Ebay 10-24-18 – Football, Basketball & Baseball Breaks

Hi guys sorry I am a couple of minutes late getting started tonight yeah I might have cut it a little too close right with the time the last stuff into tonight and the time we were starting and I did not allow for the fact that there’s a big bunch of unpaid teams so I was kind of trying to.
Get some of that squared away and bear with me for a minute here.

Please I do have I’m getting the spreadsheet loaded right.

Now as soon as I get that up and up and functional then we’ll go over our information then I’ll take a look at what’s still sitting unpaid and at that point we might possibly have some unpaid teams available via chats we’ll take a look at that.
Shortly here but first let me get the.

Spreadsheet up apologize again for being a slight bit tardy I’m not used to starting these early hours myself and I think I got myself messed up tonight meanwhile hope you guys are doing okay we are going to be opening several things tonight.

It will be impeccable football and macula basketball some what else five star baseball and archives baseball and of course archives just came out today so that’s a fun one and while I’m finishing up my few little things here we’ll go ahead and let you get started taking a look at that just some basic information there about.

The fact that my feedback is automated so you don’t ever have to wait on me unlike you had to wait on me tonight right I know what you’re thinking and then of course second note there just to say thanks for bidding and breaking and and joining me tonight and I am trying.

Right now guys just to simply get my my ebay unpaid items loaded so that I can see what we’ve got available and I’ll be able to hopefully share that with you.

Shortly J Allen is here in Gregg is here hi guys I’m waiting waiting waiting for eBay well let’s just take a look at this while I’m waiting on that to.

Load that of course is just a list of everything that is coming up in the days ahead so and you’ll notice we’re breaking early every night all the way up through Monday night we’re gonna.

9:30 starts we’re cramming in a lot of things with a lot of bass cards and that’s gonna that’s the.

Reason we’re in this spot so our first up.

Tonight is going to be impeccable football right now it looks like we will have a team available and impeccable for those of you who might be interested it is currently showing unpaid for the Falcons so unless that.

Payment comes in here in the next couple of minutes we would.

Have the Falcons available at $37 we are potentially going to have the Mariners available in five star they were at 1850 and we may have another one in five storm we may have a couple in immaculate basketball I am gonna grab some messages here and see what we’ve got going on there so let’s see here I.

Don’t know what I’ve got going on there sorry I know this is frustrating guys I absolutely hate doing this myself I despise when we have a bunch of unpaid stuff that leaves.

At the start of breaks it’s my absolute least.

Favorite thing as well all right guys so I’m sure you’ve had a good look at this now and of course you can see we’re breaking all kinds of stuff.