Why Unnatural Vegan Started To Eat Cooked Food Again | The Unnatural Vegan Archive #3

Hey guys Swayze here so it seems like I have gone to the dark side for the past almost five months since about late March I have been eating cooked foods and first I just want to say you know five months seems like a long time but I really wanted to do this for a while to see the results.

Because there is definitely and a sort of acclamation period.

A transition period when you’re going from eating exclusively we’re all to eating some cooked foods there definitely is a transition period and so I wanted.

To get past all that before kind of coming to you guys and telling you guys my results and maybe helping you if you’re trying to do the same thing so that’s why it’s.

Been you know so long I was just gonna do three months but you know I decided to do it.

To do it now so I’m still eating mostly raw but I have been incorporating some cooked foods on a daily basis you know more.

Than I was eating before I think I’ve talked about before you know eight things like roasted carob powder I did a whole.

Video on that and you know like rice like vegetable wraps with the rice paper you know on the outside obviously the rice paper isn’t raw but I love those things those are good at so I eat those on occasion but again for the past about five months I’ve been you know every day eating some cooked food so why am I now eating some cooked food it’s a very simple reason it’s probably a reason that you most of.

You have experienced if you’ve tried.

To eat all raw and it’s cost I just really I’ve been doing this for so long and the cost was really starting to get to me especially after reading Frederick Patton ODEs book his ebook program on eating vegan so not all raw but vegan for less than a hundred dollars a month and so ever since reading.

That it’s kind of just been in the back of my mind it’s kind of like when I first learned about raw foods and it was about eating raw foods healthfully high fruit low fat kind of just in the back of my mind and so the same with this it’s just been in the back of my line for a while so I.

Finally just decided you know what.

I’m going to see how cheaply I can eat and still eat healthfully because I’ve talked about before you know you don’t have to eat all raw to be healthy a mostly raw diet is still very very healthy so back in March in late March I decided to start incorporating some cooked foods nothing you know like processed fruit loops and the cereal and meat.

And stuff like that I still need a vegan diet mostly just you know Whole Foods whole legumes and very very cheap foods like beans and rice which are very very cheap and just by doing that again.

Still eating mostly raw but eating some cooked foods every day I’ve been able to significantly reduce the cost of my.
Food each month which is awesome so in terms of other pros other good.

Things that I’ve seen since doing this for five months there is one other thing and I’m not gonna bring it up here not to be like you know cliffhanger but it’s something that I really want to you talk more about and it really.

Deserves its own videos so the next video that I post for you guys will be all about that in terms of things that I don’t like about eating this way as opposed to eating you know all fresh fruits vegetables nuts and seeds I’m just going to say it smelly gas my farts stink now and you know before you’ve probably.

Heard me talk about body odor and definitely having less body odor eating all raw and I haven’t noticed any difference in terms of my sweat or anything but in terms of gas.

Before there was usually no odor or very little odor usually none at all and now it’s a different story so that you know it’s it’s a minor thing but it does kind of suck another big thing and a thing that’s I.

Really kind of been dealing with until fairly recently is weight and how easy it is to gain weight when you include just some.

Cooked foods in your diet I mean for me so when I you know I find it easy to gain weight I find it easy to lose weight too but I’m definitely not someone who’s just naturally very thin and so and I can eat a lot of food I.

Mean as someone who used to binge on food I can eat a lot of food and so I find that raw works really well for me overall because you have to eat a lot more food to gain weight and I’ve certainly gained weight on Raw on just fruits and vegetables but it’s harder so I find it easier to.
Maintain my weight on all fruits and vegetables and.

Limited amounts of nuts and seeds including some cooked foods like beans and rice which are much higher in calories you know a cup of beans is over 200 calories closer to 250 calories whereas a cup of.

Like peaches I don’t know 60 70 80 calories something like that so it’s a lot easier to.

Gain weight on those foods and so I’ve found that I have to be a little more diligent in terms of making sure that I’m not eating too much and at first it was a lot harder because I really miss sweet stuff you know I missed all the fruit and so you know for awhile I really had to make sure that I wasn’t you know just getting hungry and eating more fruit and still having the beans or the rice or whatever.

And then end up eating you know 2,500 calories a day as opposed to you know around 2,000 so so that’s been a little bit.

Of a struggle and it’s mostly been a struggle because I’ve been kind of fighting it I didn’t want to start having to count calories and having to pay attention to that I just wasn’t something I wanted to do so I kind of try to just wing it it was like oh yeah I’m totally eating 2,000 calories.

When I kind of knew I wasn’t so so a lot of it was just kind of being rebellious but I finally got to the point where I’m I’m feeling more satisfied and I don’t feel like at the end of the day oh man I could really eat like a lot more food I mean for a.

While I just felt like gosh I feel like I could eat three more meals and still be hungry and so now.

I feel well you know at the end of the day I feel I feel satisfied but again overall it’s it’s a lot easier to maintain my way the final problem I’ve had with doing this and this.

One really sucks and I don’t know what to do with that about this but it’s my cure ptosis Polaris hasn’t returned if you’ve.

Seen a video I did on how I got rid of my keratosis pilaris which is basically a skin condition it’s also called chicken skin you can look it up and see what it looks like I don’t know if you can see it here on.

The camera I’m not gonna put my arm close to the camera sees you can see it but basically it’s.

These little bumps that you get on your on your arms they’re kind of like acne but not really and they have returned.

And so that really stinks and so part of it could be that I’m not getting as much Sun as I used to be but I didn’t get as much Sun last summer either and I still didn’t have them so so that’s been my experience including some cooked foods in my diet for the past five months or.

So I’m going to keep going with this because I do enjoy the food I do.

Enjoy what I’ve been eating and I’ll also do a video on exactly what I’ve been eating like on a you know daily basis what I have for my meals to give you guys a better idea but I have I have been been enjoying it and again the cost savings is really awesome you know on a ralphie diet I can only get my costs.

So low without having to severely.

Restrict the foods that I really love like papaya and tomato is all they were really expensive fruits that like happen to.

Be my favorite so this way I can cut my cost even lower than that without you know feeling super restricted so I’m going to keep going with this because of the cost and the other thing that I haven’t mentioned going to do a video.

On so in the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve had any experience with this or if you’re thinking about maybe you’re eating all wrong you’re thinking about switching to you mostly raw food diet for whatever reason or any questions that.

You have for me on doing this or if you’d like to see more videos on this on you know what I’ve been eating or certain recipes or just how I made the switch or anything else please leave your comments below and I will have a new video up very very soon so stay tuned you.