Unnatural Vegan Giving Up Naturally Getting Burnt To A Crisp | The Unnatural Vegan Archive #2

Hi Susie here for Vuitton wrong calm and today I’m going to talk about painting and whether or not painting is really good for us and really beneficial and the reason I want to talk about this is partly because I’ve been talking you know a lot about vitamin D in terms of vitamin d3 and vitamin d2 and all these.

Different issues the other reason is because you know as raw foodist people who eat you know lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Many of us tend to be kind of Sun bunnies in this sense that you know we’re very you know pro nature or outside a lot and we know that getting sunshine is good exposing our skin to the Sun is good it’s how we produce vitamin D and so you’ll see or I’ve seen I’ve noticed a lot of raw foodists have.

Tans often times very very deep tans and so I wanted to talk about that today whether or not tanning is good whether it’s actually necessary to tan to ensure good health and to ensure optimal yd levels so first tanning is good in the sense that it’s actually a survival technique really I mean it’s it’s a way for our.

Bodies to protect us against summer the problem with tanning is that it has been linked to nonrelativistic skin cancer and of course wrinkles as well if you tan a lot you are damaging the skin when you tan and you are increasing your risk for wrinkles as you get older and so of course this is.

Hard for us younger people who really like to tan and like to get dark and it feels good you know you don’t see their equals right away you just look great and tan and bronzed and all the bottom I totally get that I used to Tani’s to go to tanning beds actually a years ago and I loved.

It and I got super super dark and it felt great and you know I missed those days I won’t lie I do miss going to tanning beds but again when you tan.

You are damaging the skin and you are increasing your risk for wrinkles not to mention increasing your risk for not melanoma skin cancer as well not melanoma.

Skin cancer but non melanoma skin cancer melanoma is the deadly one but I’ll talk about that one I’ll probably do another video.

On that actually so tanning is great if we if you live out you know in the wild so to speak and you don’t have shelter and you don’t really have options Tammy is great it’s.

Going to protect you but it’s not so great in terms of the look of our skin as we age now the thing is we don’t need to tan to ensure optimal vitamin D levels and.

This is really the big thing the main thing that I want to talk about you know we often assume that if we see someone that is at super super dark you know they’re not getting enough vitamin D they’re not spending enough to find outdoors and that’s not necessarily the case to get enough vitamin D we do not have to tan so someone with.

Like a type 2 skin which would be about what I have someone with northern European background and who earns easily tans usually easily as well but also burns very easily come on like us during the summer months if you live.

Subtropical environment you’re only going to need to spend you know 10 to 15 minutes in the Sun three times a week to allow your body to produce enough vitamin D basically you just need to spend a quarter to a half of the amount of time that it takes for your skin to.

Turn that’s how long you should spend.

In the Sun and I’m taking this from the book to the vitamin D solution written by dr. Michael Holly which I talked about before it’s something I really recommend he’s like the vitamin D sunshine guy and he talks.

About this in the book and he talks about tuning in and how he doesn’t recommend getting at in tanning is damaged but of course he does recommend having optimal why do we do levels and you can achieve this just by spending for many of us who have you know whiter skin tones just a few minutes of time you know per week in the sunshine exposing or your arms and your legs and your torso if.

You can in your back to the Sun and he has actually a great chart showing how much time you should spend in the Sun given what part of the time of the year it is given where you live if you’re in a subtropical or more northern climate and your skin.
Type and so it’s a really awesome chart I refer to it all the.

Time to see you know how much time I should actually spend in the Sun and it’s it’s really good again I reckon in the book so you know my point here is that tanning isn’t necessarily good in fact.

I would I would say again it’s great in terms of survival but in terms of how we live in modern day and you have access to shelter virtually all the time that we have sunblock that we can use we don’t we don’t need to tan and we can.

Avoid tanning and burning especially burning I mean I don’t really need to talk about how bad that is for your skin but we can avoid that and even tanning getting getting really dark fairly easily now again I do understand that tanning feels awesome and it’s great and I and I still you know I’ve still gotten you know a little darker and you won’t get a little bit darker if you spend some time in the Sun you shouldn’t be spending so much time in the Sun that you are getting.

Really really really dark and again the chart is great in the vitamin D snow solution I’m not getting any money through saying this I know it.

Sounds like I am because I’m recommended it so much it’s just.

A book that I really enjoy and that’s really helped me in terms of optimizing my time that I spent in the Sun so yeah that’s like a new oh I’m tanning let me know what you think.
About it if you love to tend as much as I do and I will have.

A video a new video up very very soon so stay tuned.