Rob Zombie's 31 (2016) Horror Movie Review/discussion (archive)

Hey everyone and welcome to screams after midnight I’m Pierre that is Tim Tim Timothy yep sure what up we arguing you’re right I am right we are unfortunately going to talk about Rob Zombie film today has most recent film 31 which just came out on your VOD services and like a limited theatrical release as well John is not.

In this movie you know who’s in the rob zombie movie jeez I don’t know I can’t think of one person that you know would be in a rob zombie.

Movie well I don’t know she’s been a lot of Rob Zombie movies but sherry many zombie is in this movie oh my gosh she would have fucked it’s almost.

This game is bad is there Tim Burton Helena Bonham Carter yeah oh I think they’re Spock no but yes she’s telling these movies which is weird but whatever so I feel like though I feel like Helena Bonham Carter though didn’t have to do nearly as embarrassing stuff that’s.

True so do you know Jenna has almost been a 10 years since the Halloween remake oh no I guess I just never thought about it.

Ever yes actually I’m yeah I’m not too excited about it I just really just talking about I just got the Halloween blu-ray boxset and it’s so depressing just to like scroll through like the list of movies on it.

And then it’s it’s just like such a jarring halt once it gets to those two Rob Zombie ones and it’s just like I’m gonna have to watch these aren’t I yeah at some point we have to talk about those on the show and we’ve all did at a later date we promise you folks there will be a measurable.

Team but we’re here to talk about 31 today and it’s 31 again Rob Zombie doing what Rob Zombie does and we’ll start spoiler-free here what we’ll save the proper spoiler stuff for towards the end but honestly.

You shouldn’t care it’s not very good maybe that’s not why I you know it’s a first movie I’ve seen that was named after its predicted Rotten Tomatoes score so that was interesting good joke oh thank you but so.

That’s movie as kane of it i would describe as the purge meets the running man okay because a group of characters are kidnapped and put in a game where these rich people wanna see like these masked killers.

Or trees mob doors like try and kill the victims and they put bets on who’s gonna survive the longest and all that kind of thing and as of course set in the seventies because it’s Rob Zombie and he seems to only making movies at law that covered in the seventies like give earthiness and yeah honestly I don’t even have a problem a CFS thing was just I’m going to make movies that feel like seventies greenhouse if they’re.

Actually good I wouldn’t even mean so much but because they’re not good and the I always feel like I want to show her everything yeah I’m like everything about this has discussed that all the people look disgusting it’s like the makeup artist went up to them before each take and just smeared like Vaseline and like yeah over them it’s it’s just so dirty but not in like like obviously we watch a lot of horror movies and or movies tend you know to be you know to get very gross.

And gory and stuff but not they.

Usually don’t make you feel like this kind of slimy grimy way that these movies do just yeah every time they close up on someone and like you know they just got dirt all over them or like every time they would show someone’s teeth and they were just like cake with blood.

I was like oh like I just I just want these people to shower and brush their teeth.

And stuff you know I I concur with that so I I have very similar thoughts before we get any negatives or which is gonna be let’s be honest most of.

The video because neither of zombie movies I do have a couple of positives okay well first of all I do actually like the idea I like the basing.

Plot it’s not bad like it’s a very simple plot it’s not very original but I like these kinds of sales for horror movies I like you know one location you know game of survival they after they survive till the morning even here it’s very specific it’s 12 hours long week once it has 7 a.

Know it’s 2 out of if your start life so I like the basic plot I actually quite like the open scene and black and white we meet what ends up being so other the beg pads for the end of the movie air who’s called doom head and all the villains in this movie have head at the end of their names but doom head like and.

The reason why I like that so pretty much because it’s just one up like the previous year the previous like victims rate so one person here’s a member of the previous part of like victims and it’s just you don’t see him for ages Oishi that’s really nice wait shot and you see the door open you seal it like it’s a blindingly almost for the silhouette of them head is like very skinny in you you can’t really make out properly but as he walks towards.

The camera you see more of them and a lot of that scene is essentially just a close-up of his face as he like delivers this.
Monologue about how much he enjoys killing and you know how good he is.

At and you know if a lot of surface eyes he’s a lot a bit about death and you know whatever I think the reason why I like this scene was for there was two main reasons one was to think the actor Richard Drake was doing a really.

Good job I think has mannerisms and how much he enjoyed his job really came across and it was really creepy and secondly unlike the rest of the movie the camera stayed still yeah you know it was a very reserved very confident we’re going to keep the camera in one place stills although maybe one or two shots where.
It cut to the thunders who I preached theories about yell but most of it.

Stayed very static it stayed very confident one place and let the actor do his thing and it was very creepy in sort of for boarding as a result unfortunately much like he’s other films the.

Rest of this movie Rob Zombie loves working.

Quickly as it possibly can to the point.

Where you can barely make out what’s going on during the s of the the action.

Scenes if you will but there’s a lot of like stabbing or like running there is a lot of with the hexyl word like.

Frenetic camerawork I feel like not not just like you know with the whipping around but also there was like you know lots of.

Like strobe lights and strobe leo that was a lot like you know some and I almost.

Want to say lens flare but like I don’t know is the wait can it still be lens flare if it’s not like from the Sun like can it be any light source yes underground I’m actually almost dreading.

The comments on the video and her after you said that was stupid film nerds come at me on okay but I think the reasons I think it up like solar flare but anyway but yeah there’s all that kind of stuff I’m gonna disagree with you a little bit here though I really didn’t like the opening scene that much it felt like it was trying so hard and.

It’s actually funny that you mentioned grindhouse cuz I really got a feeling that man like he really wants to be like Tarantino or something and oh yes he’s obsessed he wants to be that so bad you can feel it in every single frame of it yeah and I just felt like this opening scene was trying so hard to be something like oh there’s this like killer but.

He’s like you know he’s he’s this dirty you know crazy redneck guy but he’s like very well-spoken and he has like this philosophy and he’s gonna say this.

Kind of like you know quippy thing but it’s gonna that doesn’t really make sense but it’s gonna sound cool and smart and it just like sounded like it was trying so hard to do stuff like that I can see this fear but I will agree that like compared to the rest of the movie it was definitely one of the better scenes.

Think for me more than anything it was the it was the fellow making and the acting and the scene and all so.

Much what he was seeing it was with yeah yeah it was we were going to keep the camera on the same shot for.

Quite a long time it stayed in the same shot for a problem Menace as I guess it’s the whole.

Movie and the in the rep and the rest of the movie it almost felt.

Scared to like stay in the same shot for longer than two seconds everything is cutting in moving so fast the entire time is it’s obnoxious like that is the word I would use to describe Rob Zombie’s filmmaking sounds good it’s obnoxious but so we meet our cast of characters.

Those five main ones who are like a lie for the game because when there’s when the you know then the people that these arrestor cats are paid to kidnap them kill what the extras and the left for these main five and now as I had.

A quick question when we like you know as soon.

As we first meet um did you know that there is gonna be the good guys right away it’s a good question because I’ll be honest I did not think that I thought these these characters may be the.

Villains these maybe people are going to start killing people because these people are awful they are oh yeah I’m gonna return to that word obnoxious it also describes Rob Zombie’s characters nine times out of ten every single one of these people I hate eat within seconds yeah every word that came out of the mouth was just crude or slay me or and like I’m not saying you can’t make her seventies grain toast stale.

Or movie you can like we’re talking about like Tarantino and Rodriguez kind of that that kind of thing was a grain toast double feature and the dollars been Tarantino though and Rob Zombie is a Ben Tarantino rate she’s dialogue has dialogue is so entertaining.