A Chinese Entrepreneur Has Developed A Vending Machine That Dispenses Live Crabs. The Crabs Are A Co

A new vending machine in the subway station in Nanjing China is quickly becoming known for the unusual product it dispenses inside the glass a delicacy that may be a bit exotic for American tastes but one that’s popular in this part of China live crabs the owner of the company that created the crab vending machine says he’s seen a.

Lot of other machines selling sodas and snacks but he.

Be sold this way he set out to design what he claims is the first of its kind the.

Apic he says he thinks the crab vending machine is a cool thing she says it’s more convenient normally people have to drive a long way to buy these types of crabs the crabs are capped at about 41 degrees Fahrenheit which makes them sleepy but keeps them alive they cost about two to seven dollars depending on size the owner of the crab company says one of the secrets of his success is the packaging that holds the crabs in the machine he calls.

It the golden armor package and says his company holds two patents on it so far there are two crab vending machines operating they were put in place in early October and each sells about 200 crabs a day the company’s owner hopes to expand his business to Shanghai in.

Beijing by next year Matt Friedman The Associated Press you.