Noel Gallagher, Nile Rodgers And More Attend The Annual Q Awards In London

Works great for the record I suppose this quaint it’s good for you know the people that work around you is great when you when you’re in a band it’s different when you know you’re a solarized you were you rely on all the other people to make you better than you actually are so it’s great for them as well.

I know it’s maddening I’m doing pretty good well I like it that’s the main thing I enjoy so as I was saying to someone earlier that I always love.

Because I wind up meeting the artists and I’m actually gonna make my next year records will it always happens like that I meet someone I had never met them before we start laughing nothing it up you know why don’t we make a record together so I can’t wait to see who I meet tonight yeah is that your legend I.

Always hate that because it always makes you feel like you’re at the end of your career and I don’t feel like I’m idiot I got five records coming out I got Jean Paul.

Gaultier’s show that just I’ve been in Paris a couple of weeks ago I have my own show opening up in Vegas in a few months so I don’t feel like I’m at the.

End of my career pretty much 90% of what we do a little time recording is so much time playing so we spend so much time doing it and we’ve been to so many gigs in the past and we’ve been fans of live music it’s really cool yeah I don’t think we’ve had a moment to do that maybe reflection yeah yeah yeah.

I mean you know I am for the last 10 years have we I’ve been opening the day you know what about 15 years have been up in the day now yeah.

I mean for a hell of a long time I never did days like almost like four years ago three days but for the last 15 years 16 years I’ve been doing days played only will the day in it never seen it before soon 16 years ago well yeah oh great well Barry are you looking forward to the show tonight why would she presented me a while to the Burger King you know what.

A Big Mac yeah yeah I really am that’s why I’m owl to do.

That means finally a what I knew from birth it’s being accepted by you know it means a lot to me to be honest it’s this year in November it’s the 40th anniversary of the body not next year unbelievably I’m 60 but you know I’m looking I got flip skin remover and sport can’t explain Billy I’m not fun but normally I’m not voted for because I’m a I’m a naughty boy yeah it’s great the last full of our tunes in there’s like.

A tile Kelly so it’s a lot smaller and I don’t know I think it ends at 700 story then busted oh sorry to get mad what we’re playing the Palladian small so I’ve got one eye on.

That as well which award really doesn’t yeah of course it’s it’s always nice to win things and to.

Get recognized no less than you think actually we’ve never won never won a Brit we’ve never won an Ivor these sorts.

Of takes okay so lets me think we won the mercury embody volga i tend to lose them when we when we win them I tend to lose them and they get kind of they get censored shelf in the office where we’ve got a few words but they get sort of lost in the gutter I gave a few away actually that was quite good.

We won it NME Awards a couple of years ago and we had a gig that night and I’m never giving in to the crowds I thought it’d been nice gesture I don’t know sort of on eBay ya know we’ve just finished in.

Norway another last week so it’s great it’s nice and an award show can have signifies the end of something and then also the birth of something.

Else so we debate to start working on our new red cards and and yeah it’s it’s great normally we’ve got one eye on a gig or a red card so I’m here today just to drink and have fun it’s.

Wonderful bizarre so first awards first red carpet no it’s a lot of women with microphones and men with cameras feels right those apps.

Because we’ve been working very.

Hard and we made a very good album now Jason Williams simply sleep for mods doesn’t agree with that night he hates us and my Ani she’s not mad keen on the album oh yeah most people well we sold it out and it.

Was a feeling like I scored in the 98th minute Old Trafford and Alex Ferguson’s to screwin out I loved every second of it and like the crowd showed absolutely love and there’s the best.
Job I’ve ever done just perfectly nobody ever won our sleeps..