Bordentown Holds Off Burlington Township

The moment that defined the first half was the Burlington Township soccer team September and microcosm some nice build up but a finish that was just off the mark a few minutes later Bordentown already a hit on a Hector Harris goal made the Falcons pay for their miscue with Harris’s assist on a goal by Jonathan Dominick I was just.

Kind of sitting back bar coach telling me put me on there I just kind of worked in and got a toe pokin back bar I felt I felt good and I felt like we had to work hard for the next 10 minutes a known goal gave the Scotties a 3 nothing halftime lead and Cameron Schroeder made it.

For nothing with a long distance strike early in the second half but 478 minutes of Falcons frustration ended midway.

Through the second half when firkin kilij scored the Falcons first goal of the season we’ve had our our chances throughout the year you know there’s some games where we’ve had 15 16 shots in a game but you know.

To finally get the first one that’s a that’s a huge weight off our shoulders.

So I know they played with some confidence going forward after that and you know hopefully this will carry on through the through the next.

Few games and through the rest of this season where we can Township cut the lead to four to ten minutes later when John Marco Sepulveda set up Alex Petra’s goal sepulveda drew a foul that led to a third.

On a penalty kick by Michael off lazy in Bordentown held on to win for three but you’d barely know who won by talking to the coaches in the aftermath was trying to get some other guys minutes thought we.

Had it locked down and that I’ll take some accountability but there’s things that we could fix on the field give better secondary coverage just track back better and not be the guy that wants to get the fifth goal but just to make sure that they don’t.

Get there first or their second goal and I think we settled down a little bit the last.

Five minutes but it definitely was a lot more hectic than it needed to be this is probably the most promising half we’ve we’ve played you know put put 40 minutes together younger guys get an opportunity and we were we were fortunate to to get three and you know I’m proud of them.

Because it shows that they had add some belief his first time they show that all year from Bordentown Regional High School this is John Lewis.

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