Why Amanda Hendrick Went Vegan & Unfollowed Freelee | The Amanda Hendrick Archive #1

Hi guys and welcome to another video today I thought I would do something a little bit more CD’s I can’t really decide I have so many ideas for videos and I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to do today but since I did a makeup tutorial the past two videos I thought I would do something a little bit.

More important today I’m gonna talk about being vegan and why I’m vegan before I get into anything I just want to let you know I’m not here to preach I’m.

Not here to shop anything down your throat I’m just making this video because as a question that I get a lot and I want to make.

This video so you don’t wanna watch it and bye so a lot better yesterday with my diet and eating etc I used to eat meat.

All the time I love me my favorite place to go was a steak house and I would ask for a very rare with like the blood draft and I loved it I’d never understood vegetarianism I thought vegans.

Were just weird hippies none of my family are vegan or vegetating and so I never really understood it and not that I cared though it never made me angry like it makes some people when I.

Talk about being the you know being vegetating however people get so angry about that why I don’t get it it’s like they’re kind of scared because they don’t understand it so they take it through anger I don’t know anytime I’m opposed by anything vegan or health-related I’m guaranteed to get.

A lot of fun follows but I don’t care so it wasn’t until I was like.

18 and I met a guy and he was vegetarian when I was kind of introduced to the.

Whole world of vegetarianism but I still don’t understand it I used to think you know just eat.

It just eat it the bargain just tastes good just fuckin eat it but just really really quite read and I was just uneducated and but he introduced me to vegetarian foods and even though I was still eating me.

I would eat a lot of vegetarian foods like one followed by I realized you know it doesn’t actually taste that bad so slowly kind of caught um certain meats like I caught a red nice I never liked pegs and pork and bacon but I cut I like steak.

And red meat and stuff because I just kind of thought oh yeah like if we went in the wild with these little claws and these little teeth like I.

Can’t kill a fucking cow so that just made sense to cut out red meat I hated fish as well so I never really ate fish anyway and so then the only meat I was really eaten was checking and then I just kind of thought one day why don’t why it was the point like I’ve already already stopped.

Eating all these other meats then I’ll just stop eating this as well and so then I was just vegetating and then I started drinking like soy milk and milk milk Alton it’s just because I liked the sweeter taste like on cereal and stuff I just thought that soy milk and almond milk and stuff it just tasted better and also when I used to drink milk it gave.

Me a sore stomach and I would get this weird like flammie stuff in my throat just wasn’t agreeing with me um so the only thing I was then eaten was cheese and I love cheese and I just I get vegetated.

At them and I get veganism that I just love cheese too much I just love cheese and and I really love eggs as well even though eggs would get me a really sore stomach and I would have like like chronic diarrhea usually every time I ax I doesn’t really eat them that much it’s our date to be traffic but and so yeah and then one night it’s weird because I never thought you would remember the day that you went vegan.

But was about three years ago and I was in New York and one of my best friends we were living together and a model apartment and she was vegan so like I understood I liked vegan food like I understood it but I just didn’t really care um she well one night we were bored and I said to her what should I wash like what’s good to watch like is it any good docu manatees she said why don’t we watch hungry for change and um I did and I was absolutely like gulps max and like blown.

Away like just even by like the science behind it and because hungry for change it goes to the documentary and it’s about three people who all eat.

Meat and they’re tested for everything like before the the go vegan they have a full health check and then they’re vegan for I don’t know have wonder vegan for what they.

Try to be vegan for and by then at the end of it they then give them a full health check again.

And the results were just crazy how you can literally cure yourself from like illnesses and like if you have acne.

Like their skin was getting like cleaner and all these different things that were cured just from being vegan and just the whole me industry the way they treat the animals and stuff like why the fuck would you want to eat that then like put that and say gee like it’s disgusting like and I don’t want to.

Peach and I’m really not trying to preach but when you watch it it’s like what I just never knew that that went on.

Even like fleeting jazzing things up as an even for you danger and I’m not gonna go into details because if you want a if you want to.

Make the change and if you want to look up you’re at MJC.

Then it then you well I’m not here to get into all the.

Goes on and is just shocking so from that day I was just like nope no more cheese no more pussy bloody cow milk hormones organ and save my body I.

Don’t want to like poison myself basically that’s basically how it all happened it also health benefits the iPhone personally for me we’re more mentally I can sleep better I.
Just had my mental like clad a um I came from back friend of you’ll.

You’ll die in up and down eating too much not eating enough and it just really balanced me ever like I just feel so in control of my life and controlled my life I feel more in control of my body just feel so much better I kind.

Of vegan diet that I follow as a high carb low fat one um I was actually introduced to this diet by feely um who I no longer follow and I’ll explain that and basically you eat 80% or 90% carbs 10% protein 10% fat or some people.

Do 90 percent carbs five and five it just like made so much sense to me because my favorite.

Foods personally are carbs I just love based and fast to have tails but I was always made to think that that was bad for.

You and that was fattening and it’s not though when you look at the back of a whole bag of pasta there was like three grams of fat when you look at the calories and potatoes.

There’s like zero fat why have you made it feels like carbs are but I don’t get it at all um and I was just like chef fuck I can eat like all my favorite fits and not not in any way and still feel amazing about myself and so I started to do what feely said um but what they say is to.

Squeeze in as many calories you can like 3,000 calories 4,000 calories like just keep smashing it and have a smoothie everyone and with ten bananas and it sounds like okay oh my god okay so I’m gonna eat all this food then I can lose weight and that didn’t happen.
They say like woo soul and you know stay active work out so I was doing it.

By the book you know and and I was hiking every day.

Because I was in LA and I was still gaining me and I had to stop modeling for a while because I gained so much weight that I just couldn’t stand it close I couldn’t fit in my uncle’s I felt good but I felt like I was bursting in my skin you know I just was like uncomfortable a lot I just realized that you don’t have to smash and calories like I was having a Tim banana smoothie in the morning for breakfast so would wake up about.

10:00 would have this movie I could barely finish it by would finish it because I thought I had to and then I would have to take a nap for.

Like another furious because my body was so exhausted trying to digest that amount of food I had to like sleep it off um which is I.

Don’t think that’s right so I can’t I did that for a few months and then I just realized one day I don’t need to do this like I can still I can eat a lot I do a lot but it doesn’t have to be like 5,000 calories today I.

Can just eat til I’m Phil eat I can just eat till I’m satisfies um and I’ll stop and I’m Phil and that isn’t amusing might unfold.

Really little I’m Judy and I direct unfollow them both because I don’t like the way they kind.

Of fashion people like they bang on about how it’s not.

All about lose and we like blah blah blah and I’m like yeah it’s not all about losing me you can still be vegan you don’t have to be a stick insect like everyone.

Is on their own drumming as long as you’re vegan like I do personally recommend a high carb low fat I feel.

The best I’ve ever felt eaten this way but if you’re vegan then isn’t that good enough and.

Even if you’re not vegan even if you have one day a week where you’re vegetarian or vegan like even if you’re only vegetating you’re selling something to like help the environment.

And help animals and you’re still being compassionate in some way every little helps you know and so I just really don’t actually I don’t know why.

They choose to go about it that way but they’re given the whole vegan thing a bad name I feel and so I had to unfollow them because they were just being really annoying I’m grateful to feely for introducing me to the lifestyle that I’m on um they’ll like say old that I’m on that place they owe.

Them and I don’t know so yeah I’m grateful and I’m grateful but I.

Don’t like the way they’re kind of fat shaming a lot.

Of people right now one get over the dead do that too who I personally really alike is hi Kalpana and if you don’t know who she is she’s hi Kalpana on YouTube and I just she’s not this Genest person but she’s lost a fuck ton away and she’s doing so well and she seems so happy fake the the fat shamed her and I just feel like that’s so shit like you should be encouraging people well done for making such a positive change in your life you know.

But I don’t know what what’s up with them so anyway who cares about that I hope that answers some of your questions that you had about being vegan who I eat and I wanted to say though um if you watched.

My other video not all my products and stuff are vegan whenever I can get something that’s vegan or kill it free I’m so enter like.

I do love lush for like body products and stuff but I don’t really like them for hair stuff and so my shampoos and stuff isn’t really free right now I’ve made the decision that any time my makeup and I but she would have saw in my other video I announced that I was gonna replace everything with acrylic be products which I’ve started doing I just love Charlotte Tilbury so I bought a bunch of her stuff the other day and I bought a.

Couple of new Chile fee makeup brushes that I need and I’m still on my journey and I’m so.

Making changes but that doesn’t mean I’m not vegan or if you don’t think that I’m vegan because some of my products or whatever are not truly free yeah then well then please leave it in the comments below what I am then and I’ll label myself as that let’s just say I eat vegan and about 60% of my products.

Truly free I just wanted to address um a couple of questions that people have asked me about my lifestyle and my diet and how I eat in blah blah blah so I hope it was somewhat interesting I don’t.

Know if you did like it then please like it down below and remember to subscribe and thank you for watching and I’ll see you soon.