India Navy Comments On Rescue Of Stranded Sailor In Indian Ocean

Now mater time the sku Coordination Center was activated and they had also informed all the vessels in area they also sailed out there frigate Ballarat Indian Navy sailed diverted to offer ships which were in the Indian Ocean region and we also sent up Boeing p8 I why a Mauritius so it was staging through Mauritius and was the one.

Who located the boat through ayah yesterday and thereafter today this French boat which was vectored over there to this.

Place they have carried on this operation and brought on he’s fine he’s he’s resting in the sickbay of the ship he is there in the ship he has had.

His food he has taken some water and now he’s on to some medication and he’s fine he had taken this challenge.

And I’m sure he was to do very well in it as of that night he was standing amongst the people who was competing he was number three and I’m sure he would have you know brought laurels to the.

Country unfortunately the sweet could not be completed by the met the weather which was not comfortable or against him and hence he is out of race but we are very happy that he’s safe and sound and we’ll soon have him back.

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