Travel Vlog: 72 Hours Washington Dc

Googa googa is history nice because we can with a bus and sincerely there was no activation if you like also pick what’s like the sauna in there think I see it you can see over there you see ya Castle cats official people we are in washington DC washington DC baby washington DC maybe five okay you finally made it.

DC but we were so so hungry so we signed up what day trip here with lunch what we have at this beautiful amazing restaurant on.
A Lincoln very good I am whoa look at it oh gosh it’s a.

Ship start here ready ready ready bitch again bitch again what is the one with the money money money money okay so our favorite girl you are very Mexican they decided to skip our trip and abandon us because she’s going to like Spanish no no no not were dependent don’t use it she hates it okay fine she decided to no nuit okay that’s better she’s acting like join.

Second spar to get out okay so we lost a group because it took us like how many tournaments the take photos but we had to I mean it’s my first time in Washington so I’ll never be these photos are worth 20 minutes she’s great maybe just new.

Favorite one yeah do it again who denies this she’s fantastic majestic look how beautiful it is it’s so hot on my jump in that pool I know sincerely welcome or.
To write we wrote two more hey guys it’s.

Charlotte hey guys it’s Tyler however far so good right so far so good I my skin is melting but I’m loving it it’s beautiful I look at this this makes me want to sit in there like dip my feet or something smile so what do you think it is we just finished the in photos at the Lincoln Memorial a pun is closed open open.

Open this is need to be like oh yeah DC so this is no filter filter it okay no filter okay no flow through all of you guys they’re all filter so this one is done absolutely well it’s also a chimera because we’re.

Done I am looking web you know it’s amazing okay my friends dragged me to the cemetery over here literally dragged me so that’s going I’m hoping there’s air-conditioning because sincerely I’m sweating so much look at me like a camel right now I can that is literally I have a trick plant in the end of this year I’ve been trying to answer that my whole life anyone doing that to them what am i doing that’s what not actually that we can.

Do in America DC recreation exactly exactly I’m gonna be out there I might see.

Me act crazy Isis yeah I have this on camera Isis I think.

It’s even worse for him than for me to do he’s gonna do some weird you heard it I heard it you heard it I love that finally going on.

Ice beam freshen up and have dinner and then I guess we’re going to an early midnight maybe some drinks maybe some.

Drinks why I’m so happy when you here and there was amazing water and I guess there’s more to see some oil on the bridge over the.

Bridge yeah okay they didn’t let me see what about right National City Church wash it off and we’re going to Georgetown city and sorry any comments.

On this morning likewise any comment.

On your comment in that case we’re walking to let red light but that’s okay any comments on this morning.

Slept pretty okay not gonna lie you had the guy snoring next to me and underneath.