Unnatural Vegan When They Were Fully Raw | The Unnatural Vegan Archive #1

Is what I eat on a daily basis what does a day that look like for me so I figured today would be perfect time to do a video showing you what a typical day of feasting looks like okay so meal number one special case cereal let’s see meal number two ooh potato chips meal number three all right I’m.

Totally joking guys really it’s a joke all right so here’s something I really eat I know bad joke all right so this is what I’m going to eat today this is my first meal it’s about six bananas.

And I’ll eat this around like 11 I typically eat my first meal about 11 o’clock and so that’s my first meal my second meal is mangoes about five at a faux yellow baby whatever you want to call them mangoes my favorite mangoes and I’ll eat this.
About to I guess two o’clock in the afternoon and then my third and final.

Meal my dinner meal which I’ll eat about five is a salad of we have two heads of lettuce here now I’ll probably use.

This one and then half of this one cuz these this is these are big heads of lettuce but I might use all of them we’ll see how much it.
Is and some few stalks of celery as you.

Can see in desperate need of a cleaning and a couple carrots and some lemon juice and here is a few Brazil nuts about half an ounce of Brazil nuts and I’ll also use a.

Cucumber which I forgot to put out and that’s my salad so that is a day of eating for me that’s that’s what I’m going to eat today it’s about it’s about 1,800 calories and this is pretty typical for me eating a meal of fruit than another meal of.

Fruit and then a more savory salad sometimes I’ll have I’ll have a sweeter salad like I really like romaine and mango together actually romaine mango and grated cauliflower is.

Amazing I know that sounds really weird but it’s a really really good salad so if you haven’t tried that.

You should try it it’s really really tasty so that’s pretty typical for me is fruit fruit and then a savory meal that’s mostly vegetables greens and some other vegetables and I typically have bananas for one meal of the day for usually my first meal or my lunch meal whatever you want to call it because they’re tasty and they’re cheap and they’re available so that’s usually that’s usually one meal of my day it’s usually bananas and then.

The next meal it just depends on what’s in season mangoes just came these mangoes just came into season so I’m eating these but I may eat oranges I’m a papaya I fits in the fall maybe I’ll have persimmons.

If it’s in the summer maybe I’ll have peaches so it varies throughout the year depending on the season my salads vary as well I may have red leaf or I may have green leaf sometimes I’ll.

Make kale sometimes you know I’ll use tomatoes sometimes I’ll use limes cauliflower or Bradish –is all sometimes I’ll use you know pistachios or flax seeds or avocado coconut meat there’s all different variations that I that I use for my salads um so.

That’s it it’s very very simple it’s very very delicious I definitely don’t have to follow what I do and eat the exact way I do like starting eating at 11:00 you may be hungry at 8:00 or 9:00 so you should eat when you’re hungry I.

Super hungry till about 11:00 but yeah it depends on on you the main thing the main tenets that you should follow when you go raw when you need a raw food diet is eating enough calories.

From fruit from fresh ripe sweet fruit getting in your greens so for most people that’s.

Going to be about a pound at least a pound of greens per day and then also limiting your fat intake so for most people we’re talking no more than an ounce of nuts or seeds per day.
Or half of a medium-sized Hass avocado per day so that’s it I.

Hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you soon with the new.