I Can Do It; My Ladyboss Lifestyle Review

My name is Maui and I saw Kalin jumping around on my screen when I was thrown through Facebook sitting like a bump on the log on the couch yeah yeah I’m not a bump on the log on the couch anymore I’m the one jumping around so that’s good yeah um I think my breakthrough moment is just the mindset.

Just changing the mindset talking kindly to myself and not looking in the mirror and being negative and just not like I mean like.

Facade out to the world that you like you’re good and you’re great and everything’s going well but when you’re at home alone people don’t know like how you treat yourself and so now I treat myself the way that I’ve always should have been treating myself kindly and without being mean or rude or.

Just not saying the things I’d ever say to anyone else like why would I talk to someone else that harshly let alone myself so just I think that’s a huge thing like looking in the.
Mirror and saying like okay you got this like.

Can be great we’re going for today where we’re upright or breathing let’s go I can do it so yeah that’s one of the it’s one of the big things for me especially like.

When and I think another breakthrough is just like when you get when you get to where you want to be and.

Great and people take your confidence level as being conceited or you get maniac or you know all of the other negative connotations of being confident.

And so because nobody has walked through my shoes and like then where I am I kind of just let it roll off I’m like you know what they don’t know Who I am or what I’ve been through and like the.

Confidence level is there because I wasn’t always this way like I I would have let that you know make me run to a bag of potato chips sort of like make me just sit on the couch for three days in a row and do nothing.

You know and so now it’s kind of like a fuel for my fire like like okay well that’s fine if you want to think that way but you know this is me and this is what I’m doing and this is what I.
Do or in order to get to where I want to be so yeah what do you.

Say to someone who’s not as far in that process and is still sitting on the couch and doesn’t know where their places or.

If lady bosses are players but you tell that woman that woman just you know what it’s okay to be it’s like don’t compare yourself first off just because.

I’m at different place in my process and you are doesn’t mean that you’ll never get there and doesn’t mean that you’re gonna ever get to where I am you’re gonna get to where you need to be because my my story and my my journey is gonna be completely different.

From yours so you want to do what’s.

You and what’s best for you is to just do do you and keep going and you’ll be able to do it like just.

Say you know what I can get off this couch and I can do the baby steps and then all of a sudden it’s gonna be Giant Steps and then all of.

A sudden it’s gonna be a year later and you’re gonna be like wow where did I come from and all of the other one.

Of the huge things that’s helped me is the community honestly going off on a tangent but it’s not really a tangent is that the community helps me because I don’t.