Critiquing The Idea Of Loyalty To Those Who Inspired Us To Go Vegan | The Charles Marlowe Archive #1

Hello everyone it’s vegan cheetah so it’s raining outside it’s really cozy today and I thought I would try to just capture a video and filming a little bit earlier than I usually do but the sunlight is blocked out by the clouds and I think the lighting looks pretty good right now for this video which I promised you guys.

Yesterday and then I’m going to hit on a point about my caloric intake at the end of the video here for this video I just want to talk about inspiration versus force and basically respond to the statement that freelee the banana girl made you go vegan or freelee the banana girl made me go vegan I don’t think.

Anybody’s made anyone go vegan except for yourself for me I would vegan and yes I was inspired by freely but I made myself go vegan nobody else made you go vegan if you think about it every single day you have choices to make you have choices making your diet the cosmetics that you use the clothes that you wear and nobody is holding your hand along.

The way telling you no you can’t have that or no you.

Can’t wear that you are the one that is using that source of inspiration that you originally found through any vegan youtuber maybe it wasn’t a youtuber maybe was one of your friends offline but you are the one that’s making yourself go vegan every single day and for some people veganism is more like a journey to give an example when I first found freelee’s channel it was the diet that was so easy for me to change then a few months later I.

Started looking into the cosmetics I’m using then a few months after that I really started double-checking all my clothes so.

It’s like yes I was inspired by her channel originally and I told you guys in yesterday’s video it wasn’t one of her celebrity videos it wasn’t one of the gossip videos this was long before she started making all that bullshit it was one of the videos where she described explicitly what the.

Meat and dairy industry does to animals and just how much violence and exploitation their their subjugated to every single day over a period of a couple years now I’ve made the choice to be vegan and I take full responsibility for my diet my lifestyle the food.

I eat the clothes I wear and the industries that I contribute to and support with my dollar I think a lot of vegans don’t want to take responsibility for their choices.

I feel like a lot of vegans want to just I guess lean on the shoulders of these pseudoscience gurus I get that you know I mean people want leadership.

People want to follow somebody you.

Know what I’m saying but you’re the Thunderer but at the end of the day man nobody made.

You go vegan except for yourself so I think as vegans we need to take responsibility I would also like to say that a lot of vegans big name youtubers like to prance around.

Claim that their method is the best because they reach the most amount of people and for that reason alone they have turned more people vegan than anybody else.

So they’re you know not subject to criticism they should be exempt from critique.

And there is huge fallacies in this statement or in this argument if you look at during Ryder’s channel his biggest video is like zip popping.