V443: My Dvd Film Collection Archive Part 12

Hey everybody this is Derrick growls welcome to my 440 third video for youtube okay I’m continuing to to archive my DVD collection with pretty girls and if you want to know more about this check out my video number 440 and so I’ll get back started with it and I hope you enjoy it okay let’s get started tori black.
Beautiful tori black when i first started getting dvds.

I focused more on tori black she was the first one.

I focused on when i started back getting a dvds around 2012 and this is pretty filthy here this is one of her like main movies and directed by mason elegant angel video here this is a very good movie if you like her I like her so of course I’ve got the the sequel to it here yes and it’s pretty filthy too right there okay there she is very very pretty okay so here.
She is again no actually I’m not archiving all of her movies uh yeah.

I mean I’ve got a lot of her movies I’m not archiving all of them I’ve got some of them I don’t know if I’ll.

Get too dark ha but anyway this one is the superheroes movie here there she is and this is another elegant Angelou be okay and I’ve got two of it right there I’ve got two of it.
Then elegant angel this is Alexa Vale this.

Movie is called laggg see when they do a title like that you know that that’s uh that that’s pretty good that’s pretty good when they do a title like that because.

It’s you know it’s catchy when you look at it’s just her that’s her name but on the other hand when you try to find it like like let’s say you’re trying to hunt this movie you you want this movie it’s called Lexi so it is kind of hard to find sometimes because you’re just having to put her name in it’s basically.

Saying to you you’re looking for a lexi belle movie so there’s no other name to separate this so when you put something like that in the search results come.

Up with a you know a hundred things or more and you got to try to figure out what – uh well anyway it can be difficult when it doesn’t have its own name nurses hear all those nurses it’s got that girl in it I think she’s see I think she’s Lisa Thatcher this this girl here so anyway this.

Is one of those like classic and then this is ultra flash here signed by psych I used to call her sec I think her name’s like psycho and it’s assigned by her I used to think that she was like from a Europe or somewhere but it turns out I think she.

Was from Virginia or somewhere in the states and this is a good movie I like ultra flash this is a good movie it’s kind of a sci-fi type movie and autograph for her I didn’t actually get this autographed by her this was in one of those it was an entire store and that was in there autograph session.

So I’m assuming that this is actually autographed by her don’t know that a hundred percent but I would assume that that probably was actually autographed by her by her okay then this movie here there’s Heather starlets you might remember her as the blue haired girl and the the Sailor parody Sailor Moon parody in this movie it’s like.

Horror movie take own take on horror movies their jump hours scary movie edition schoolgirl 6 okay so yeah I like her you see how she looks better there with her blonde hair and uh as opposed to too blue here and then this is Brianna Banks movie here this she might be like supposed to be.

A super heroine in this one or something like that it’s spent so long since since I saw that I can’t even remember anything about it I go on this is count the ways right here it’s got a girl in it named Yvonne.

Green and I don’t hardly remember this when I probably watched this one you know maybe seven years ago or something I I don’t hardly remember it now you know these movies.

Are not not hardcore movies this is sleazy sci-fi of the 70s I think I got this from Amazon or something like that it’s got invasions of the girls in it and the 2069 a sex Odyssey and so yeah it’s yeah I can show it to.

You on the back sometimes you got to watch those bags but these are scenes from invasion of the the be girls there and that girl.

That girl I always liked her trying to think of her name don’t say it right off it’s hard for me to remember everybody’s name and you her name before can’t remember it I think her name might be Ford like like that Alexis Ford that girl that we saw a little while ago her name might be something something before I can’t think of it right now though I don’t have.

Time anyway this is a Bavarian sex comedy question thing about this is it was supposed to come with a wood line or no supposed to come with liner notes and didn’t mind didn’t my copy didn’t made me so mad I.

Thought maybe I should I should return it because it didn’t have its liner notes with it see right there includes full color booklet with extensive liner notes and guess what they weren’t in here so I didn’t like that at all but I wound up just just keeping that so the diffs worked and everything and I didn’t want to fool with a hassle you know returning it and having to why eating them send something.

Back or what I didn’t want to fool with it but anyway it’s a poor film collection and then this is Kate and the Indians Kate and the Indians and that’s kandi barber I always liked kandi barber I thought she was so pretty.

So sexy she just has a pretty face and that’s candy barber right there so I like this one this is a pretty good movie here alright little girls blue one little girls blue volume one right there I don’t really remember this movie that much and then of course little girls blue volume two right there there they are the next this is taxi girls right here it’s got Nancy.

Not sure if that’s her that that could.

Be some just a generic girl there and of Nancy Souter was always a look good and so this movie is pretty good I enjoy that movie and then of course haunted here with Brianna banks haunted there’s Brianna banks and uh Brianna banks is very pretty I always liked Brianna banks and this is a legend.

Video right here says he claimed to be a ghost but she saw right through him I like that I like that that’s like something Jonathan Morgan has come up with but just says it says you’re wrong tanner production but anyway so yeah this this is a pretty good a pretty good movie.

Here and I enjoyed this so anyway now I gotta close out though I’ve got to close out this video I gotta move on to other videos and so I hope you enjoyed this I’ll see you next video.