Ontology Of Archaeological Sources And The Possibilities Of Archive

My garlic he handed in their issue during investing Parker and they are like a short paper connected to the research project that I am 20 on the metro and it is found by the journal Science Center and the paper would be concerned with the possibilities of art space research of pre pottery even the Curia ecology of vodka sauce.

So if I start to stick to the repair this ship I’m famous when I use my notes so won’t be as entertaining as it’s supposed to be so sobered up so.

Inspector I want to develop a very simple linear line thought about the significance of the archives and i co-founded mendation for production of all size reduction no unless both are cold so among his papers James these are famous wings America oldest propose an approach commitment issue few records and see our works should be treated as a key ography seeing that they send in similar relation to our country ass ethnography Daskal.

Authority so he postulated a division of our field on in the description and anomalous well it is important to.

See is the vision however i am not a big harvest because religion should separate is clearly and how to create descriptions this between for me apart and system from distance you cannot hide a ago i start saying that the description.

Of the artifacts and not a crime itself is that this also.

Of mythology and the archivist excavation site so first attracted to the parenthesis after heart is subscription angle discontent and see what happened so this.
Is a drawing of a very famous pre-camp ass known.

Today as he jeez Oh back and it was published in Perth manhood on what we can buy health food and now that this is very.

Interesting because the drawer implied like a photograph is a design by definition itself but here the outcome food how to switch the seeds on their own actual base.

There are nothing in the same order because this one isn’t the biggest or longer actually this one e and this one also instance workers.

On the neck and this is procession is.

Molly’s from the burly so the thing is that when you look at this victory think that this is the main three is that in the world freeze whereas on the actual artifact this one is more prominent so now obviously the description flavors this is with the various of my face and actually had shaped them that other ways of this our platform for decades and the reading data hoped I’d freeze is the most important could not be separated from.

The object itself so only recently scores our tempo after talking stablished proper proper policies there for reconstituting video now it’s not done that all of us ramos when discover on that the previous generations were were laying and in comparing it.

To us up from it the thing is that the Pope that was raised on me alone net new ideas new notions operating mrs. sorts of the need for reinterpretation go didn’t get that from top to the bottom so from general fury all the way afternoon to the artifact now how the real open its intimate well there will be object material object it’s only if you could not write up at it with.

The current state of documentation so it was that up from you zoom and with it I suppose just doesn’t you can be found now and now the idea that our fans are.

Texts is something new provided that you are even understood the same sex as a part of this event and intellectual framework network which would prove our meetings and upload assignment new polises but recent movement being a hearing and wonder it inflicts unlike the materiality of the.

Material aspect of artifacts materiality that cannot be.

Reduced to do language and of course I want I would agree with them only that this materiality in is in truth not very prominent in.

Practice ecology other performance our contact with material objects comes to take only during excavations and museum rabbits you would say that this is all that our colleges do that’s.

The Delia totality of a cold so in theory because in practice materiality is really subjugated by the visit so the first contact with we are we gotta find in context during excavation this is unique condom is.

Made by a set of rules God and.

I will not talk about them in this paper when I hope interested in the outcome of that comment and album will be archived after graphical the scripture or ecological generalization so the.

Both of them will icon recovered material objects astana actually so you need to access archives not only to get bigger picture but also a deeper 1b bronx telling of the artifact itself you are making a generalization you must unify the difference between a cup data you have a fire and acceleration data and they become truly interchangeable once the scription of artifact is made those description will say good.

Service as a reference reference point in the backpack and the source of the discourse is in fact collecting description of all the avatar so when contacting material object it easily it is.

Taken out of the context it means the invitation to exist if you do not.

Have for example for all the provenance number whatever just does a team even if you can recognize it there’s so much you can do it because the.

True it sucks confusions when there’s a problem with the mutation that error in half acts of must repent their physical archive and access the physical sources but and above all that is a chief.

Proof of a text world only of our science.

That little taxes only the material object there’s not much that we make the funaga so.

In fact we’ve apparently one hour high off of sources but since the arcologies can say is diachronic actually is a symphonic it.

Feels amazing point very bad night and ways in which it was organized a lot taxes of.

Destroying context in order to translate it into Gregor’s the dish cevapi such way that we must simply access real archives and the accumulation of the salsa price illustrations on again we need to realize.

It’s already after the science the organizing all about how they can improve easily accessible stores should improve the distance so our green flavor that statement using our example for my bag pathology and how it was change with the development of of the archive so.

We painted pottery there is a huge grams of salsa down hundreds of thousands of our fat over the world but it is still one type of artifacts right that for the most specific craft is logical framed and conditions so.

If you imagine with water in contests in maybe the country with its a shame of a fire it would be current now what what 19th century excavation maƱana dick was actually dropping a bomb.

And sweating all over the world that is there does the scale of the devil such death of its realization of these artifacts you can ask how to connect research when objects.

Are located in hundreds of museums and good why they do not possess any records outside of it so but the house the probe data problem was evident from the very beginning of of collections so obviously knew things we’re releasing.

Of objects but actually they.

Were emotionally I from France when an imported head postulated that a joint catalogue of objects should be published LW 999 1922 first volume of what is known as tokens lots of an informant was published I’m sure that most of you know what all of CBC da is and how it operates but.

I’m going to talk about it briefly it is a international catalogue of affection pottery primarily.

Harmony bring and Natalya let the objects in from around.

The world but no matter the country and.

Thing and the matter the museum from which way from would label on they are described and interpreted using former very form of bacteria of CDA so even though that won’t do ghari and they are greatly young again published in the same language but the form of the anomalous is the same so because the form that.

Description is to say actually it it ready in some way what constitutes their homes because we are still we.

Are operating within one we know Marilyn don’t no matter the best nuthin under the bus so that the need for processing guide as well as well starfish what.

When context for the Oxford Miss is met in the form of CDA catalogs and for some branches of the discipline it provides sufficient background I am studying iconography so for me having covered with pictures is ideal.

But for others it is not salsa learners the accessibility of this catalog compared to the excavation memory course failures actually formatted the catalog and these museums object are still a context where ice even if we put them under the 3d scanner you cannot.

Comment the recommended winter but from the excavations because there is it so this defective artifact stomach and first film was 400.

Forms were published but they are connected and in this together so that it’s very easy to find something among them and plus majority of the books available to draw our taxes it’s even more eating the problem with the cpa is that it has been around for so long long time years that is fed ponies are terribly don’t be updated they presume the state of documentation as.

Most prevalent in the years before the other stuff along how.

Odd the description change not to mention that all volumes not have been proper taking an attribution the aqha is so old that using the very first born is like a journey into mystery of liability so our science should be supported by it is not obviously because being around the centuries it’s always it’s always like Emily this right and we have all our babies we have other other the records we could do only.

Two things one attempt to newseum and writing their better or to diminish them their voice from from our walk.

So that’s why we need more more to my supervisor for poverty what we decided that since all avoidance of cd8 are not sufficient and normals republish and reinterpret the whole series of a whole series is the Saudi revolutionaries a smaller version because no one is doing why does it last of course unpublished and many.

People think that going back we started this vicious cycle and the project will be eating instead constantly for 44 years to come I’m not saying that they are wrong arrived.

This car approaches which wagons bodies in X and second value this so with this will confer something to do one of things on my wife with is not that’s an online archive is an archived make.

Some archive of Saddam Beasley was the only one person at least it probably would ever be that was able to gather all these pieces from the shoulder for visualization so our context for indicating.

New pottery it’s almost his own invention the archive has problematic in the interface and as I lat lag issues with it but it.

Is most important to foreign researchers in density in action freezing first well obviously this is interfacing and usually finding straight for everything now with that fast data past where this possibility and also simplification and adding to that the fact of anyone comes up can access is free program it was as a democratization of previously very narrow very exclusive but the sources imagine if.

All our coach the archives would be open to all kinds of messages and they would have access to items of varying degree of record because some of them we firmly probably dismiss right and although it don’t have numbers right there at the pace of work on the shop nothing up so the idea behind continues rent a petition we may not pass that scores within 18 every journalist so it is on the shoulders of our timekeepers that.

Was possible for for interpretation for you can only due to fees with Africa Africa section area well give it angry knee grab interpretive or you can log it away watson throw away the key and a hundred millions of our family in the upper cervical that are actually not in the tiny boxes.

In in very dark rooms so to sum up the role of the archive for for research is going to provide ground for me actually buddy provided also is short leash also available who else to tweak the role is to flow with the discipline and and to update and when it’s needed a cat must be dynamic I alongside the scientific survey distance.

Is to grow alongside and not just like a reference point so with that last statement on complete my presentation so thank you for your attention if you have any questions on ask them lovely.

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