Lost In Space Archives Series 2 – (rittenhouse) – 3 Set Hit Draft! – Blowout Cards

Yeah just waiting for some people to get on and then we’ll get started I guess there’s nobody out here to watch well there’s one all right not gonna waste any time got a nice quick break tonight so it is a total of six while two three sets Wow there we go lost in space series two archives from Rittenhouse.

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Them so what I was trying to say is to guarantee at least one a very card in the product you had to get three sets so we got three sets and we did this twice this will be the first break that’ll be the second break let’s go mr.

It’s a high quality packing tape honest this is box a so as a build off of series.

This is a skip numbered set so series 1 was all the odd numbers excuse me again ok so we start there’s our.

Base set and then remember what these things were now called.

Exactly let’s see one set per box this is the art card insert set and this would be one ortiz this is is.

There’s two different now again it’s wrapped in plastic not going to be opening that up okay we’ll start with our Billy Mumy let’s check our so we got Angela Cartwright saying don’t get lost some stuff on the top loader and then Jun Lockhart’s and it just says Maureen and this is our mark Goddard autographed.

Relic so I guess that’s a piece of the shirt in the picture okay that was box a walking box be a shower be set okay and then this would be the others which was the second artist Ron gross this is the Ron gross.

Ones this actually is that way there so the sketch in this box here is our Marta Kristen okay mark Goddard and another crash landing hmm how’s it going there you go going dark all the sudden and then we also got another Angela Cartwright shear a penny Robinson does the inscription on this one and our sketch Dan Gorman okay you know get boxy and the real question will be what are we gonna get as our extra that was kind of odd I really don’t know why Rittenhouse made it three sets this time when they had done.

Two sets in the first series throws everything off okay so we get ourselves another Ron gross there’s our third a set and here’s our mark Goddard.

Character together June Lockhart lost in space mark Goddard who Smith I’ll drop you off wherever you like – not for their egos and we got another one of the relics the mark Goddard relic got a little trail of ink right above his name I’m gonna go right to that first maybe that was set one hopefully that was everybody’s liking now we’re on to step two I’m really surprised now one.

Person’s come along to watch let’s maybe this time around we’ll get two sketches instead of two.

Relics that was the one wasn’t the one that we weren’t not for all the checklists I forget exactly one auto relic or sketch here so unless it’s always you know box.

A because this is box a right yeah this was box a the second set and it has the relic in it so I don’t know if.

All the boxes do or not they said the was at one Ortiz Billy mommy so Angela Cartwright June Lockhart and mark honored because if they do three sets and then you figure you can make it work box always has the relic box be always has the sketch of them.