Foetus, Infant Remains Found In Former Funeral Home

We were looking for a building in this area for the last year or so and when we got the news that this funeral home was closed we decided that this will be an ideal location last week Saturday Friday I got a call from one of the funeral home directors saying that the state of Michigan has contacted him with.

Someone wrote them a letter saying that there are some bodies hidden in the ceiling here so they asked me to give them the access so I came here and welcomed the state of Michigan they were.

11 young babies infants some of them in D’Acampo state advanced stages of decomposition some of them mummified and they.

Have been kept one of the babies was there since 2009 almost 10 years the priority is to find out who’s mean the next to kin for all those babies and why did it and what actually happen and who did it after the main County Medical Examiner finds out about the.

Whereabouts of the parents we plan to help them with the funeral we plan to have a nice funeral for all the lemon babies and held in the healing process.