Early Ambitions & Postive Vision | The Charles Marlowe Archive #2

What’s going on everyone it’s vegan cheetah so I had to make this video as long as you guys are watching the content I’m willing to provide it as often as possible and I really do appreciate it within I don’t know maybe two or three hours we had a thousand views on the last video so I had these ideas.

In my head when I was making the last video about attraction rather than promotion but.
Separate video about it and before this topic kind of slips from my mind.

Want to touch on it a little bit that being said I’m gonna digress for a moment and just give you some background information and compare it to what we’re seeing here on YouTube with the vegan scene.

And hopefully it’s gonna help me kind of illustrate the picture or the vision that I have for what we should be doing online with our vegan content so.

Some of you may not know but I happen to be a drug addict so I’ve spent a lot of time in rehab and I’ve spent a lot of time in 12-step meetings whether it be AAA or NA that’s Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous and one of the main foundations of their you know their meetings their organizations is the.
Idea the concept of Attraction.

If you’re not an addict you probably don’t know off the top of your head where the local AAA meeting is or where the local NA meeting is and if you’re.

Not an addict or an alcoholic you may not know any other people in recovery outside of your you know friends and family simply because they.

Don’t promote that they’re addicts and they don’t promote their meetings so the reason they base they based their their ideas and their I guess.

Way of getting people in the doors on attraction rather than promotion is because when you’re trying to promote sobriety to a drug addict or to an alcoholic it usually doesn’t go so well I can’t tell you how many times my friends my family my girlfriends my teachers have like tried to force sobriety on me and I just wasn’t buying.

It I would have you know I wanted to do drugs I wasn’t trying to be sober and the you know the the first instinct of somebody that’s being affected by you know a family.

Member or a friend or a loved one that has a drug problem is to you know to shame them and to you know judge them and tell them how they should be living and it usually doesn’t work you know there are some cases maybe where it does work but I would say the majority of drug addicts.

Are alcoholics do not get clean or do not get sober with people trying to force sobriety down their throat so when I’m at these.

Meetings and I’m not a meeting maker I’m not involved in the 12 steps but when I am at these meetings and when.

I have been at the past they basically shared their stories okay so it’s a group of guys and women.

That you know maybe sit around a table they’re drinking coffee and they’re sharing their experience strength and hope and they’re not you know on Skid Row or at the local rescue mission trying to convert people to sobriety trying to get people to get sober they wait for people to come.

To receive the message and ready to hear their stories perhaps some of those drug addicts or alcoholics won’t get it the first time around most of them usually don’t I’ve been.

In and out of the rooms of AAA and na and rehab for ten years now but some of them will get the message and if they don’t get it.

The first time they’ll get it eventually and if you kind of let people come in leave the door open some people might walk out in the middle of the meeting they hear something they don’t like or they just they’re not digging it or.

They’re dopesick they might walk out in the middle of the meeting but some people.

Do come back and they come back frequently and eventually something catches on and it clicks you know I mean that’s what they call.

Having like a spiritual awakening and it clicks so relating that to online veganism okay what I feel that we’ve been.

Doing is promoting veganism and trying to shove vegan.

Down people’s throats does it work for some yes it does there’s a work for the majority I would say there’s plenty of videos plenty of evidence out there to suggest that it is quite possible that we are actually turning more people off to our lifestyle into our diet than we are bringing them in and at this point I feel like a lot of.

Vegan channels are simply preaching to the choir or preaching to very young impressionable kids well so how do we turn this around okay instead of making celebrity videos instead of fat shaming people instead of showing raw graphic footage of the.

Mean dairy industry and telling people you are wrong you’re a bad person if you eat meat dairy products you deserve to die you know all of that garbage that hate that aggressiveness if we could turn all of that take that energy that we put spend into those videos and I say this with guilt I’ve done the same thing in the past a lot of you even follow me for well over a.
Seen my my progression okay and my transition from militant vegan too.

Realistic vegan I guess we could call it if we took all that energy that we put into all that negative content we could actually start uploading videos and you know posting Instagram whatever it is you do on social media we could actually start creating content that’s.

Very attractive okay that could be in the form of bodybuilding it could be in the form of you know like vlogging with your vegan friends going out to restaurants.

Of basically just telling people you know your story you know why you went vegan what it’s done for you how it’s affected you.

And I think that that may come across as passive to some people but in the long run people are going to be attracted to you know slimmer waist tighter butts people are going to be attracted to clearer skin people are going to be attracted to these beautiful bowls of fruit and I’m.

Not a huge fruit fan myself but you know some people will be attracted by and will they go vegan based on one video you make probably not but if you leave the door open and.

You don’t burn any bridges along the way which is something the big three during writer Frehley vegan gains have done um I think in the.

Long run man we would be quite surprised how much more effective we could possibly be so as far as.