Bordentown Township Therapy Dog Competing In National Contest

This playful pup from Bordentown township is a true hero her name is Shasta and she works with the nonprofit attitudes in Reverse to ease tension during school presentations about mental health and suicide what she does is basically D stresses the students during a difficult conversation about suicide and she just kind of shares her love so to speak Shasta.

Is nominated for this year’s American humane hero dog awards which highlight extraordinary dogs around the country she’s kind of one of those one-in-a-million dogs that just makes an impact on everyone she.

Meets I always call her my BFF she’s my sidekick just that special dog that everyone wishes they had through the hero dog awards Shasta could win up to five thousand dollars for attitudes in Reverse the more money that we raised by grants and things like this brings more education to students about suicide awareness and taking care of your mental health voting is now open online at hero dog awards org reporting from Bordentown Township I’m Danielle D Sisto.

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