you know ginger Lin or whatever turns out jenna jameson kinda took over as kind of.

The lead in the the x-rated movies but Nikki dial it seems like there.

Might have been a years there that she was pretty hot she.

For a while new way pokers for there and that’s chasey Lane and Julie Ashton Julie Ashton used to host a program on a Playboy channel I remember from that chassis laying beautiful chassis line Julie Ashton yep alright so new white hookers for right there alright god I’ve actually gotten you a hooker star but it’s on a VHS tape now this this film here is called.

Cafe flash and this is a weird film this is by VCA and this is in fact a weird film actually those anyway hookers are also VCA but this is a weird film and it’s just yes it’s weird alright I’m not sure I fully understand it anyway I did however get.
Get two of them can’t they flash then they came out with.

A sequel cafe flash two right here and you see Jenna fine on the cover there I’m always like Jen if I’m actually I preferred it with long hair now there was a time that Jenna fine had long hair and then she cut her hair short I.

Didn’t really like it short as much Jay in general I prefer longer hair don’t own a girl to to shorter.

Hair but anyway so there’s that there she is alright and I got actually two of that one to this one this is cafe flash number three cafe flash number three right here.

And it’s got Sunset Thomas in it and uh and Rachael rotten not to be confused with Bonnie rotten the the girl from high cheekbones and.

Then this is a double of it right there that’s a double of it and then this is the naked goddess right here it’s a gel Damiano film actually that’s part two.

Of it this is part one of it right here but it’s the same thing and the girl that’s on there is called Mona that’s just two different pictures of her and so she’s Mona and it seems like she was a big deal.

Star over in another country another country whichever country that is Italy or France or whatever that is anyway I got to keep going here this is Madison name of the movie is vampiress and I always like Madison she’s got personality.
I like girls with personality she’s got personality so you know she’s.

Kind of funny her scenes are always kind of funny she live-ins them up I like her and then this is the atomic vixens escape from the valley of the well and it’s got a looks like it’s got a lot of that action their hottest MySpace fans are included with this a soundtrack of them.

All right this is erotic nights a thousand and one erotic that’s I’ve actually got the sequel of this on the way that’s a net haven right there she’s got a wig on there I always liked Annette hey even I’ve got several of her movies and she was the hot back in the seventh she was I.

Always liked her now let’s get into some Jim holiday shows here this is absolutely adorable right there now Jim holiday like the girls.

He did and he did really good movies his movies are actually worth a lot of money most of them are some I’m not sure why but but most of his movies were worth some money and and he always has a lot of girls in the movie which is the way to do these movies and he said he didn’t understand things like two men and a woman in the scene together the you know there’s he thought there was just you.

Know that didn’t get that the eroticism from that and I don’t either Larry plants said that the fantasy of a man could be like.

Two girls and a guy or something like that I can see they have but two men and a woman I mean where does that come from and all too.

Often in these shows they they put scenes in there like that so I’m not really sure about that what the appeal that’s supposed to be but but I like the way that Jim Holiday does these shows and this is the way to do it you know a lot of girls on the cover pretty girls and you know that’s just that’s just a good way to do it I like that I like kiss movies I’ve got a lot of his movies which come in college.

One of those movies that’s not as expensive if you want this when you can probably get it pretty cheap.

I’m not really sure why this movies not as expensive because I like the Halloween type look you know and that’s you know I think this this will be one of probably one of his better movies so who knows why some movies are more expensive than others maybe it’s to do with the amount or the number of them that they.

Made maybe they made more of this when they did others or something like that but anyway on to the next movie here another a Jim holiday film this is called sorority sex kittens this is part one right here you can see it’s.

Got summer night in it Kelly Odell and Ashlyn gear I like all.

There that this is a pretty good movie and I don’t have two and three of it I do have four of it that’s there’s number four there you can see the girls there and another Jim holiday.

Movie he died some years back Jim how would they did but he made a lot of good movies and then this one is sorority sex kittens five.

It’s um let’s say trying to remember Oh shame about that was her.

Yeah this girl–she with a bow wow I always know her name and then right when I was trying to spy it I couldn’t think of it right then yeah that’s she wove oh she’s in a lot of the gym holiday movies and uh I liked her and then this one a lot of girls on the cover it’s called sorority sex kittens this one’s called Kappa Kappa Saks but you’ll notice it’s directed by Rick Davis so this is not really Jim Holliday they just kind of continued.

That the that series without him it says right.

Here it includes the free feature-length DVD the original sorority says kittens that didn’t know and I was disappointed with that that’s why I.

Got that number one you know because this one was supposed to have it and it just didn’t have it there wasn’t even a place for it in.

Know why it says as it it did but anyway well anyway I’ve got to go ahead and close this out I’ve got to start on.

More I’m gonna do more videos so I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to bringing you the next video.