Against Celebrity Culture And Intelectual Ghettos | The Charles Marlowe Archive #3

Durianrider come at me bro and when these vegans say that they are activist for the ABA’s I can wipe my ass with that shit hello everyone it’s vegan cheetah so I want to start this video by thanking karena kaboom I believe that’s how you pronounce her name just for kind of validating what I’ve been saying and she’s a.

Larger channel with about 20,000 subscribers I appreciate the shout out and the discussion what I want to talk about in this video the intellectual ghetto that is online veganism and I also want to discuss how we.

As vegans have let ourselves become a laughingstock and how we are now a joke so some of you may be unfamiliar with the concept of an intellectual ghetto what do I mean by veganism online as an intellectual ghetto with the rise of the internet it has allowed people with extreme ideologies to retreat into these small communities where there’s no exchange of.

New ideas there’s no debate there’s no discussion there’s no checks and balances there’s no arguing there’s no arguments that are made against these status quo opinions so what we see from Adelaide and from the Thai fruit festival and from the raw till 4 fruit called fucks is that they have retreated into.

What I call an intellectual ghetto it’s an intellectual ghetto where they basically regurgitated firm ation they don’t question the people that are leading them and they just kind of mindlessly follow the advice of the big three during.

Ryder freely vegan gains and all their foot soldiers and minions underneath them so why is this so problematic I mean people are asking me in the comments section why do you keep.

Talking about this every single video you’re doing is about freely and durian um it’s not going to last forever it’s not always gonna be like this but.

Right now its variant important while they’re relaxing in Thailand while they’re on permanent vacation in riding their bikes and.

Gorging on fruit and doing Q&A sessions they’re probably not online as much as they normally would be so right now is why it’s so important for us as an online community to campaign against them to campaign against their ideology and to express.
Ourselves and speak up against the tyranny the hypocrisy and.

And the immoral behavior and a lot of people want to defend freely or defend bite size vegan or defend the friendly activists these.
Are all people that have condoned.

The behavior and the tactics of durian freely and vegan games because they refuse to speak up and they refuse to apologize and redeem themselves and now they’re just following freely fat shaming bully example calling out meat eaters is just making no one go vegan and it’s just making the meat eaters think.

That the rest of us vegans are totally not everyone is crazy like that don’t call it activism say that you’re an.

Entertainer that’s what they’re doing they’re entertaining you but they’re guising it under the you know.

This illusion that they’re trying to make it better for the animals no you’re not so our most beloved YouTube.

Celebrities are chasing Fame money social media influence and promoting ideologies that are very extreme and problematic for our cause as vegans they’re doing it under the name of activism animal rights activism vegan activism the issue here is not the social media personality the issue here is not what they do.

On their YouTube channel or how they do it the issue is that they cause lots of problems.

Not only within the vegan community but within the wider YouTube community through tactics of bullying fat shaming misogyny homophobia and they do it under the guise of.
The vegan activism and animal rights activism.

It’s okay to be an online personality and want to raise your social media profile and become a famous YouTube celebrity there’s nothing wrong I think a lot.

Of us if we were honest with ourselves want the views we want the money we want the success but don’t call it activism don’t hijack veganism and animal rights activism and those words don’t.

Hijack them and use it as a tool to further your own personal gains fat shaming and bullying people into being a vegan who cannot bully anybody into being a vegan I think karena kaboom has it right when she says you cannot fat shame or bully anybody into being vegan source of Arafah is somebody who has abused her platform has abused her privilege of being a social media personality by stealing the words vegan and animal rights activist vegan activist she.
Has hijacked those words abuse her power and social.

Media influence in order to degrade and to.

Just belittle people to the point of doing severe injury not only to them and maybe their social media filing but also to herself we as vegans have become a laughingstock the ideology that is behind so many of these.

Bullying meat Haiti vegan channels is a joke the majority of the vegan channels on YouTube are joke so I completely agree with that sentiment I think we as vegans on YouTube need to take responsibility it’s not necessarily during Ryder & freelee’s fault we have let this happen we have become a laughingstock to the greater YouTube and social media world we have made clowns out of ourselves the truth is is that freely entering Ryder are on permanent.

Vacation currently in Thailand and they are D they are distracted by the Thai fruit festival or the cycling festival the raw till 4 stick bananas up your butt cult and we right now need to take this opportunity to campaign against them it may be a few more days and maybe a couple more weeks but by you not speaking out you are condoning this behavior by you not stepping up and sharing your story of I was once.

A dick writer and now I’m not we need these videos we need the comments not only on my channel but on everybody else’s channel and I encourage you guys to really start critically thinking about why you’ve been following freelee and durianrider and why you support somebody like vegan gains or source of Arafah what do you get out of it I understand that people like the vegan activists the friendly activist the vegan couple happy healthy vegan bite size vegan I understand that they have built their careers in their social media presence off of the tail coats.

Of freelee and durianrider I completely get that but for you to remain silent as content creators while this is a huge problematic issue makes you look like a coward and makes you look.